29 October 2008


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vette villa

Dutch architect René van Zuuk has designed a house for himself in Almere in the Netherlands.

Oceanfront Property

Oceanfront Property
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Like a cartoon

Like a cartoon
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My alltime favorite fruit...

28 October 2008

Suie paparude

JOyfull and playfull design: Suie paparude


A little anecdote celebrating blogpost number 1001, ever since may 3rd 2006 the beginning of this blog, I've never posted anything about my passion for our national sport: SOCCER. As a child I was full of it, only thing I could think about was soccer, but anyway let's call it football from now on... Starting my football-career at Club Brugge K.V. and migrated to K.S.V.Jabbeke because of new team structures in the youth leagues when I was about the age of 12 (Brugge cut from 3 teams, local-district-national per age to only 2 teams district-national) I also played at K.W.S.Oudenburg and V.K.Ettelgem for just 1 year. Nothing much to be dazzled from but still.

As a kid I always got footballpresents from my dad, including an AJAX shirt! I was a major VanBasten fan.. anyway my brother in law is a huge PSV Eindhoven fan and as the Champions League season is on it's way once again I travelled to Eindhoven with him to watch them beat Marseille. Unfortunatly I mistakenly told some friends of him, diehard fans, that I have an AJAX-shirt in my closeth... frankly they all snapped berserk. And now I'm obligated to ritually burn my AJAX-shirt nex Champions League game against Liverpool F.C.

And thus I wanted to flag the shirt one last time (see image)

cuba libre

cuba libre
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Oh, and while at it... Introducing, my boss :D

Fresh lesbian Love

Fresh lesbian Love
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my bosses' wife at a wild party in her own cafe, accidently stumbled upon it

boeken aan de vismarkt

boeken aan de vismarkt
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Pizza Hut Placemat

Pizza Hut Placemat
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Ford Brazil

The idea behind this site is to transform the user into an insect, which allows the user to explore the car and all it's details. Check out at It's clicktime

Some very nice work by Brazil designer Vincente Silva e Silva

The Economist: pizza

Look at your pizza from a world view.

To reach college students in the Philadelphia area, pizzerias around college campuses received Economist-branded pizza boxes that reframe the iconic student food in a world view via pie charts.

work by BBDO New York

27 October 2008


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Me by Metro

Al meer dan 400 Belgen zijn vastberaden om op mebymetro.be hun eigen lookalike te vinden. Sommigen zijn daar al verbluffend goed in geslaagd. Kijk maar:


Spoor meteen ook zélf uw lookalike op. De 50 beste ‘matches’ maken kans op een ME by Metro-jaarabonnement. ME by Metro, een samenwerking tussen Metro en Base, is een nieuw gsm-aanbod waarmee je mobiel kan bellen, sms’en, mailen en surfen vanaf € 10 per maand.

Find your match!

23 October 2008

21 October 2008

Nokia - somebody elses phone

Imagine finding a phone that belongs to somebody else; filled with personal text messages, contacts, diary entries, photos, voice mails and private video clips. Would you look through it?

This question is the starting point for the new Nokia campaign "Somebody else's phone". Inspired by the evolved role mobile phones play in people's lives, the audience is invited to explore the lives of 3 characters - Anna, Jade and Luca – in intimate detail, in real time, through their Nokia 7610 handsets.

The campaign follows the characters’ evolving story lines across three time zones, through a 24/7 feed of content, for over 6 weeks. The idea is to create a mix of scripted content and real life audience interaction: fans will be able to learn about the characters through their text messages, photos, videos and calls on the campaign site somebodyelsesphone.com. And they can sign up to the characters' Facebook pages or discover the characters’ phone numbers and call or text them directly.


You might have noticed that my daily updates are down recently, and that I'm now porting lots of stuff without much further to do. Correct. I'm rather busy taking care of many practicals since I'll be a father in January... so forgive me the lack of critical responding to most projects that will come up in the near future.

And as a future-father I'm now discovering that there's decent designs for baby-stuff too... Like the Bebiko-website


Spanish architects Subarquitectura have sent us images of this tram stop they built on a roundabout in Alicante, Spain.

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Hellohikimori Shop

The Hellohikimori crew have launched their own online shop where you'll be able to find lots of limited edition goodies.

Hilfiger Denim

Hilfiger Denim; a premium denim collection for men and women. Designs are inspired by American classics and finished with a modern edge and fresh spirit.

Honda: drive every drop

Honda: drive every drop

Dragon Hunters

Jingle generator

Synthesize your sales at the Jingle generator

Luke Buda - Special Sunrise

Luke Buda - Special Surprise

Ocho Reclutas Rexona

My favorite desktop

Oh sweet sugar

High 5

Leo Sato

Since early childhood Leo Sato developed an acute skill for expressing feeling through sound and color. Upon graduation from Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Leo Sato (Born: Feb.10.1981, Japan) started his career in music by composing material for TV shows and commercials throughout Japan. Leo Sato is currently based in tokyo, where he composes music for a variety of sources.

Tape closet

Young dutch designer Patrick Schuur has sent in images of his latest project 'cassette tape closet'.
the closet is built with 918 cassette tapes that are individually screwed onto a wooden frame. It can be used for both an office space divider and storage closet.

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20 October 2008

Duval 2.0

Well well, DuvalGuillaume - one of belgium's most renowned advertising agencies when it comes to picking up Lions has - finally - renewed their website. Without replacing it with yet another boring showcase of cherry-picked work they've taken it to blogging straight away. Though I don't quite like the boringness of the Wordpress-template design, it is a vivid step forward...

So no need to keep waiting, start here

17 October 2008

ONE Agency opens new hotshop

ONE Agency Nederland zal zich profileren als een interaction agency met een sterke focus op het gebruik van social media. Aan het hoofd staat andermaal een ondernemer met een uitgebreide ervaring in de sector van de interactieve communicatie. Voormalig NetilnQ groep oprichter en CEO Frank Van Oirshot zal de leiding van het kantoor in Amsterdam op zich nemen en instaan voor de ontwikkeling van de Nederlandse markt.

15 October 2008

Some reasons why I wake up and go to work every morning.

Some reasons why I wake up and go to work every morning.
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worth blogging... collegues from other agencies :)

Lucha Libre Super Tag Team

Lucha Libre Super Tag Team
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Banksy goes SOHO NYC

A huge Banksy mural was spotted being put up in Soho at Wooster and Grand this morning. At first it appeared that it was possibly Banksy himself painting the huge rat, but the painter's American accent quickly revealed that it was not in fact the pseudo-anonymous British graffiti artist.

After initially dodging questions, the painter revealed that he was working for the sign painting company Colossal Media and was given the commission. It's expected that the mural will be completed later today. Banksy may or may not be in town for the Lazarides show on Houston and Bowery, but it's possible he's nearby and watching the painting go up.

via Gothamist

10 October 2008

09 October 2008

Knowledge Cartography

Knowledge Cartography is part of a PhD research on the visual representation of knowledge. The aim of the research is to extend the cartographic metaphor beyond visual analogy, and to expose it as a narrative model and tool to intervene in complex, heterogeneous, dynamic realities, just like those of human geography.

The map is thus not only a passive representation of reality but a tool for the production of meaning. Just like a text, the map makes selections on reality, distorts events, classifies and clarifies the world in order to selections better tell a particular aspect of a territory, an event, a space.

The images shown here are screenshots taken from ATLAS, the application that's being developed to explore the possibilities of the application of a cartographic metaphor to the realms of knowledge. The concept of ATLAS in this context doesn't only depict a list of maps, but rather a system of representations of space, a communication device aimed at representing complex contexts through the use of many partial overlapping narrations: a network of maps, diagrams, texts and peritexts, combined together to describe the space of research in its multifaceted aspects.

This is Knowledge Cartography

07 October 2008


Absolutely thrilling and mysterious creepyness by Goodby Silverstein and Partners + B-Reel. You can only get on between 6pm and 6am, but if you can’t wait try setting your clock to a different timezone.

There's different stages to go through, very nice implementation of interaction although the NumbersSection was kinda hard to pass... "you not only should to LOOK and what's on the walls but also LISTEN to what the voices are saying. And unfortunately there is no one answer- the code is completely randomized! They couldn't just make it easy- you've probably seen that creepy guy come for you 100 times! ahh!" (Definitely worth putting in the phone number. :)

Very vvvery nice work again for Doritos aka SnackStrongProductions