31 March 2008

Dock Dividers

"I tend to keep a lot of my commonly-used apps in the dock. Problem is, there's no way to visually separate the app icons into groups, so it can become a little hard to locate the app you're looking for.

Enter Dock Dividers. These are tiny little apps that you can drag right into your dock, creating the appearance of groups."

This guy was so kind to serve donwloas links for the app:
Brandon Kelly → Dock Dividers

Adam Betts has an even flashier divider-app

Conrad Ostwald

Conrad Ostwald Reel from Grapplica on Vimeo.

27 March 2008

strandkai club inside

strandkai club inside
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Flickr API

FlickrLeech has upgraded to a 2.0 version,
but a contestant has arrived - it's name is CompFight

19 March 2008

Gmail: the medium is the message


Safari 3.1 introduces web fonts for all

Apple have released Safari 3.1 for Windows and OS X (and Linux using Wine) today, and the feature that really stood out for me was the introduction of web fonts. Website makers have been bound to the same core fonts for years now, so suddenly having a huge palette to choose from is going to make an enormous difference!

Article via Broken Links

Audience measurement services

I'm trying out alternatives for Google Analytics
So I've found a valuable contestant, let's wait and see: Quantcast is the World’s Only Open Internet Ratings Service

Quantcast is a new media measurement service that lets advertisers view audience reports on millions of websites and services. Only Quantcast combines directly measured audience data with panel-based estimates to deliver accurate third-party metrics and easy-to-read profiles on digital media properties.

Advertisers – Find an Audience!
View detailed audience reports for millions of websites and services to find the audiences you seek and build your brand online with confidence.

Publishers – Make Your Audience Count!
Demonstrate the unique value of your audiences and attract advertisers by tagging your websites, videos, widgets and games for direct measurement.

18 March 2008


Originally uploaded by mr_carl.

Collection of vintage logos from a mid-70's edition of the book World of Logotypes.

17 March 2008


H+H can trace its beginnings back to 1909, when contractor Henrik Johan Henriksen and tileworks owner Waldemar Kähler established a joint gravel pit enterprise. The company later expanded, including H+H Gasbeton (now: aircrete) and Rockwool. The Henriksen and Kähler families split their businesses in 1962, and H+H's activities have since been rooted in aircrete.
The H+H Group generated in 2006 a revenue of DKK 1,662m and had an average of 1,385 employees. The pre-tax profit in 2006 was DKK 114m. H+H expects pre-tax profit in 2007 in the region of DKK 200-210m.

Design: Muggie Ramadani
Client: Commisioned by Inclusive / inclusive.dk

Minority Report at CeBIT 2008

Group Hug

Gabriel Jeffrey: "After more than four years with no significant change, I redesigned grouphug.us for 2008. The project has always been a one-way channel for confessions. I got curious about opening some sort of line going the other direction while keeping the overall experience positive, so I added a “hug” button. It changed the tone of the content significantly, as the confessions people tend to empathize with are generally much more genuine."


Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club is an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen. Founded in 1946, today’s TDC is involved in all contemporary areas of typography and design, and welcomes graphic designers, art directors, editors, multimedia professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and all who have an interest in type: in advertising, communications, education, marketing, and publishing.

Filed under Type System / Superfamily, this Sans Serif is one of the winners for the Type Directors Club TDC2 2008 awards. It is called the "National", and crafted by Kris Sowersby. It combines the strong character of Akzidenz-Grotesk with the production value of Gotham with a hint of DIN.

Buy it at Village


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the less popular side of postcards in a Flickr-set...

Back to front.
Variations in design of the less popular side of postcards, circa 1920s–50s (?). Found in an old shoe-box in the attic.

14 March 2008

Living tomorrow

An urgent project release rushed me into concept and design on very short notice. But I find the teasing result, with minimal content, allready pleasing thanks to a smooth and swift execution of CodeFellas in Ghent.

The idea that initiates the new visual representation of the website, recently launched, is that of cells that cross-breed and give live to new existance.This cross-breed between innovative ideas of different partners is the essence of the new strategy LivingTomorrow persues.

LivingTomorrow is the company, or rather organism, that runs the so called "house of the future", which they are usally associated with. But their new strategy stears them more and more in the direction of a matchmaker between innovative and future-minded companies that are willing to invest in research and development. LivingTomorrow makes it possible for willing firms to combine forces on future-projects, and additionally offers exposition-space that is perceived as being thé place for hosting projects of cutting-edge pioneers offering new and innovative solutions to 21st century problems.

For now only two of the containing items are pushed, in a next fase a full-content database will be connected to the visual nodes and the colors, and content-items, will be made more easily navigatable.

sigh a mess

My desktop is a junkyard of thumbs and pics, time to clean clean clean. It seems like lately there's no other thing then cleaning, after moving into a new appartment I can now finally see thru my window, damn boxes

13 March 2008

Coke Zero

Simply mindblowing and stunning production !

BBC compiler

Now you can completely personalise your newsfeeds on BBC.

Similar to netvibes or iGoogle. You can customize the homepage: change its colour or the font, choose the topics you are interested into, edit them, and move them around with a click & drag action.

The homepage is easy to use. But the biggest challenge was probably not to be graphically boring and sad, as that kind of platforms can end up being. The layout is inevitably very structured and strict, I hope the older BBC sections will soon be inspired with this new design!

Unfortunatly today following message was posted: "Due to technical problems, we are displaying a simplified version of the BBC homepage" :) don't you just loooooouuuve technical revolution

cai guo-qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang is one of the most prominent living Chinese artists. Trained in theatre design, in 1999 he won the International Prize at the 48th Venice Biennale. He is best known for his firework-based set-piece installations and for drawings made using ink and gunpowder. In November, a set of 14 untitled drawings by the artist sold at Christie’s, Hong Kong, for £9.5m ($19.1m)—setting a new record for a Chinese contemporary artist at auction. This month the Guggenheim in New York, hosts Cai’s first major retrospective, I Want to Believe.

12 March 2008

LAb[au] Lights Up The City

I've live in Brussels for 7 years now, and after a short stay in the city centre. The Dexia giant is back in my backyard. As a student I could see the tower grow and grow, it took almost three years untill it was completed, then that last year LAb[au] did a very cool installation for the opening. There was a lightningpanel in front and you could play and stear the lights that were displayed through the windows of this gigantic (for Brussels) tower, awesome. Now it stars in Creative Reviews latest issue

A few years ago they also had an installation with fishes, which really blew me away.

Read more about the tower-project and the fishes » LAb[au] Lights Up The City

Exploding balloon: the original

Here's a new commercial for Schweppes from their Australian Schweppervescence campaign. Made by George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, Australia.

Telenet Solden spot - MyVideo België
And behold, the commercial for Telenet. Made by TBWA Belgium.

Anyway all products are the same huh, drinking Schweppes while surfing the net. Good combination :)

11 March 2008

10 March 2008

Los Niches by Juan Pablo de Gregorio

Los Niches by Juan Pablo de Gregorio
Originally uploaded by Stewf.

onedotzero_10 identity

onedotzero_10 identity
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Word Weer Mens

WordWeerMens is there to help egoist idiots in traffic.

I took the above from Darwin and transformed it into an online concept, being helped by a workgroup similar to an AA-group, then did the static design. Unfortunatly there's only 24 hours a day so I had to leave production, development and execution to others who were struggling tight goverment-budgets and timing.

06 March 2008

Feltron 2007 Annual Report

Oh how I love tight typography mixed with information graphics for an informative document. very nice done. Worthwhile the visit.

05 March 2008

Woodford Folk Festival 0607 - Hilltop Stage

Woodford Folk Festival 0607 - Hilltop Stage
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Nocona: let's rodeo

Badass boots go with wicked lifestyle, awesome illustrations !

Josworld goes M'aTuVu

You’re a creative person and you would like to exhibit your work ?
You have something to show the world?

Then you’ll have the possibility to show yourself by means of the project « M’ATUVU ». Maybe you will soon be able to admire your own work in the exhibition space of JosWorld. This space will be thrown open for expositions, completely low profile. Also music, theatre, dance and performance will be given a chance, as long as creativity makes up the central concept.

« M’ATUVU » is a project of JosWorld, a graphics collective and non-profit organization that wants to inject new life into the cultural world by means of inventive and creative projects. The exhibition space of the collective is situated in Lakensestraat, in the middle of the Brussels cultural neighbourhood. Here Josworld organizes exhibitions, but also happenings and performances. The main commitment of this all: creating a dazzling dynamism between creative persons, artistic projects and the cultural neighbourhood.

The « M’ATUVU » shopwindow is available for individual artists or collectives for 2 week periods.
This way we want to maintain a dynamic creative flow, and give as much artists as possible the chance to expose their ideas.

We are actively on the lookout for - and encouraging people to show off their work. This way we want to build a complete network of young creatives.
Interested? Just email us at matuvu@josworld.org. That’s it!…

03 March 2008

jill greenberg portrait of lindsey lohan

jill greenberg portrait of lindsey lohan
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10 mistakes in Icon design

It is much easier to criticize somebody else’s work than to create something cool yourself. But if you apply a systematic approach to criticizing, make a numbered list and prepare illustrations, it will be regarded as a fully-fledged analysis! In my opinion, icon design is undergoing a transitional period. On the one hand, screen resolutions are increasing, hence enhancing icons. On the other hand, we still have good old pixels. Icons sized 16×16 and even smaller are still widely used. And so, here are the most commonly observed mistakes in icon design…

A supersweet article on icon design by Denis Kortunov
10 Mistakes in Icon Design
an additionally Correcting mistakes

BigSpaceship is ApplePro


Here is a little typography nerd piece but i like it a lot, and think this should actually become a real term.
Hahaha...if you're not laughing right now, you need to get a little more educated on typography.
via Frederik samuel

FireFly Letterpress

FireFly Letterpress from ilovetypography.com on Vimeo.