06 January 2009

Honda sweet mission

A Global Research Show.

Yugop made an experimental voice-blog system for a radio program broadcasted by TokyoFM.

It's an enhanced podcasting site. All entries are provided by text and voice-sound data, which are played with synchronized motion. Posted sound data is analyzed in the server and it's volume history is visualized to the avatar's motion. The user can comment on each entry, which records a computer voice generated with a text-to-speech system on server-side. Unfortunatly it's all in japanese. But at least you be able to enjoy the atomosphere of this communication system.

producer : atsuko suzuki @ dentsu inc.
creative direction : yugo nakamura @ tha ltd
client-side design & engineering : takashi kamada @ spf design / takayuki fukatsu @ tha ltd
server-side engineering : keita kitamura @ tha ltd
sound : void productions

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