13 January 2009


The mission of 192021.org is a multi-year, multimedia initiative to collect, organize and package information on population's effect regarding urban and business planning and its impact on consumers around the world. This 5+ year initiative will deliver results via 5 channels: online, television, print, exhibits and seminars. This project will include 10 worldwide partners and appropriate affiliates. (dvlmnt by Geoff)

Last year, 2007, was a tipping point for cities. That was the point when more than half the world’s population (over 3 billion) lived in cities, never have more of us been urbanites.

192021.org is about what the rise of supercites such as Mexico City will mean for us and the earth. 192021.org is a promise from Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the outstanding TED Conference, to do a longitudinal research and sharing project focused around the rise of supercities in our world — in particular, the 19 cities that will each have more than 20 million inhabitants in the 21st century.

(via Bente)

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