26 January 2009

Super Bowl Ad Showdown by MSNBC

McDonald's, Coke, Apple ... and the people’s vote for a flatulent horse.
The Super Bowl Ad Showdown was a nice way to check on the publics' view of the best ad "ever". Clicking the thumb shown above will redirect you to a nice app MSNBC launched last year.

The world is still about being talked about.
This year MSNBC has selected the 10 best Super Bowl ads of all time. The picks were heavily influenced by commenters on the MSNBC message boards, who discussed their favorite commercials and voted on the subject two years ago. MSNBC also considered the economic impact of the ads, which mostly consisted of disqualifying failed dot-com companies.

1. Coke — “Mean Joe Greene” (1979)
This advertisement became an economy in itself. Remakes were made in other countries with different athletes, including one in Argentina with soccer player Diego Maradona. There was even a 1981 movie based on the commercial called “The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid.”

2. Budweiser — “Respect” (2002)
Don’t be so cynical. It’s not always about the money.

3. Reebok — “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” (2003)
The nation’s jobless rate may be rising, but Terry Tate actor Lester Speight has plenty of work, including video game voiceovers and a guest spot on TV’s “Prison Break.” Rawson Marshall Thurber, who came up with the Reebok spot, now directs feature films.

4. Apple — “1984” (1984)
The Macintosh didn’t quite change the world as we know it — we’re typing on a PC, and bet you’re reading this on one — but Apple has managed to stick around and make a few bucks. While the original Macintosh is likely gone for good, Dolphin shorts have made a comeback.

5. Budweiser — “Frogs” (1995)
Anheuser-Busch didn’t just sell a lot of beer in the 1990s. For the next several years the company also sold the frogs on T-shirts, beer steins, key chains, neon pub lights and a motion sensor-activated frog lamp that repeated the catchphrase when anyone walks by. (It’s currently going for $500 on EBay.)

6. McDonald's — “The Showdown” (1993)
Larry Bird’s visible back hair in this ad didn’t seem to hurt sales. The 650-calorie sandwich continues to be a staple, and McDonald’s is posting solid numbers even in a rough economy.

7. E*Trade — “Money out the Wazoo” (2000)
E*Trade has had its ups and downs, but its mere survival puts it ahead of most of the dot-com companies that advertised in this era. “E.R.,” the television show that this ad appears to spoof, is currently in its 132nd season.

8. Budweiser — “Sleigh Ride” (2004)
A gassy horse and third-degree burns didn’t appear to make anyone switch to Coors. Anheuser-Busch will have seven commercial spots in this year’s Super Bowl. BUT there are many, many Americans willing to go to war in defense of a good fart joke.

9. Coke — “Parade Balloons” (2008)
“Family Guy” was mired in a writer’s strike, the “Underdog” movie was a box office disappointment and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade got Rickrolled later that year. Was this commercial cursed?

10. Master Lock — “Shot Lock” (1974)
Master Lock enjoyed record growth in the 1970s and is still an industry leader in the 21st century. It doesn’t hurt that Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” recently shot a bullet through a Master Lock and got the same result.

The crisis is in our heads not our wallets.
Nothing makes the economy appear sound like scores of corporations lining up to spend $3 million for a 30-second advertisement that may or may not help their company. Even after a year filled with government bailouts, Bernie Madoff and $4-plus gas, there’s still plenty of money for Super Bowl commercials.

Dull impact lacks contact.
Too often, today’s Don Drapers fail to look at what has worked in the past — mostly simple spots that involve animals, potty humor, violence, celebrities, sentimentality, a stupid catchphrase or some combination of the above.

Okey... now after seeing most of these ads I'm totally convinced:
LONG LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA, and the internet ;)

Thank you MSNBC
for thoroughly investingating and polling the public on their pick of monsterads

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