09 January 2009

VAIO P-series

Stunningly small. Beautifully light.

The world’s lightest1 8" notebook, the 1.4-pound2 VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC does more than you could imagine–with impeccable style. Email at the airport, IM from the park, or just show it off when you want some attention. Traveling to a new city? Turn-by-turn GPS navigation will get you there faster. Best of all, it fits right in your purse or jacket pocket.

can use both 3G Broadband and 802.11 wireless LAN. Sony boasted today that now a user can have access to the Internet anywhere he or she travels with the help of Verizon’s network.

With a screen measuring of about 8 inches, the VAIO P is one of the smallest (dare I say it) netbooks on the market as it can fit in a jacket pocket, handbag, or even a business envelope. Even though the screen may be small, it is wide enough to display the width of an entire website without any horizontal scrolling. The VAIO P is definitely one of the lightest of portable PCs, weighing in at about 1.4 pounds.

The VAIO P has a built-in GPS device for navigation that requires no internet connection. It is also Bluetooth compatible, and it comes with a Media Bar so the user can access their favorite audio and video files in the corner of a screen with a quick click.

Credits due (partly) to my old friend and collegue Farfields working as a designer at a belgian creative hotshop called Nascom

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