31 March 2009

Everything and more about the next Twapero

ProximityBBDO at the beaches of Cannes, summer of 2008
ProximityBBDO at the beaches of Cannes, summer of 2008, originally uploaded by Proximity BBDO

A few weeks ago Suprasonic, a colleague of mine, started this little event called Twapero.

A Twapero is similar to a Twunch, Twinner or JongTuig, namely getting together with peeps invited via a Twitter network. Twapero is the combo of Twitter and apero. "Apero" is the French name for: drinks and a cocktail-party. Basically a meet and greet with peers and contacts that follow you on Twitter.

I told Supra that maybe it'd be nice if he tried to find a sponsor for every Twapero, and so we went knocking on our CEO's inbox. He doesn't have a door, let alone office. Anyway, he dug the Twapero - why wouldn't he, after all he owns a bar ;) - fixing the free drinks and location.

Pepsi Max It - BETA screenshot
Thursday we're officially launching the new Max It and so the sponsored Twapero found it's match. Since months we've been working on a wicked and wild new webgame for Pepsi Max. Pepsi Max's campaign which lets you control real world stuff from your browser. I can't talk too much now but we've been pulling strings, throwing bears, connecting fiber wires and testing RFID tags till we drop to make this new project work.

Next to free drinks by ProximityBBDO and goody bags by Pepsi Max. The Adnerds will talk and walk attendees through the creative process and reveal some of the technicals. How did it come about? What does Facebook Connect bring and why the heck are those things Twittering?

Frankly, you're all invited. The Adnerds told me they will be handing out cheatsheets during the Twapero, sounds like geek-excitement to me!


  1. Great blog! Very creative and brisk!

    I am a student from Germany, at the moment I am trying to "create" a company-presentation about an ad agency. I thought of BBDO.

    Well I could need some "deeper" views and information.
    Would it be possible for you to contact me?

    Thank you

    Christof Elben

  2. Hey there, could you please delete that comment, well it wasn't the best decission to fill in my Email-adress.

    Thank you.


  3. Hey Lander, once again, would it be possible, to delete that email-address?