14 March 2011

MIT Media Lab's Brilliant New Logo Has 40,000 Permutations

This is Cannes Design Lion potential. An algorithm can create 40,000 logo shapes in 12 different color combinations, providing the Media Lab an estimated 25 years' worth of personalized business cards.

MIT Media Labs lent some of their highly attuned brain space to logo design, and they really delivered. A single business card print-out could be a little confounding—but it’s only 1 in 40,000 permutations. Seeing it “in motion” makes total sense. We like how the logo speaks to the individuality of each member without straying too far apart from each other. We’re looking forward to their next logo design, after their 40,001th hire.

05 February 2011

Car ads move to digital fantasy

Crisis? What crisis?

If one were to set GDP at 100 in 2005, it was 105 in the US in 2010, 104 in the eurozone and 102 in Japan and the UK. But in Brazil it was 125, in India 147 and in China 169.

Crisis? What crisis?

The so called crisis merely accelerated the emerging shift in the global balance of economic power.