29 October 2007

Captain Kurk

Trouble with external hard disks seems to be my middle name, but sometimes that brings happy and sweet surprises, like this footage I just refound... LG&F was soooooooo much fun, mostly and especially after hours and in the French mountain dungeons...

I'm very aware of the fact that I'm violating lots of rules concerning privacy etcetera etcetera, but you know if you're feeling violated than you're a humourless prick that deserves to never ever have fun and drink again, thanks! Btw, I was crying tears from laughing thinking back at those sweet skiing days so chill and smile allright

"Beam me up act", starring me and Joeri Van Den Broeck (ex-LG&F, now MortierBrigade 'creative')

"Chick checkin'"at the ClubMed hotel, starring me, Joeri and Lander Engels (Heckle&Jeckle 'production')

"Drink 'n' drop", starring me, Wouter Vanherreweghe (ex-LG&F, now VVL-BBDO 'commercial'), Koen Van Deun (LG&F 'creative'), Tom Moons (LG&F 'commercial'), Inge Vanderhaeghe (LG&F 'commercial'), Lander Engels, Joerie Van Den Broeck aka Capt.Kurk, Steven Janssens aka MediaGod (LG&F 'media'), Tom Jacobs (LG&F 'creative'), Tim Driesen (ex-LG&F, now MortierBrigade 'creative'), Doris De Smet (Heckle&Jeckle 'production'), Jonathan Detavernier aka Johnny (Snow 'partner') and Sandy Leemans aka Sleemans (Heckle&Jeckle 'production')

"Vegas style dreaming", starring me, Joeri - 2 awefully bad dressed sluts without thongs and Koen

"Mama Mia", starring me, Tom J., Joeri, Koen, Steven - 2 fake Italian refugees with a mouse in their hats and Lander

"In your dreams", starring me, Joeri, Laurens Vermeire (an IT'brain mooohaa) Koen, Tom J. - the Thompsons see the Simpsons episode nr 4850254542 and Lander

"I'm a MILF and I like to show some titties", starring me, Koen, Steven, Laurens, Tom J., Lander and Joeri the Great - Oh yeah allmost forgot the Thompsons turned Klepkes.

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