02 March 2009

About: The Death Of Web 2.0

On Feb. 14 Robin Wauters, a famous Belgian blogger and writer @techcrunch, wrote an article called: "The Death Of Web 2.0". Finishing that article he poses this: "I’ve never had anything against the phrase "Web 2.0", but I wouldn’t miss it a bit if it were never used again."

How about you? Would you miss the phrase Web 2.0?

Given this question, I replied in comment:
"I so totally agree with Robin. No, I wouldn't miss it if it were never used again. And yes, as a matter of fact I do kinda have something against the term. Let me explain why. In my opinion the web was always about whatever web 2.0 is about. I mean, the web was intended to be as it is now, or must I say as to what it is evolving to. Men wrote about the web long before it was even established and they foresaw this evolution. Web 2.0 was not a new thought or thing whenever the term was coined. It was just that in a certain point of time somebody coined a term that confirmed good progress in the evolution of technology. The web has been 2.0 from the beginning and gradually maturing. One could say that the web had aged significantly from the point the term was coined or started to be picked up by the majority of people that use the net. To me the term is not dead, it simply never existed. The net is and will always be the web, never a newer version but constantly evolving. A newer version is an upgrade of something, made by a team (of developers) and released at a certain date until it is outdated and replaced by the newer version."

Posts about the death of Web 2.0 go back as far as 2005 !!
So please guys, STOP USING that term, thanks.

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