30 October 2007

29 October 2007

Captain Kurk

Trouble with external hard disks seems to be my middle name, but sometimes that brings happy and sweet surprises, like this footage I just refound... LG&F was soooooooo much fun, mostly and especially after hours and in the French mountain dungeons...

I'm very aware of the fact that I'm violating lots of rules concerning privacy etcetera etcetera, but you know if you're feeling violated than you're a humourless prick that deserves to never ever have fun and drink again, thanks! Btw, I was crying tears from laughing thinking back at those sweet skiing days so chill and smile allright

"Beam me up act", starring me and Joeri Van Den Broeck (ex-LG&F, now MortierBrigade 'creative')

"Chick checkin'"at the ClubMed hotel, starring me, Joeri and Lander Engels (Heckle&Jeckle 'production')

"Drink 'n' drop", starring me, Wouter Vanherreweghe (ex-LG&F, now VVL-BBDO 'commercial'), Koen Van Deun (LG&F 'creative'), Tom Moons (LG&F 'commercial'), Inge Vanderhaeghe (LG&F 'commercial'), Lander Engels, Joerie Van Den Broeck aka Capt.Kurk, Steven Janssens aka MediaGod (LG&F 'media'), Tom Jacobs (LG&F 'creative'), Tim Driesen (ex-LG&F, now MortierBrigade 'creative'), Doris De Smet (Heckle&Jeckle 'production'), Jonathan Detavernier aka Johnny (Snow 'partner') and Sandy Leemans aka Sleemans (Heckle&Jeckle 'production')

"Vegas style dreaming", starring me, Joeri - 2 awefully bad dressed sluts without thongs and Koen

"Mama Mia", starring me, Tom J., Joeri, Koen, Steven - 2 fake Italian refugees with a mouse in their hats and Lander

"In your dreams", starring me, Joeri, Laurens Vermeire (an IT'brain mooohaa) Koen, Tom J. - the Thompsons see the Simpsons episode nr 4850254542 and Lander

"I'm a MILF and I like to show some titties", starring me, Koen, Steven, Laurens, Tom J., Lander and Joeri the Great - Oh yeah allmost forgot the Thompsons turned Klepkes.

Perfect Blond

Alphabet of Endangered Species


Shocking close and real

Animal Heaven

Subliminal messages work

Love life

Positive criticism is about being negative in an objective way.

Derivation: Being negative about something from a purely subjective point of view is criticism for the sake of being critical. Dispensing such kind of negative criticism is a common trait for one who has many insecurities -- the net effect of diminishing other's efforts can usually help to raise the criticizer's esteem. The net effect of negative criticism is not always negative however. I recall many years ago being called into a professor's office, upon my arrival he then closed the door, and proceeded for 30 minutes telling me that I would never amount to anything. I wouldn't will such an uncomfortable experience on anyone else. At the time I was hurt, and I figure I were of a different mettle I could have been broken. But I now appreciate this professor's criticism -- even though I was well aware that it was not based upon objectivity and that it was just a garden variety of negative criticism administered at a high toxicity level. Thus fast forward to today. I recognize the importance of criticism in the development of students, but of the positive variety of criticism. Which I have attempted to define above with objectivity, but critical of how I may have defined criticism in the past.
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Cirque du soleil: casting

Lots of spheric graphix at the Cirque du Soleil castingwebsite

26 October 2007

Golden Oldies list

Some people think of me as a tradtional-nostalgic asshole, I'm nothing like that, I just like the old days where the depth of lyrics still had meaning...

• Midnight train to georgia - Gladys Knight & the pips (1973)
• Sweet home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd (1974)
• Sister golden hair - America (1975)
• Waylon Willie Johnny - Highwayman
• Tammy Wynette - I don't want to play house
• Jessi Colter - I'm not Lisa
• Loretta Lynn - Fist City
• David allen coe - the ride
• marvin rainwater - gonna find me a bluebird
• Kenny rogers - don't fall in love with a dreamer
• Elvis Presley - Kentucky rain
• Chrystel Gayle - It's like we never said goodbye
• joe diffie - it's cold in here
• ray stevens - everything is beautifull
• bellamy brothers - old hippie
• Wynonna Judd - She is his only need
• alan jackson - midnight in montgomery
• gene watson - paper roses
• Kenny Rogers - daytime friends
• Willie Nelson - Angel flying too close too the ground
• Kenny Rogers & The first edition - Rudy don't take your love to town
• Browns - the old lamplighter
• eddy Raven - I got Mexico
• Crystal Gayle - It's like we never said goodbye
• Bonnie Tyler - It's a heartache
• Leroy Van Dyke - walk on by
• Jack Greene - statue of a fool
• Willie Nelson - always on my mind
• george jones - the window up above
• willie nelson & merle haggard - pancho and lefty
• patsy cline - sweet dreams of you
• asleep at the wheel - the letter that johnny walker read
• tammy wynette - another lonely song
• willie nelson & merle haggard - pancho & lefty
• reba mcentire - only in my mind
• michael martin murphy - what's forever for
• T.G.Sheppard - I loved 'em every one
• rodney crowell - after all this time
• dan gibson - sea of heartbreak
• ray price - you're the best thing that ever happened to me
• ricky van shelton - i meant every word he said
• jim croce - bad bad leroy brown
• eddie rabbitt - rocky mountain music
• glen cambell - by the time i get to Phoenix
• charlie daniels band - the devil went down to georgia
• george strait - fool hearted memory
• Lorne green - ringo

The D and the G of BBDO

When inside stories of advertising acquisitions leak out on personal blogs...
I present to you; The D & G of BBDO, anonymously shot on site in the dungeons of DGNYC. What a nice present for Mr. Vandepoel who celebrated his 10 years of service for BBDO Belgium yesterday, I guess they'll be the best friends in the future.

25 October 2007


Rockwell Plectrums — Simon Whybray
— Simon says email him if you’d like one ( simonwhybray (at) gmail.com )

via Redesigners

Processing by book

After a year of waiting and suffering there finally is a release of a Processing manual. Ok ok, everything was and is online all over the place but still, a book is in some cases a lot handier. i've ordered John Maeda's Design by Numbers, which I started, but never finished, a year ago. And a friend of mine has ordered Casey Reas' new release on Processing, so from november on I'll be torturing my small brains again.. yihaa

24 October 2007

A Few Good Creative Men

A Few Good Men was nominated with 4 Oscars and had Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland in it's cast. Here's a brilliant talkover of the most memorable scene in A Few Good Men.

"Ever worked in a Creative Department son?
Ever written a great ad?
Ever put your ideas in an other mans hands?

We write ads son.
We write ads or people die.

You want great ads?
I want a bigger logo.

You can't handle a bigger logo.

Did you send out an ad without showing the account people?
- I did my job.
Did you send out the goddamn ad?
- You goddamn right I did."

Timo Hofmeijer

Wicked interface!!

Fwd: Mobilisation tournage Amnesty - À faire circuler - Merci

Fwd: Mobilisation tournage Amnesty - À faire circuler - Merci
Originally uploaded by Frederic della Faille.

Bruno 9li Tormenta

Full of vivid creatures and monolite tight and overflow surfaces of limited colors in hard contrast, a dawning new and modern illustrative portfolio with a certain traditional flavor.

Starring at Rojo: Art exhibition of brazilian artist Bruno 9li , displaying a selection of his new artworks in original format and presentation of Bruno 9li's first monographic book called "Agora Eterno" published by ROJO®. see this and chck his Flickr

23 October 2007

Michael Bierut' student portfolio

Michael Bierut studied graphic design at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Prior to joining Pentagram in 1990 as a partner in the firm's New York office, he worked for ten years at Vignelli Associates, ultimately as vice president of graphic design. His clients at Pentagram have included The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Harley-Davidson, The Minnesota Children's Museum, The Walt Disney Company, Mohawk Paper Mills, Motorola, Princeton University, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the New York Jets.

Bierut's work is represented in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Montreal. He has served as president of the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) from 1988 to 1990 and is president emeritus of AIGA National. Michael was elected to the Alliance Graphique Internationale in 1989, and was elected to the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 2003. Michael is a Senior Critic in Graphic Design at the Yale School of Art. He writes frequently about design and the co-editor of the four-volume series Looking Closer: Critical Writings on Graphic published by Allworth Press. In 1998 he co-edited and designed the monograph Tibor Kalman: Perverse Optimist. His commentaries about graphic design in everyday life can be heard nationally on the Public Radio International program "Studio 360."

Designer at www.pentagram.com

Nike ACG

Supercool new Papervision integration at Nike ACG

Nike ACG athletes have travelled across the globe to document their own Sweetspots with some of the most respected film production teams in the world.

they have returned with tales of epic powder, tricks mastered, new experiences, unforgettable sessions and memories that will live forever as their Sweetspot.

19 October 2007

18 October 2007

Luck and a clear mind ☃

The rookie, the outsider is now proud owner of the raw and uncut silverplated platter at the WillemTell wall of famous!

That's right, I packed a bar 'o' silver returning from 50head-strong poker-tournament with a 50euro buy-in. All good, I was the short-stack-tight player of the finals but once again that proves that poker is not 'mostly' a game of luck, it is one of patience, mental strenght and skills as well, a little balls might help once in a while but you don't 'em getting cracked so keep your hands in you pocket is my advice.

Finally facing the heads up against a guy sitting on a big stack all game was a tough break, so I decided to get it over with and all-in'd with a pocket 3's. Unfortunatly seing a pocket King call. Yes, incredible... And the flop turned a King ànd a 3 but of course it was a long shot from then on. Well anyway I was pleased silvering my 50euro buy-in and adding it an extra +0.

* Please don't drink and gamble !

Picking clients who help your business

I have heard it said that a successful business never turns down work. I think that’s poppycock. For a graphic or web design firm to develop a solid portfolio they need to be selective about the clients they work with. Lately I have been working with a client who is not a terribly good fit for my business, and have been thinking about strategies for choosing projects that help my business to move forward.

Identify your business goals
Before you can choose clients who match your business vision, you need to identify your professional goals. The sort of things on your list might include:

• Produce innovative design work
• Develop a reputation for expertise in Flash development
• Work with clients who embrace creative design solutions
• Work with socially and environmentally conscious companies
• Improve business profitability
• Win web and graphic design industry awards
• Zero in

Once you know the direction you want to go in, you can focus on winning projects that can help you get there. If you want to be known for producing cutting edge Flash websites, then clients in the arts and music sectors - who are usually open to innovative online solutions - would make a good addition to your client list.

Don’t be afraid to turn down work
If you focus on clients who help you meet your business goals, it follows that you will need to turn away prospects from time to time. When I’m approached about a new work opportunity I find it very difficult to say “no”. I hate to disappoint people, but in the long run it is much less painful to say “no” to an unappealing job than “yes”.

In most cases it isn’t necessary to invent an excuse for turning down work - simply explain to your client that the brief is not well matched to your business. If your specialization is building e-commerce websites, and the brief is to produce a rich media site for a hot new rock band, then your client will understand when you explain that their needs will be better served by a Flash specialist.

It can be tempting to use the “I’m too busy right now” excuse to turn down an unattractive project, but this approach can come back to haunt you. When the client calls back to see if your calendar has freed up, you will have to give them an honest refusal anyway. A firm but polite “no” to begin with will avoid an awkward situation later on.

Pixelacres speaking
When jobs are few and far between it doesn’t make sense to be choosy, but in most cases I believe it is better to take on projects that help fulfill your business goals, and pass up those that don’t. At the end of the day the projects that I’m proudest of, and enjoy working on the most, are also the ones that help my business grow.

Further reading

8 Essential Strategies to Saying “No”
Leo Babauta has written an excellent article about strategies for turning down jobs.

Ideadsonideas discuss the advantages of business specialization.

Wanted: Flashscripters

Wanted : Flash scripters / Flash Designers

Wanted for scripting faster than their shadows in actionscript 2.0 or 3.0.
Professional code killers that go for Object Oriented Programming without remourse.
Additionally armed with a razorsharp eye for design is an asset.
Hunting for Proximity BBDO Belgium, Brussels.

If interested please contact me at lander.janssens@proximity.bbdo.be

17 October 2007

16 October 2007

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair

Very nice mix of fashionphotography and typography


Originally uploaded by Tim Freh.

The famous Fly Mushroom

The famous Fly Mushroom
Originally uploaded by Bēn (on holiday).

Fight for kisses

Too funny animation of a baby going kung-fu!! fight for the love of mommy, yeah

12 October 2007

10 days Indonesia

My latest freelance mini-production is over at www.10dagenindonesie.be

181.fm - Highway 181 classics

Another thing you probably didn't know about me. I'm a experimental-electronics-music-lover. But punchy music can make me kinda hyper and nervous, the only remedy for that is to easy myself with some sweet old songs!

Sabrina Dares

looks like lots of fun

Brussel Blogt

First post, over here

Spiekerman types Nokia

Erik Spiekermann calls himself an information architect. He is equally comfortable and prolific as a writer, graphic and typeface designer (ff Meta, itc Officina, ff Info, ff Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk etc), but type is always at the epicentre of this communication dynamo. He founded MetaDesign in 1979, started FontShop in 1988, is a board member of ATypI and the German Design Council, and president of the istd International Society of Typographic Designers. In July 2000, Erik withdrew from the management of MetaDesign Berlin - which created a bit of a stir - and set up his new studio, United Designers Network in the same neighbourhood. PingMag was very lucky to enjoy some of his precious time to talk about his latest project for Deutsche Bahn (German railways) and share some general thoughts about design.

Check out the article on his PingMag

Nokia 6085

The ChupaChupsBlowfish inspires my daily phonecalls on my brand new Nokia 6085. Yep yep, a brand new cellphone. Though I've always bought Nokia phones I'm sometimes bothered about the structure of their interface but heck, they sell good stuff. My first Nokia,a 3310, still runs smoothly and nearly perfect operates untill today.

Crossmedia (c)Daphne Dijkerman, Explore Media.

Source reference: (c)Daphne Dijkerman, Explore Media.

Digg Labs Arc

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You won’t find editors at Digg — we’re here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of content and we’re changing the way people consume information online.

Digg Labs Arc is the newest visualizer get a graphical overview of what's hot and what's not, former visualizers were Bigspy, Swarm and Stack

Nokia, Non Stop Living

Total respect to Group 94

The making of Get the Glass

Remember Get the Glass?
Well, do or don't but click the link here and go enjoy the presentation I enjoyed so much in Barcelona a couple of months ago.


Lamstok tees

11 October 2007

DuPont in transportation

And yez, 3D again, did I just discover 3D, no no no.. I allready posted on that topic but I was caught by the last post and didn't want to keep this for myself. DuPont now exploits it's transportation-support expertise.

The road of tomorrow is being created today

One day when I'm big and old I'll settle myself with a big bag of patatochips and get my 3D skills going, in the mean time I lean back and enjoy the melody...
Click the pic to pimp my ride.

Brylcreem story

You wish life was soooo easy sometimes

09 October 2007

Mr. Henry

Funny how known freelancers work almost undercover in several design and advertising agencies. Anyway, 'll tell you a little secret huh, just because you're reading, googling and really have no point of taking even more information into your tortured brain: Mr.Henry, or at least 1/2 is one of my new collegues.

Trina Brady

Project Description by the author:

"I Wish was inspired as I considered the balance between work and play in our lives. I wonder if we have become a nation of people who are slaves to the very technology that was meant to ease workloads rather than increase responsibilities and prolong work hours. Research carried out by the TUC highlights as a nation we are working extra hours for our employers for free. Using this information as a starting point, I set about to find out what people wishes were so they could use this time given to their employers and hopefully use this time to give something back to themselves [...]

Tiny Brady

Renault Testcrash

Peter Jaworowski

Peter Jaworowski alias Hejz is to me what a top-pro-designer incorporates. Sweet looking constructive brand images what a touch of frost and superb calculated experience creation. This designer really illustrates what sometimes bothers me big time about advertising agencies. People, an idea just ain't enough. A good idea must be supported be superb design and created feeling and emotions in order to work, in order to elevate itself to somthing that is tangible for comunication. Too often advertisers go with "the idea", and let the rest flow with a sense of "whatever". No a good idea must be accompagnied with hard work in designer terms. Respect Peter.

05 October 2007

03 October 2007


Monoface preaches to be a company where there are no department heads. No paper-pushers. And no human roadblocks. Just the smartest, most talented, most senior people working directly with clients to create powerful, singular voices for their brands.

They created a very sweet and funny face-shuffler called Monoface

Muriel Cooper: The unsung heroine of on-screen style

Who were the great designers of the 20th century? A list of the usual suspects might start with Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer and Herbert Bayer, pause mid-century for Jean Prouvé, Charles Eames and Paul Rand, before ending with Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison and Tibor Kalman.

There are other contenders, but like all of the above, they're mostly male, and mostly designers of furniture or print, because that's what fills design museums and design history books. But if I had to name the likeliest candidates to be added to the list once design historians get around to reassessing the last century, one would be Muriel Cooper...

Check The Herald

02 October 2007

Kashiwa Sato

Beautifull color-inspired navigation for a portfolio, a nice mixture between crispness and errata-pixeldesign.

via vier.be

KBC World

Travelling the world with KBC-support, sure, why not, and make a career in the mean while... even better. If it'll ever really happen is something I unfortunatly doubt but never say never is what my mother learned me. Only, I'm not in finance... sighOh but you are? Check out KBC World