20 January 2009

Shapeshifters, lectures on graphic design

Luc Derycke has an educational background in the arts, and works as a book editor and graphic designer. Since 1993, he has concentrated on the design and production of art books, thus establishing his international reputation. His aim is to create a perfect fusion between all aspects involved in the creation of a book: along with content and form, institutional and historical context, the relation to the canons, market, budget, technology and materiality are essential components of his design process. In 2005, he founded mer. Paper Kunsthalle, to investigate the notion of books as mental exhibition spaces.

Dutch spoken

Kim Hiorthøy is a graphic designer and illustrator from Norway. He is perhaps best known for his work for the Rune Grammofon label, for which he has made over 80 covers. Hiorthøy studied fine art at academies in Trondheim and Copenhagen, and studied film briefly in New York before beginning a freelance career, starting out by illustrating many children’s books. In 2000, he began releasing music on Smalltown Supersound, for which he has also designed many sleeves. He has worked for clients such as Drag City, Sony Music, Adidas and mtv. Tree Weekend, a monograph of his design work, was published by Die Gestalten in 2000.

English spoken

Wednesday 28 January 2009
A. Ortsstraat 20 – 28
1000 Brussels
02 550 03 50

Tickets can be ordered at 02 550 03 50 or tickets@beursschouwburg.be

Single ticket: € 12/10 – presale € 10/8,5.
Subscription 4 lectures: € 40.


  1. Why do people respond well to aerial advertising

  2. Why would you want to go to a lecture on design, they were dull as fcuk at uni, don't take me back there, I hate it :-)