24 June 2006

22 June 2006

Please pray

Published EsRabo, should be Spanish for "venom is in the tail" or like we say in dutch "de laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarst". I thought that might be a suitable title for a url. Anyway check the project on www.esrabo.be, the official MAN'S BEST FRIEND website.

It's a kind of online databas, still needs a lot of 'sharpening the edges but hey, it's completely Css based and Xhtml valid.

"Zij die gaan sterven groeten U" — Caesar

19 June 2006

Now printing

Processing queue...

So i went to 'Aarschot' to print and test the document. The project will be printed out 2880mmx1380mm. After a horribly long riptime and discovering a lot of new features a pre-press document was printed on scale. A good result set the green light for production and within a few days the print will be at my disposal.

Thumbs up i guess.

** Very good services at Grafixprint

17 June 2006

For the good times

The end is near

Publication of my last workflow :: launch remote

Finally the end is near. All last minute arrangments are set. Next friday, 14:45, i have to give a presentation on my project. A 7 men/women strong jury will then decide and give a quotation. Week after that will be extremely hectical. There's the building up of our exhibition, wednesday there's our closing-party (soireedirty.be)Thursday the graduating forms will be handed over, if suceeded and on friday our graduation-projects will be presented in the KVS Brussels, that same evening our catalog (which will include all the graduating projects of my class) will be published.

Thank God it's summer.

12 June 2006

Launching Typepic

Pictures of type typing pictures.

Typepic is a project made with letrasets. My interest is focused on the graphical quality of form. Mostly the letterforms create their own world... The letters are used out of context with readability which grants them a kind of abstract form without meaning. They become pure forms and shapes that generate an own, because we know these forms so well we generate a sort of story to the form we can "read". The site I recently started shows some of the early works of this project, online graphix are scans from my journal.

Launch website

I'd like to thank my neighbours, Nanou en Fairuz, for the using of their so precious stuff.

07 June 2006


Flow like the river from the hill.

In very short notice I'll be graduated (or not..) Yet I'm working deep into the night and trying to keep pace with all this stuff that I still have to do.. Anyway here's a fast update of my progress on the project. I presume some portable document files will do, for I hope that the screenshots will be self-explaning enough.. It's still in progress as we speak (read/type) so hold your horses on the comment ;)

Still and all I'm happy,
reason is you see once in a while along the way love's been good to me.
— From the Reprise album "A man alone", Frank Sinatra

04 June 2006

Love Life

"Massive change is not about the world of design, it's about the design of the world."
— Bruce Mau

Project Azymuth
For over a period of two years I've been working on a graphic mapping project. It all started with some small nonsense drawings. I noticed I couldn't resist to draw all over my desktop, so I allways make sure to have some paper at hand. My agenda is messed up; all important notes and appointments are written on several pieces of paper mixed with drawings. These drawings emerge from 3 main inspirational sources; graffiti & streetart, a strong urban interest and Lebbeus Woods, head of the RIEA (Research Institute of Experimental Architecture). The whole is in fact a graphic representation of my own stream of consciousness. As the project went along I started working on surfaces of maps to increase input, this way new guidelines for the project were set.. Thru adding new information to these maps the main issue now is to manipulate the viewer and distract him from reading these maps and not knowing what information was originally printed or which was added.

There's a small "vernissage" comming up :: invitation
I'm very busy at the moment but I'll try to upload some pictures of the presentation as soon as possible.. You can check out some scans of my work on my portfolio.