03 January 2008

99 sites dont je ne pourrais pas me passer

Everybody is publishing his list of top posts and most read articles. De Morgen published a list of top ten sites to come for 2008. Amongst them were sites like Facebook, Netlog and other so called "to be hot next year 2.0 websites social platform bullshit". I think that's a totally diverged and wrong point of view. The evolution of these networks and platforms is almost parallel with the speed of lightning. Last year we were collectively yelling MySpace MySpace MySpace, and now indeed all reputable artists, on all possible levels, are holding MySpace accounts...but peeps tell me Myspace is 'passé'. Tell me how then could the emerging platforms of 2007 be the future of 2008?

By this spit out I'd like to enjoy a 99-sites-you-should-have-seen-in-2007 list with me.
Thanks Loïc!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link & happy new year :)
    I discover your blog, cool stuff !