09 October 2009

Design, designer, designst

Undeniably the nicest guy in the advertising business

Stijn loves cows and horses. Spends his freetime on a farm. Doesn't drink. Never goes out. In short, your typical creative internet guy. Stijn Pauwels was the founder and Creative Director of Milk&Cookies, made websites for the rich and/or famous (Diesel, Prada, MTV, dEUS, La Fille d'O,...) and is leading the interactive design department @famousbrussels

When I started my career as an intern at Milk&Cookies I could barely find most of the tools in Photoshop let alone know how to build a website. Working on the new website of Culture Club got my dragged down the whole interactive design thingy with Stijn leading the way. He's undeniably the nicest guy in the advertising business.


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