04 January 2013

10 ways to improve Pinterest

Dear Ben (Silbermann) and Evan (Sharp),

I just love your product. If my front-end development skills would still by on point I'd even consider applying for that Product Designer job at your company.

I've recently used Pinterest to plan my wedding and decorate my new home. By doing that I discovered that there is still room for improvement. Of course there is. I believe your product is a good one so in order to help you and your team to new levels I listed some of my frustrations from a user point of view.

I found it a bit inconvenient that Pinterest does not offer the following functionalities:

1. drag and drop from desktop
2. batch upload of images
3. image replacement of existing pin
4. re-arrangement of pins in a board
5. scrolling to next/previous pin in pin detail view mode
6. batch pinning of images from one webpage
7. merging of different boards
8. making a board secret after creating it
9. moving pins from non-secret boards to secret boards
10. possibility to include a link-only, in the comment section of a pin

Also, I understand that your product wants to pursue quality by obligating to add description to every pin but as a user I just don't have the need to caption everything I post.

Hope this can help you out for new developments throughout 2013.

Kind regards