31 January 2008

Max Your Gang

Max your gang and win a trip to one of the 4 cool locations in the USofA

30 January 2008

That girl site

The tabloid of blogs, especially for the girls among us :)

29 January 2008


Event Logotype

Event Logotype
Originally uploaded by MannyB yo!.

Frost design

Frost updated it's website, a total turnover into a dock-wize browsing app. left and right is skipping projects, up and down is browsing pages of one project, fairly nice and simple.

Opel Astra 1.7d

If you see this comming, you better run!

* Oh and since I'm now an Opel driver I'm obligated to give a small insight onto a recent development in the belgian car-industry.

Recently some resource-companies of Ford Genk held strikes for demanding more loan, as well the employees of ford Genk followed, off course. I'm not sure about whatever these employees were eventually granted, but Ford Genk got a serious warning from the European headquarters. "One more strike and you guys are next in line to go down..." which would mean, in so many words, taking down the whole Ford facility and a lot of the resource-facilities as well. Anyway, Opel additionally made a pretty smart move pushing the loans an extra 1% this year.

Go Opel, I'd say.

HUB warmer

A coffee warmer on USB, handy


Imagin, Fifty Rooms, full of crazy good lookin' girls, yummiyummie


Originally uploaded by Ben Pearce.

Design Blog

It feels good to make wishes come true

28 January 2008


The Dull Parties Liberation Front took over BBDO's corporate page announcing the annual client-party... I hope no CEO's get hurt friday 'cause there's an evil spirit in the atmosphere, moohaa

Puma launches Speed Legs

PUMA Until Then from Robert/Boisen & Likeminded on Vimeo.

24 January 2008

Nivea Young Street

Nivea Young Street
Originally uploaded by F Daenen.

On the road again

Yeah, big bad boyz drive big bad toyz, that's why, finally, I've bought meself a lean mean racingmachine, a car, a chariot, junk on wheels, a sweet sweet 10 year-old Opel Astra 1.7d :)

A pedal and a steerin' wheel is all I need, and it was fuckin' cheap too. But you know what pisses me off bigtime. My assurance is as expensive as my car. If I wouldn't have to pay insurance I'd be able to buy myself an Opel every fucking year, damn.
Some assurance-companies wouldn't give me one even if I payed for it, and why? Because I'm a youngster of 23 living and working in Brussels!? Christ, I'm in their biggest group of prospects goddamned.. Anyway I got insured and am safe now, well at least 'for the record' -safe.

On my journey thru the enormous amount of assurance-offers I found the blog of an organisation of 'very pissed off drivers'. I guess they're tired of paying too much for all this carstuff either... go peep 'em out at www.verypissedoffdrivers.be

Maeda iGoogle skin

Smooth and soft.

Maeda has launched a new theme on iGoogle. The theme changes based upon the time of day (every 4 hours), and is based upon a series of strokes he drew by hand and a simple algorithmic manipulation thereof.

21 January 2008

NOXX Antwerp

In september a new club opened in Antwerp, finally I found some time to hang out there and I guess I have to admit besides all the "batti's" and "ronny's" it's one of the better clubs I've been out in Belgium since a long time... Lots of stunning girls, lightshow-effects and live-acts surely raised the atmosphere onto a shaping good level. Three rooms offer different moving possibilities, it's surely worth to leak out some transpirational assets there.

18 January 2008

Sprouting City

Sprouting City
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Day 348 of 365

Day 348 of 365
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update: It seems NewYork is inundated with the final/original of this poster


According to Andrew Essex, CEO of Droga5, Honeyshed is a broadband destination that celebrates the sell.

Honeyshed is an online television network, Honeyshed intends to erase the line between branding and entertainment altogether. But the content is not traditional online advertising. No banners. No rollovers. No 30-second spots. Instead, it provides a mix of live programming and character-driven sketch shows paid for by—and promoting—sponsors, who collaborate with Honeyshed to come up with suitably entertaining concepts aimed at the ever-capricious but nonetheless influential demographic of 18- to 35-year-olds.

"There's a lot of so-called branded content out there, but it doesn't have many places to live," Andrew says. "It gets lost on YouTube or it's like bud.tv, a brand in isolation. In contrast, this is totally transparent and completely entertaining. It's overt advertising based on the idea that people love brands. They just don't necessarily love it when brands interrupt or deceive them. This will make brands the life of the party rather than the uninvited guest."

17 January 2008


Originally uploaded by Simon Geilfus.


The famous belgian band dEUS knocked on Milks door for the renewal of their website, it's not ready yet but it will be soooooooooon... so go check it out, subscribe and hold hold on :)

15 January 2008


Georgette is a beautifull shoeboutique that offers footfashion and accessoiries in extraordinary animalfriendly materials.Some girls there and in Italy work out exclusive collections made in the best nonleather and eco-friendly materials like natural fabrics and luxurous Italian faux leathers.

A nicely spherized site created by MrHenry accompanies the shoe-message over at Georgette.be

14 January 2008

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette
Originally uploaded by Barry Craig.

just lovely

And some interesting insights on photography can be found on barry's portfolio

Rexona Power

Wearing Rexona Power gives you the capabilities to escape wild bulls, butchers and evel-knevil wolfs. Fermin's life is on the line and moving fast is the only option to save his skin. A very nice interactive mini-site pretty on product. Funny story too...

10 January 2008

Building We are build

A few months ago, electronest developed a new website for Build design studio. electronest worked with Tommi and Marc from Digital Club who designed the templates of the website and with Nicky and Michael from Build who provided feedback and advises all along. electronest worked on implementing both the publishing system, a custom content management system (CMS), and the templates (pages layout and interactive elements), while advising and checking designs with regard to the constraints of the technology electronest were using.

[...] read more about the design of development on Wearebuild

Command Shift 3

CommandShift3 is where websites do battle!
Take your best screenSHOT and come on down to the battlefield!

The site you entered is preparing for battle!
We're calling up our crack team of screenshooting specialists in Afghanistan to take a screenshot of your site. Once they capture, resize and upload it, it will be ready for people to rate!

On CommandShift3, you are presented with the screenshots of two websites side by side. If you click the screenshot of the site you think looks best, the page reloads and you start all over again. It never ends.

The best & worst page is where we add up all those clicks and display the winners and losers. You can also browse winners by tag, and by month or week. You can also see the worst ever.

Did you not mean: Command & Conquer?

The command symbol of CommandShift3 was introduced by Apple icon artist Susan Kare for the original Macintosh in 1984. The cloverleaf-like symbol is commonly used in Scandinavia as an indicator of cultural locations and places of interest. This symbol, known as Saint John's Arms and sometimes referred to as Saint Hannes cross, dates back to pre-Christian times.

CommandShift3 is set in Arial, a typeface designed in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders for Monotype Typography. The text is set in Black #000000 and Blue #3399FF. Command Shift 3 is printed with archival pixels on acid-free screens that are free of fiber from ancient forests. The logo was created from the base forms of the command and shift symbol, with the 3 coming from the Futura font.

Screenshots are captured at a browser size of 980 pixels wide by 735 pixels high using WebKit, Apple's Safari rendering engine. The site is hosted on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). It runs Fedora Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and Memcached. We are evaluating the use of Amazon's Mechanical Turk to outsource all design, product, and other creative decisions related to the site, thereby putting the entirety of our operation entirely in Jeff Bezos's gentle hands.

09 January 2008

de Redactie

Vrtnieuws is nu deRedactie, of beter naar goede amerikaanse normen: "watte, geef me een pauze" — positieve noot mag wel ook vermeld worden natuurlijk, zeer rijke implementatie van het 'multimediaal gebeuren', een pluim vor Mr Bracke ;)

Hmmn deRedactie werd ontworpen en ontwikkeld door OneAgency op wens website een drukke discussie woedt tussen lovers en haters van het design. Peter VW zal vast wer boos zijn op me :)
Jo wil ik echter niet op mijn nek halen, want het is een toffe pée en hij heeft het toch maar weer voor elkaar gekrgen de site te mogen doen, dus toch eindigen met een positieve noot: het design voor CANVAS is naar mijn mening wel zeer geslaagd, strak en stevig met overzicht. de implementatie van de clips en movs brengt tevens eindelijk eens vernieuwing in de stoffige online activiteiten van de VRT.
Leuk artikel in deMorgen, Bert.

Belgacom Tv

Because of the digital-tv wars here I been delaying the release of this post. It is a small update of my portfolio, and a fun small part because we implemented this wicked 3D character from the tv-spot. Unfortunatly Telenet's very agessive and hostile campaign caused me to rush onto the job and skip all the extra movements and direction for smooth animation of the buttons etc.

I'm actually not in the right position to make a statement and take position on this so called price-war over digital-tv in Belgium hence I'll just leave one notion in the middle, it is a dutch saying freely translated it sounds like this: "when two dogs dogs are fighting over the same bone the third one comes along and takes it unnoticed".