17 January 2009

Omega Code

Not just music, not just art. An ideology.
Omega Code believe that now-days music should be tightly attached to visuals, and that they should be based on a solid concept, to create a whole experience.

To absorb the content and not just pass through it.

Well I must secretly admit that I was already a big fan of 'em long before I heard their first spark of music. The visual buzz they have been spreading around for since the 21st of november 2008, is so thrilling that it already has conceived a certain status of being dark, mysterious and powerful. They have scrambled the leaders in design and visual arts the create their world, and now they have opened up and challenged the whole world to engage with the world they've created.

They have opened a Fan Art set for submissions. Artists can download a template and send their art. The artwork must contain the image of the OmegaCode logo somehow. All entries and official imagery for the posters you can check out on flickr

20 of the strongest illustrations will be featured in the upcoming OmegaCode book. Deadline: February 27th. Send artwork in your LOWRES 72 dpi to hello@omegacode.net

Their album "Ω" will be released shortly. Their album will free. The release will be accompanied with a series of free posters, made by some of the best designers around, together with a book and a dvd. Interactive installations, concerts and exhibitions will run in Sao Paulo, New York, Munchen and Lisbon (in Lisbon they'll play at the OFFFestival). Their also preparing a remixed album to explore the other point of view by fellow musical artists. Now the site is already featuring a remix by Michael Fakesch of the former Funkstörung.

Omega Code is Marcelo Baldin (Guitars and Programming), Lucas Baldin (Bass and Vocals), Danny Kopecky (Vocals) and Davi Ayres (Drums)

Amongst the visual artists they collabare with for this project are:
Joshua Davis, Si Scott, Motomichi, Peter Jaworowski, Ash Bolland, Hello Hikimori, Andreas Philstrm, Joao Oliveira, Mike Cina, Michael Paul Young, Robert Lindstrm, Nelson Balaban, Mate Steinforth, Tom Muller, Collectivo, Animatrio, Doomedo, Sebastian Onufszak, Nacionale, Matthew Curry, Unstru, Toms Pea, Christopher Hewitt, Esther Varella, Dimitri Lima, Stephan Alt, Robert Hodgin, Mr.Doob, Eduardo Recife, and Danny Franzeb
» euhm, yes, all of these links are worth bookmarking and clicking twice - believe me

Resistance, it’s the point of equilibrium between the whole album. It sustains all the purposes in one. Means equity. The point of perfection, holding everything on its shoulders. Peace.

About all major design portals (Surfstation, Cpluv, Reform&Revolution...) have already covered them so far...

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