30 March 2007

Me and the office

My workstation containing my new MacBook Pro 15"4, an Apple Cinema Display 20", some media speakers, a lo of cables, a 19" CRT, a huge wacom tablet, a dozen cd/dvd's, a PowerG4 desktop, a mouse or two, a Coolpix 5900, an iPod mini and a Nano one, a LaCie and a Maxtor drive, an external microphone, some papers and a few notebooks. Oh, almost forgot: my favorite box of pens » Uni-Ball eye Fine UB-157 Black.

And me, at my new office ... chillin' and posing for my new build-in-iSight.


My re-design of HEBBES.be is online as from now, HEBBES.be. I was privileged to be assigned the re-design of HEBBES.be during my employment at Snow. HEBBES.be is a client of LG&F for above advertising. So Snow was assigned to do the re-design of all pages and the mailing. It was my favorite project at Snow and I still honour Jay for giving me the responsability over the design of this project and for guiding me thru my first real usabilty-research. Now finally after a few months of waiting... the outcome. I hope Snow and HEBBES.be are happy, at least I am.

Mailing headline is:
"Hebbes.be looks different. different and better!"
It will be even easier to discover the deal of your life, find and achieve your dreamhouse or buy your favorite car. Your opinion matters to us. let us know what you think about the re-design of our new website..."

Original message.
"Hebbes.be ziet er anders uit. Anders en beter!
Het wordt nog gemakkelijker om het huis van je dromen te kopen of een blitse wagen of deal van je leven te vinden. Jullie mening is ook belangrijk voor ons. Laat ons weten wat jullie van de nieuwe site vinden... "

— - — original designs » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »

The homepage

The vortalpage

The listingspage

The resultpage

The advertiserspage

27 March 2007

Beauty of creation

I've been a hard on SecondLife lovers — like Peter, just to name one — so okey, I'll try to make all of you happy for this one time, but just this one time aiight. Do you remember 0100101110101101.org? (They were html-art-pioneers,exploiting html-code-language at it's early days. Well the founders, Eva and Franco Mattes, created the lovely tribute to SecondLife-lovers: “13 Most Beautiful Avatars” is a portrait series from Second Life, presented by Postmasters Gallery.

26 March 2007

Shapish time

Shapish designed the posters for the recent Ghent University campagne. The posters, show the ‘10 commandments of thinking’, are distributed in Ghent with a delay between each of them. They're ment to lure people to the website. After the 10commandments there is an 11th poster… (click here) If you’r too stupid to get it: it says as much as ‘fuck the 10 commandments of thinking, they don’t exist’, which corresponds to the university motto ‘durf denken’ (dare to think).

They're so cool!

22 March 2007


Hint: Click the picture and Google at least one of the names on the list...
* Shapish is right, I'm far too impulsive sometimes, Thank you for editing this post mate! Take care

10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World

(Image credit: Daniel Montesino)

Original post on 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World, via Neatorama

The Map of Science

Who doesn't love a good data visualization?
From the writeup found on Seed:
This map was constructed by sorting roughly 800,000 published papers into 776 different scientific paradigms (shown as pale circular nodes) based on how often the papers were cited together by authors of other papers. Links (curved black lines) were made between the paradigms that shared papers, then treated as rubber bands, holding similar paradigms nearer one another when a physical simulation forced every paradigm to repel every other; thus the layout derives directly from the data.

via Battellemedia
big map on Seedmedia Flickr

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

I found a superb article on my deficit which i "suffer", for those who don't speak dutch. ADD is found to have some advantages for managers, designers and journalists. to read the whole article take a quick dutch course here.

Psychologie: ADHD is een troef

20/03/2007 09:00 gevonden op DeStandaard

De ontwikkelingsstoornis ADHD haalt vooral de media in de vorm van hyperactieve, onuitstaanbare kindertjes in programma's als de Supernanny. Maar er is ook een andere kant aan de medaille. De kenmerken van ADHD kunnen een ticket zijn naar de top.

"Je vindt opvallend veel ADHD'ers terug onder managers, in de journalistiek en in de grafische sector," zegt Hermien De Backer in het aprilnummer van Bodytalk.

Ze legt uit waarom mensen met ADHD het vaak wel ver schoppen. "Ze stellen wel vaak dingen uit, maar als ze geconfronteerd worden met druk, bijvoorbeeld door een tijdslimiet, kunnen ze op zeer weinig tijd bergen werk verzetten. Sommigen hebben ook nog eens weinig slaap nodig, waardoor ze nog meer gedaan krijgen op een dag." Bovendien zijn ze vaak erg gedreven, ze worden snel enthousiast. En enthousiasme werkt aanstekelijk. "Een aantrekkelijke eigenschap in leidinggevende functies", zegt De Backer. "Of ze dat enthousiasme lang volhouden, is alweer een andere kwestie, maar de trein is intussen wel vertrokken. Ze denken overwegend positief en storten zich onbevooroordeeld in een nieuw avontuur."

"Nog een troef van ADHD'ers is hun snelle en creatieve manier van denken. Ze hebben massa's ideeën. Vandaar ook dat velen van hen in een creatief beroep terechtkomen, zoals graficus of journalist." Langs de andere kant zijn ze dan wel bijzonder impulsief. "Maar voor een manager kan ook dat een voordeel zijn", legt Hermien De Backer uit. "Het maakt hem immers beslissingsvaardig. Terwijl anderen nog zitten te wikken en te wegen, heeft iemand met ADHD de knoop al lang doorgehakt. Ook hun snelheid van denken speelt daarbij een rol."

21 March 2007

NEW - purchase

The Strenghts of Nations

In this impressive poster developed by Dick Klavans and Bradford Paley, with the help of Kevin Boyack and ISI data, one can see the variations in how different nations pursue science. The concept is not only ingenious but also takes full advantage of the page layout where it's quite easy to make sensible comparisons between the nations placed side-by-side.

This visualization analyzes a full span of 23 scientific areas such as Astrophysics, Math or Biochemistry, over 10 nations - USA, United Kingdom, France, China, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, Spain and Japan.

Some patterns immediately arise. The nations most similar to the United States (portrayed in the image) are the UK, Australia and Canada. However, the UK has a greater emphasis on the network spanning social sciences and mental health. Australia has more emphasis on biology, and Canada is relatively distinct from all three with its broad interdisciplinary pattern and strength in computer science. The two European nations with the most scientific publications (France and Germany) excel in physics and chemistry. France's network emphasizes engineering applications. Germany emphasizes the more theoretical aspects of chemistry and physics. Spain on the other hand, focuses on science that links to agriculture. The two pacific rim nations with the most similar profile are China and Taiwan. Both strongly address applied mathematics: from computer science towards engineering and applied physics. Japan explore more the medical areas and physical chemistry.

* *
Kevin Boyack, Dick Klavans, W. Bradford Paley
* *

20 March 2007

Jarnography v2

An old friend of mine has come back to life. He's an original Finnish species but living, sketching and designing in Belgium, Brussels for the last 6 years. He's currently active as a fashion-illustrator, and last week he launched his new website. You can visit his virtual space at www.jarnok.com

18 March 2007

Requiem for a dream

I dug this movie out short after it's release in Y2K and I must admit it made me think about some consequences ... [no further comment] Living your life and feeling, the film-making quality is secondary this film makes you FEEL and so does the site, so I have recently discovered. It's a ride, a long, hell of of a ride.

17 March 2007

Get the Glass

To be honest, this information is too good to post, normally just too sweet to share but heck I want to be a good guy, change my dark life and bring joy to the world ;) Anyway, Goodby Silverstein and Partners made some fantastic detailed websites and stuff, but this one game struck me lively and got me going last few hours. Well sometimes it's heavy loading but it worth the waiting. They created an online game called Get the glass for Got milk. Some incredible attention to detail. One of the tigthest sites I have seen in a while.

16 March 2007


I'm expanding my freelance businesses, keywords are THINK - RELAX - DON'T BE AFRAID - GO FOR IT - FUTUREMIND - BE OPEN - COMMUNICATE
— some usefull links to get up:
» Ten productivity tips at WebDesignFromScratch
» Time managment tips at PixelAcres
» Get them cards at NHGCOnsulting
» On The Job is an unobtrusive, easy to use time tracker. It's not bloated with features you'll never use, yet it's powerful enough to handle all of your time tracking needs. On The Job is perfect for anyone billing by the hour.

And some software to get you on right track:
» Making timesheets obsolete with Slimtimer
» Getting totally organised with Backpackit

And last but not least, Personal information manager by Wikipedia.

Shapish blogs

After having partying fun and chasing girls at higher education we git to know eachother, me and Shapish. huh, lol at first he thought I was this what we call it again "John", and my first impression was that he was this outgrown alternative-Jesus. But what's in a name right, anyway we got along fine, Shapish was the first guy I really met at higher education.. Later on, having mutual interest (in females and work) we'd get togheter more often, spending most of our time argueing about different thoughts and points of view, but heck we got along.. Sometimes we had a kinda averse friendship, but we managed well. Then, when we started working togheter on a freelance project, things got more intense but hell I really appreciated the way we could be open to eachother, even having an intense fight with still keeping the respect and making the progress. Anyway, since he's been shipped across the Atlantic our paths have split and the contact is restricted to the virtual realm. So far for the last five years of Shapish and me.

» Check out his brand new blog at http://blog.shapish.com/ if you aren't a fan allready, click and become one ;) Partyhard!

15 March 2007


Tonight at The BEURSschouwburg, Brussels: a lecture and live-set by D. GJØDE (DKN), and a talk by TOFFE (FRA).

Audi TT - High Performance Art

Viral / HD-TV spot for the launch of Audi TT in Australia. The TT contour is revealed only by the streamlines, a minimal abstraction of car laboratory scientific imaging. Matt Pyke and Karsten Schmidt created a software-based realtime wind tunnel to generate the HD video, an interactive wind-tunnel is currently in development. Concept and Art Direction by Matt Pyke, programming by Karsten Schmidt. Commissioned by The One Centre. Published for UniversalEverything

Direct link to movie

14 March 2007

Interview with Build

Read it at » The Style Press

Dis-connected : research project : post 09

A live performance in the urban environment where the every-day actors could try to dis-connect.

"The helmet will provide a sound and visual isolation. Depending on the proposal it could be performed in the urban environment or any embedded space/situation that needs a dis-connection time."

by disconnectedmacha

13 March 2007

Building Letters

The Building Letters project is an international team of typographers, designers, and editors vivified the idea to publish a magazine to raise money to help those affected by the Asian Tsunami in 2004, an event which dominated the news for such a short time, but where people still needed help, long after the cameras have gone home.
All proceeds from the sale of BL 3 magazines and CDs are sent to Direct Relief International, a leading charity that guarantees to target these donations to victims of the Tsunami disaster.


Jo, a friend of mine at the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum, is hosting a festival for seniors. It's mixture of lectures, workshops and exhibitions on the mechanical Piano. Pianola has a mini-site and agenda at www.pianola.be - an infosite for 50+ers

Delaby 010

AtypI 2007

» Association Typographique Internationale, The 2007 ATypI conference will take place from Wednesday 12 September to Sunday 16 September 2007 in Brighton, UK. And off course I'm going there, well unless my dearest sweetheart doesn't want to come along, n'est pas Elfie... :)

TypoJo on Wiels

Wiels bold was designed for the Centre of Contemporary Art in Brussels, Belgium. Sara De Bondt, who is in charge of the visual identity of this centre, is creating a display font to be primarly used for headlines, posters, signage and their website, togheter with Jo De Baerdemaeker who is working on Wiels Regular and italic.

As OpenType font Wiels bold supports following features among others: ligatures, oldstyle numerals, alternative glyphs and case-sensitive forms.

Their collaboration resulted in a pleasing yet strong sans serif face. A regular, italic and other weights are currently being developped.

Rocking chairs

Port de l'Hôtel de Ville

Port de l'Hôtel de Ville
Originally uploaded by gadl.

360° approach - that's what all them advertisers are striving for no?

12 March 2007

Colophon 2007 - Found issues

A nice piece of type-setting on Etymology.

The Colophon held a "Open for Collaboration"-project, I tried to gather interesting artists for this collaboration. Next to this nice typeface-message of Lisa Allegretta (designer at LG&F), I gathered an artwork by Sislay and Tamarindous ... only I forgot to hand in the booklet, humhum* sorry guys, blame the Champagne and vodka :) please!

A movie installation by Omagiu

Colophon 2007 - Review 01

SHIFT had a really nice working space at Colophon This should be made public asked attending people to design a small piece with the present materials and hang it out for others to see, MagCulture listed my public in when they published a photo of some publics on their blog. » Check their Colophon-Flickr

MagCulture posted my Flickr—s on Colophon, thank you Jeremie and crew ;)

09 March 2007

Cannes eye?

Huh, tight marketspot eih - right ;) Hold it! Anyway, kewl canne(s)pagne build by and for i-Merge (recruiting). Good will hunting boys.

05 March 2007

TypoBerlin 2007

And, no no no guys, I didn't forget. Of course I'll be attending TypoBerlin too this year. Last year was a succes (click here to check last years photos) This year it's near AlexanderPlatzeuh!
Oh and the organisation has opened the podcast-site they launched last year » TypoVideo

OFFF Barcelona

I just ordered my tickets for the international festival for the POst-Digital Creation Culture in Barcelona! Yihaa, party-hard and design-education here we come... Why don't you Join me?

Colophon 2007

This weekend I'll be spending my nights sleeping in Luxemburg,
attending Colophon 2007 whenever being awake.

Good days

You might have discovered that my posting average dropped, as the closing of the Snow-period period (.) has left me standing all I want to do for a few days is sleep. So I'll be in a short wintersleep for a few days, unfortunatly not for too long. Anyway you'll find me posting on top speed very soon again.
Till then keep on and hold strong

02 March 2007

Prague Feb 2007

Out of the office for a few days at Prague. A+
Check Flickr: Prague Feb 2007

01 March 2007

Two Faced

Link to website: here