21 March 2009

YouTube Favorites - pick of the month

Sometime when you're all excited about new discoveries and stuff you rage on and on and on using auto-fill to complete all the login forms you have to tackle before getting in. Well that's exactly what happened to my few weeks or so. I was favoriting and saving movies under a wrong account thus not sharing it with my network, friends, connects and spouses. So, I made all the effort to manually migrate all the favorites to my personal YouTube account and couldn't resist sharing them with you. By the way does anyone know about an app that exports YouTube favorites?

This is a list with my latest picks on YouTube. It lists some viral hitmovies, but also some legendary vids, funny stuff and some valuable instructional movies.
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Think different

Advertising that makes my backspine shiver, simply legendary, via @heldenmerk

You are a Twitter snob

Are you a Twitter dork... Watch to find out

Let the pranking begin. Axe Anthem (Edited, then uncut)

Song is "Day and Night" by Kid Cudi - Axe commercial

Dutch news anchor Eva Jinek is getting ready for a live broadcast on 03/02/2009

Dutch news anchor Eva Jinek is getting ready for a live broadcast on 03/02/2009 and wants to make sure her 'boobies' look good before going on the air.

Forrest Gump in One Minute, in One Take

SWITCH TO "HD". Forrest Gump in one minute, in one long slightly sped up take.
Made for the Empire's "Films in 1 minute" thing by the University of York Filmmaking Society

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

just funny

Rapping Flight Attendant

Flight attendant David Holmes perform his on board pre-flight rap routine!
Southwest Airlines flight attendant David Holmes has become something of a minor Internet hit after passengers posted cellphone videos of his hip-hop inspired takes on the standard cabin announcements.
CNN also recently aired a segment on the 40-year-old former personal trainer who has worked for Southwest since 2005, becoming a flight attendant last August.

Twouble with Twitters

A young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away.
For more head to Current Supernews or catch the Season Premiere, airing Friday March 20, 10 PM ET/PT.

What Facebook Is For

Did you watch it anyway, despite (or without) reading the warning? Maybe have a quick read of this: Anger management
And if you still want to vent, the Pointless Internet Argument Forums now exist!

Parking Fail

For more, visit http://failblog.org

New 'Optical Illusions' - TV commercial

Transport for London 'Illusions' commercial.
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Credits: Peter Saville, Graham Fink, Mark Goodwin

Cantona's back - with Renault at least

Renault has launched a trailer of its web campaign featuring former Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona with the New Renault Laguna. The full-length campaign, entitled 'Renault Laguna Eric Cantona: the encounter', will be shown from March 23 in France and the United Kingdom.

Extreme Sheep LED Art

We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts. For more info search for samsung LED TV or visit samsung.com/LED

Maradonna - Best goal in history

El pibe de oro

Rik De Saedeleer

Rik De Saedeleer is a, no sorry, thé legendary soccer journalist.

Wall of death - crazy car

No comment. Just don't try this at home

Car Ad with Andy Richter & James Adomian

Can't keep up with the Joneses anymore?
From The Midnight Show @ UCB
Written by James Adomian
Starring Andy Richter & James Adomian
with Michael Busch
Directed & Edited by Peter Atencio
Produced by Michael Busch & James Adomian
Co-Produced by Megan Reeves & Joe Wagner
Special thanks to Zack Oldham

Eliss - trailer for a sound and motion game on iPhone

Eliss is an innovative multi-touch game. Your job is to keep up harmony in an odd universe made of blendable planets. Touch-control multiple planets at once, join them together into giant orbs or split them up into countless dwarf planets, and match their size with the squeesars. Wipe off the stardust, resist to the attraction of the vortex and other space phenomena, and slow down the passage of time. Each of the 20 levels will require creative ways and strategies in using your fingers. Warm up your hands, youre up for some serious finger gymnastics in the bizarro galaxy.

Adidas Originals - The Ting Tings in Manchester

The Ting Tings played an exclusive free gig for their fans in their hometown of Manchester on Friday the 27th of February. The venue was an all white space and every fan who attended the gig was given a full white adidas Originals tracksuit. The duo, armed with paint guns, invited fans to interact creatively with paints and pens, covering the entire venue with an explosion of color and creating a music and art spectacle - a living and breathing mural.

Official Subway Dance Party 2k9 - Improv In Toronto

Around 450 people participated this year, making it atleast 20 times bigger than last years. If youre unfamiliar with the Subway Dance Party, its a very easy concept. Once on the subway, a couple people will begin dancing while listening to music on their mp3 players. At first they get weird looks, and a lot of people laughing at them. Slowly though, more people begin joining in on the dance. Over the next couple stops the dance party gains in size, until the whole subway is in motion, and yet this is all done silently!

Dear truck drivers, please listen to radio Klara

Een reactie van Klara op het filmpje van de Roemeense vrachtwagenchauffeur die danst achter het stuur van zijn vrachtwagen op een Belgische autosnelweg: "Dear truck drivers, when you drive on our Belgian roads, please listen to radio Klara.

Google Privacy: Interest-based advertising

Shuman Ghosemajumder explains how Google shows interest-based ads and demonstrates how to edit your ads preferences or opt out of interest-based ads.


Man declares his love for his girlfriend by sticking himself to a billboard in Old Street, London.

Michael C. Place for Pritt My Style Correcteur

Design by Build

ReTweetMe Video

ReTweetMe Video

Alec in Huluwood (Advertising Age)

Alec in Huluwood Brand: Hulu Agency: Crispin, Porter & Bogusky

Miller High Life: One Second Ads

One-Second Ads Brand: Miller High Life Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

Guilherme Marcondes for British Gas

Beautiful animation from Guilherme Marcondes for British Gas...
Some pics of the making of: Gui MM

What is a Friend?

A short film notebookbabies created to help teach my students about friendship.

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