19 June 2006

Now printing

Processing queue...

So i went to 'Aarschot' to print and test the document. The project will be printed out 2880mmx1380mm. After a horribly long riptime and discovering a lot of new features a pre-press document was printed on scale. A good result set the green light for production and within a few days the print will be at my disposal.

Thumbs up i guess.

** Very good services at Grafixprint

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Mr Grapplica, I've been following your advice all along, and your blog also. Seems like a tough *%£+/$#@, this print job of yours.

    Well hey, consider this, after spending 1000's of bucks on the stupid end-term, maybe you'll get a degree!! Look at that!

    (I'm probably going to the same bureau tommorow, Grafixprints, they're the only ones who are able to print A2 double-sided as far as i know.)