29 October 2007

Love life

Positive criticism is about being negative in an objective way.

Derivation: Being negative about something from a purely subjective point of view is criticism for the sake of being critical. Dispensing such kind of negative criticism is a common trait for one who has many insecurities -- the net effect of diminishing other's efforts can usually help to raise the criticizer's esteem. The net effect of negative criticism is not always negative however. I recall many years ago being called into a professor's office, upon my arrival he then closed the door, and proceeded for 30 minutes telling me that I would never amount to anything. I wouldn't will such an uncomfortable experience on anyone else. At the time I was hurt, and I figure I were of a different mettle I could have been broken. But I now appreciate this professor's criticism -- even though I was well aware that it was not based upon objectivity and that it was just a garden variety of negative criticism administered at a high toxicity level. Thus fast forward to today. I recognize the importance of criticism in the development of students, but of the positive variety of criticism. Which I have attempted to define above with objectivity, but critical of how I may have defined criticism in the past.
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