14 March 2008

Living tomorrow

An urgent project release rushed me into concept and design on very short notice. But I find the teasing result, with minimal content, allready pleasing thanks to a smooth and swift execution of CodeFellas in Ghent.

The idea that initiates the new visual representation of the website, recently launched, is that of cells that cross-breed and give live to new existance.This cross-breed between innovative ideas of different partners is the essence of the new strategy LivingTomorrow persues.

LivingTomorrow is the company, or rather organism, that runs the so called "house of the future", which they are usally associated with. But their new strategy stears them more and more in the direction of a matchmaker between innovative and future-minded companies that are willing to invest in research and development. LivingTomorrow makes it possible for willing firms to combine forces on future-projects, and additionally offers exposition-space that is perceived as being thé place for hosting projects of cutting-edge pioneers offering new and innovative solutions to 21st century problems.

For now only two of the containing items are pushed, in a next fase a full-content database will be connected to the visual nodes and the colors, and content-items, will be made more easily navigatable.

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