04 January 2013

10 ways to improve Pinterest

Dear Ben (Silbermann) and Evan (Sharp),

I just love your product. If my front-end development skills would still by on point I'd even consider applying for that Product Designer job at your company.

I've recently used Pinterest to plan my wedding and decorate my new home. By doing that I discovered that there is still room for improvement. Of course there is. I believe your product is a good one so in order to help you and your team to new levels I listed some of my frustrations from a user point of view.

I found it a bit inconvenient that Pinterest does not offer the following functionalities:

1. drag and drop from desktop
2. batch upload of images
3. image replacement of existing pin
4. re-arrangement of pins in a board
5. scrolling to next/previous pin in pin detail view mode
6. batch pinning of images from one webpage
7. merging of different boards
8. making a board secret after creating it
9. moving pins from non-secret boards to secret boards
10. possibility to include a link-only, in the comment section of a pin

Also, I understand that your product wants to pursue quality by obligating to add description to every pin but as a user I just don't have the need to caption everything I post.

Hope this can help you out for new developments throughout 2013.

Kind regards

14 March 2011

MIT Media Lab's Brilliant New Logo Has 40,000 Permutations

This is Cannes Design Lion potential. An algorithm can create 40,000 logo shapes in 12 different color combinations, providing the Media Lab an estimated 25 years' worth of personalized business cards.

MIT Media Labs lent some of their highly attuned brain space to logo design, and they really delivered. A single business card print-out could be a little confounding—but it’s only 1 in 40,000 permutations. Seeing it “in motion” makes total sense. We like how the logo speaks to the individuality of each member without straying too far apart from each other. We’re looking forward to their next logo design, after their 40,001th hire.

05 February 2011

Car ads move to digital fantasy

Crisis? What crisis?

If one were to set GDP at 100 in 2005, it was 105 in the US in 2010, 104 in the eurozone and 102 in Japan and the UK. But in Brazil it was 125, in India 147 and in China 169.

Crisis? What crisis?

The so called crisis merely accelerated the emerging shift in the global balance of economic power.

23 December 2010

Motion infographic on aids orphans in Africa

An infographic about a growing problem in Africa: aids orphans. AIDS has made many victims, leaving almost 15 million children without a mother or father. The animation talks about the statistics, what they are going through and how we can make their world a better place.

Design by Fabian Meul & Davy Delbeke
Voice-over: Bram Willems

A dutch version of this infographic can be found here

15 October 2010

My little piece of privacy

My robotic curtain protects me from nosey looks of pedestrians passing by.

More about it on http://www.niklasroy.com - Music by holy Konni http://www.freizeitmeister.org

12 October 2010

02 September 2010

New OFFF brand - contest

OFFF is the process to do a global rebrand to OFFF Festival and has decided to give you the opportunity to send your ideas.

OFFF 2008 - atmosphere

This is a big step for them and they would love to have you all involved in some way on this process.

To make it more fun and spontaneous, you only have until next Sunday 5th September 2010 to send your idea/concept.

What OFFF needs is:

- New Logo for OFFF (with a solution to include subareas like "OFFF Logo + Atelier", "OFFF Logo + Ontour", or "OFFF Logo + F.C."), vector format.
- New tagline (no more Post-Digital Creation Culture).
- A quick sample of identity cards.

OFFF will select at least 50 proposals that will be included in the next OFFF Book Project to be published by Indexbook next June 2011 and of course only one will have the opportunity to be "the one".

12 August 2010


"iButterfly" is an entertaining iPhone application using AR, motion sensor, and GPS functions to collect coupons. Through the iButterfly, we will deliver not only coupons but also diverse information and contents as well.

via @broodkast