05 January 2009

Twitter apps directory

The Twitter ecosystem is growing by the day. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the numbers suggest that a new Twitter based application was released each and every day in 2008!
With such a large number of applications available, it is but natural to come up with a database (aka directory) of these applications.

Check Twitdom for the ever growing db on Twitter apps, or check TwitApps: your gateway to third party apps. Saieva has a nice list on Twitter resources and links as well.

My personal favorite Twitter apps are:
My Twitter ways a ton
To analyze your own Twitter output just put in your username here. Your tweets have to be public otherwise we won't be able to get at them.

Lets you share photos on Twitter. You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself. There are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic.

Poll your Twitter friends. Then share your poll on Twitter, Facebook or via email!

Add a daily updating TwitterCounter to your blog so everybody can see how popular you are. First Check your Twitter Account by entering your username in the search box, then go to our button code page and copy the code.

Authority based twitter search.

Or how to Find trends in the mountains of information 'retweet'ed on Twitter.

For feeding your blogfeed to Twitter

Search Twitter (not really an app but still very handy)

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