25 August 2006

Longer quicky

!! All works here are copyrighted by the agencies they were made for, without them I wouldn't have been able to realize those projects.

I have also updated my cpluv-Blog.. go there or check my entries on ComputerLove

Tomorrow I'm moving out to my new adress: Groot Eiland 19, 1000 Brussels

02 August 2006


It's been a long time, but I've been busy. By now I guess nobody reads these posts anymore. But I'm planning to change that. So I'll give you a little "avant première"..

I've been working my ass around the clock this summer.

First job was washing them dishes, cleaning and cooking for those monkies at Milk, for about a week or two. Boring as hell I can tell ya, but I learned a lot on how they handle bisnis and all.. They finally pubst that secret project of theirs, bananas. Word on the street is Stijn's having an affair with one of them apes.

Next thing on my mind was, housing facility.
Damn finding a residence suited for 4 people isn't a small obstacle. Due to family-related incidents, we're now down to 3. And finally, after looking for over a month, we've found our spot.. Well at least we're in pitch for it.. Groot Eiland 19, 1000 Brussel will be my new adress then, otherwise I'll install my stuff at the Milk office ;p

Third, a poll for getting the job at Snow by LG&F.
LG&F, has recently opened a new office in Amsterdam. I designed the new website (online soon) and they seemed to like it. So, now I'm working my ass of at Snow. I'm employed as "interaction designer" there untill the 6th of september, and longer without further notice.

The work at Snow? Strictly confidential untill published, so hold your horses.

Last but not least, I'm giving up my spare time to design more freely driven assignments (3)
- OUTLANDISH, a brand new Photography agency. They invited me to design the logo and website. But for now there are more pressing matters.
- I THINK I GOT IT, a recently created concept on advertising has invited me for a talk. They'd like to expand and lift of so in need of a portfolio-website. More later.
- DE VERDWAALDE OOIEVAAR This last project at first looked more of a charitymission but it seems whole lot bigger then they first admitted. Anyway I'm having fun allready and ain't that what it's all about. Helping out people who're having fertility problems.. a website on useability (online at the dawn of october)