29 January 2010

Catching up with good old classics: Vodafone Future Vision

Vodafone Future Vision - great skills from back in the days

Catching up with good old classics in webdesign. Explore what the future may look like with Vodafone's Future Vision microsite. A perfect serve of content through the combination of visual, auditive and dynamic interaction was unseen at the time. More over, lots of stuff produced today is hardly a match for this classic.

North Kingdom for Vodafone in 2004.

27 January 2010

Catching up with good old classics: Tokyo Plastic

Tokyo Plastic - webdesign from back in the days

Catching up with good old classics in webdesign. Think I might have some fun with this series. The animation-transitions were amazing back then, and still. this one is from 2003. Tokyo Plastic

The Verbatim mediamonster

Verbatim Media Monster: RFA

Online fighting game to celebrate launching a Japanese branch of an American media company, Verbatim. All the monsters are made of their removable media.

26 January 2010

There is no passion without love.

We love 2010 from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

Best wishes from Soleil Noir, the most awarded interactive studio in France.
Currently; Paris is looking for a Senior Flash Developer

21 January 2010

Smart had one good idea and that was stupid.

Be Stupid!

The new DIESEL is Stupid!

Be Stupid: Recruitement > Are you stupid? Well, we can help you promote your stupidity.

Created by Anomaly (who recently picked up the Sony account from Fallon), the campaign certainly takes a more bombastic approach than previous Diesel campaigns, which have been more noteworthy for their style than their taglines. But while it may be eyecatching, when we're all fed a regular diet of genuine stupidity via the media and TV most days already, will the 'Be Stupid' tag just prove grating? Or is everyone in fact longing to out themselves as stupid to Diesel?

Campaign by Anomaly: "Heaven is a playground".

via CR

Did Domino's Pizza reinvent their pizza from the crust up?

What if your product wasn’t good? What if your customers tell you that your product isn’t any good? What do you do? The natural reaction is likely to get defensive and tout the aspects of the product that you think are strong and shy a way from conversations that are negative about your product. This means that social media marketing for your business is likely out of the question. However, what if you had the opposite reaction and tackled the negative head on.

Check Domino's Trades Cardboard Crust for New Leaf at Culture Buzz
Also read B2B Social Media Lessons From Domino’s “Pizza Turnaround” Campaign at B2B Social Media Lessons

20 January 2010

Haïti. No End of Trouble. Ever.

From the Essay: No End of Trouble. Ever. By MAGGIE STEBER
© photo: Maggie Steber
View more photography of Maggie at the NYC Times Lens

How can nature or God or the fates or the universe do this to a country that has borne far too much sadness? An earthquake has now devastated the capital; claiming lives, hopes and the pitifully small dreams that people have held on to, despite political violence, unimaginable poverty, disease, corruption, dictators and nature’s full force of four hurricanes in a row.

Check out Blrpnt's visualization to explore this topic a little further. Specifically, I wanted to compare Haiti to its Caribbean neighbours to see if the country is indeed as unlucky as it seems.

This visualization, then, compares Haiti to 12 other Caribbean nations. It looks at articles published in the New York Times mentioning those countries between 1981 and 2010, and measures the occurence of specific words in those articles.

The pie charts in each row show the percentage of total articles on each country which contain the words in question. For example, we can see that about 25% of articles published about Haiti mention the word 'violence' - twice the frequency of any other country on the list.

Haiti has the highest frequency of the words 'coup', 'violence', 'disease', and 'strife'. It is second or third in mentions of 'death', 'unrest' and 'famine'.

16 January 2010

Hold my hand oh mama

TMF Travel is Belgiums favourite party travel organiser for teenagers between 16 and 25. And when you’re having a clubbing holiday, it’s quite obvious that you’ll soon learn to leave your mama behind.

13 January 2010

A price so small it fits in a shopping trolley.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

As part of a sales promotion campaign, these ambient stunts in Belgium's busiest shopping centers show just how easy it is to buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo when the price is incredibly reduced. The headline reads 'Your chance to own an Alfa Romeo' and invites people to discover all the reduced prices at www.alfaromeo.be

10 January 2010

Best take of Mad Men first season

The embedded movie (above) is quite annoying if you want to watch the best few minutes of the first season of Mad Men. But I found the way Rachels English uses it to help improve your American English accent. They've put up a fully dedicated website with listen/repeat exercises, it's called the American English Pronunciation Guide.

Unfortunately the original video cannot be embedded due to a content claim by AMC. You can watch the uncut version on YouTube. In this scene Don pitches a campaign to Kodak for their new slide projector. It's a thrilling scene, certainly for those who ever had the experience of pitching a new campaign idea to win a new account.

09 January 2010

The Journey of Courageousness - starring Aleksandr Orlov (The Meerkat)

The Meerkat Saga continues. The film trailer for Aleksandr Orlov's new film, Called The Journey of Courageousness.

Why have I, Aleksandr Orlov, decide to tell tale of my ancestors in thrilling and tender sixty second film?

Let me explain. Some peoples are still not know difference between meerkats and cheap car insurance - between comparethemeerkat.com and comparethemarket.com. This is not just infuriate for me, but also incredibles insult to my noble meerkat ancestors.

The Orlov family has not always been successful family of businesskats.We have endured many hardship and adversities. And in seriousness, we did not go through all that to give you cheap deal on your car insurance!

So, I decide to make film. It is the story of my ancestors' journey from the deserts of the Kalahari to the shores of Russia. I am star as well as director and producer. And I think I am not toot my own horn to say that this is the best film ever made. I am hope you enjoy.

Agency: VCCP