23 December 2010

Motion infographic on aids orphans in Africa

An infographic about a growing problem in Africa: aids orphans. AIDS has made many victims, leaving almost 15 million children without a mother or father. The animation talks about the statistics, what they are going through and how we can make their world a better place.

Design by Fabian Meul & Davy Delbeke
Voice-over: Bram Willems

A dutch version of this infographic can be found here

15 October 2010

My little piece of privacy

My robotic curtain protects me from nosey looks of pedestrians passing by.

More about it on http://www.niklasroy.com - Music by holy Konni http://www.freizeitmeister.org

12 October 2010

02 September 2010

New OFFF brand - contest

OFFF is the process to do a global rebrand to OFFF Festival and has decided to give you the opportunity to send your ideas.

OFFF 2008 - atmosphere

This is a big step for them and they would love to have you all involved in some way on this process.

To make it more fun and spontaneous, you only have until next Sunday 5th September 2010 to send your idea/concept.

What OFFF needs is:

- New Logo for OFFF (with a solution to include subareas like "OFFF Logo + Atelier", "OFFF Logo + Ontour", or "OFFF Logo + F.C."), vector format.
- New tagline (no more Post-Digital Creation Culture).
- A quick sample of identity cards.

OFFF will select at least 50 proposals that will be included in the next OFFF Book Project to be published by Indexbook next June 2011 and of course only one will have the opportunity to be "the one".

12 August 2010


"iButterfly" is an entertaining iPhone application using AR, motion sensor, and GPS functions to collect coupons. Through the iButterfly, we will deliver not only coupons but also diverse information and contents as well.

via @broodkast

11 August 2010

Magical Mountain

Magical Mountain, originally uploaded by catchlightsa.

Wanting to be there...

06 August 2010

IKEA advertising tribute

Please do comment or tweet me more IKEA advertising brilliance if you have some kick-ass ads that are not included in this tribute.

05 August 2010

Wisdom of the crowd

Crowdsourcing, a term coined by Wired writer Jeff Howe and explained in the video above, is without a doubt a key digital marketing trend for 2010. The New York Times suggests that small brands shouldn't shy away from tapping into the public's willingness to share ideas to help spur innovation and feedback, and cites the example of a particularly savvy (and successful) tiny brand as a case study.

more >

04 August 2010

Know Why

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SHIRO Cheers Systems

This is a promotion movie of a Shochu, "Shiro" by Takahashi shuzo.

When we say "Cheer!", the happiness is born between two people.
And it spreads to others like a chain reaction and grows bigger and bigger.
We hope the Japanese Shochu "SHIRO" can bring people bit closer and happy by making them "Cheers!".

If you feel like to say "Cheers!" with friends even a little after watching this movie, we are pleasure to hear so.

16 July 2010

Note to self

Create momentum
Remain dissatisfied
Break the rules
Be nice to people
Kick ass

05 May 2010

Mobile music #phoneguitar

Who said iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile don't play well together?
This is a free interpretation of Cracklin Rosie, played on 2 Android devices, 2 Windows Mobile devices and 1 iPod Touch.
the Piano and Drum sequencers are written by me, Pocket Stombox is used for the real time effects and the main instruments are the fantastic iShred and Guitar apps by Frontierdesign.

More info on http://blog.stef.be/phoneguitar

Have a nice trip

20 April 2010

Visit Rio

"Rio is ready. Visit Rio." Simple call to action. Nice film. Visit? I will :)

06 April 2010

The secret behind Nike Air

Nike just came through with this great film that documents the process of collecting and inserting the very special air that's included in Nike Air sneakers...

Nike Air is actually the air of ...

via CR

29 March 2010

Diesel Plays Coy

Anomaly made a music video to help sell Diesel's skinny Jeans. The full interactive music video can be found http://www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers/ or listen to the band here http://www.ahundredlovers.com./

Anomaly (@AnomalyLondon) and Stink (@Stink) have launched an interactive music video for the brand.

via CultureBuzz

13 March 2010

Idea hill - May the fun be with you

"So you have an idea... You are going to be a star. You're idea will amaze the world. You explain it to the ones who have to buy the idea. They say it is brilliant But maybe a bit too extreme? They say they are not creative but they have a few suggestions to help your idea live. They give you constructive criticism. To make your idea more acceptable to a broader audience, they say. With a few compromises, you get your idea done.

Here's what you should do:
Leave the first idea and find another one. A bigger one. Bigger again. And again. Until they are tired and want to go home. Two possibilities: they buy the new idea, or, they go back to your first idea, saying; "hey, it wasn't that bad was it?".They'll let you do it without compromise.

Your idea will be a success. They will be a success. They'll love you forever."

May the fun be with you — Duval Guillaume

Geef het nieuwe Gent een naam.

Aan het Gentse Sint-Pietersstation komt een nieuwe stadswijk. De eerste toren is ontworpen, maar heeft nog geen naam en daarom doet SOFA een beroep op jouw creativiteit. www.projectsofa.be

Project SOFA by Poponcini & Lootens

Vlakbij het Gentse Sint-Pietersstation, langsheen de Gentse Fabiolalaan, komt een volledig nieuwe stadswijk. Voor het ontwerp van het eerste gebouw in deze wijk, organiseerde het stedenbouwkundig bureau Euro Immo Star een architectuurwedstrijd die gewonnen werd door het architectenduo Poponcini & Lootens.

De nieuwe kantoortoren heeft echter nog geen naam en daarvoor lanceert Euro Immo Star een oproep. Iedereen die een klinkende naam voor het bouwwerk kan bedenken, kan deze doorsturen via www.projectsofa.be. De winnaar wordt de naamgever van het nieuwe gebouw en krijgt bovendien een weekend naar Londen voor twee personen cadeau. Ook de tweede en derde finalist mogen hun koffers pakken.

Een jury bestaande uit de Gentse stadsdichter Peter Verhelst, voormalig Gents burgemeester Frank Beke, architect Mauro Poponcini en communicatieverantwoordelijke van Euro Immo Star Gwenn Nevelsteen, zal de inzendingen vakkundig beoordelen. Zij zullen oordelen of de naam niet alleen goed klinkt, maar ook of deze de identiteit van het gebouw, de nieuwe wijk en de stad Gent versterkt.

Wie daarenboven een inspirerend openingsevent kan bedenken dat rekening houdt met de naamgeving, vergroot zijn kansen op de hoofdprijs.

De wedstrijd loopt van 11 maart tot 1 mei en lijkt me interessant voor mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in architectuur en stadsvernieuwing. Alle info op www.projectsofa.be

Doritos - Crash the Super Bowl - funny finalist


04 March 2010


"For an advertising agency, no matter how much we try to deny this, the Big Day is when we stand on that stage in the French Riviera, applauded by the world’s crème de la crème of advertising.

For many advertisers it is too, although it’s even harder for them to admit it.
There’s no secret. Success is what we’re all after. And that’s not bad. Not necessarily. It’s OK to be successful. We want all of you to be a success, and feel free to enjoy it fully. As long as there’s a clear link between your personal success and the success of the brand we’re working for.

So, go on. Define for yourself what ‘your day’ will be. Go after it, full speed ahead. We’ll help you, support you, give you the courage and the means to succeed. As long as your success contributes to the success of the team you’re part of."

22 February 2010

12 February 2010

Hearts Creatives, a digital short by Yahoo!

Funny because it's too stereotypical. Funny because it's true. In a way.

Yahoo!: "As an agency creative, have you ever felt like this? We. Feel. Your. Pain. Become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yahooadvertising Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/yahooadbuzz "

KnickerPicker: the online dressing room. Perfect for choosing a great Valentine gift.

via @derekb

10 February 2010

Good old viral: Danish mother looking for tourists.

Well, can't resist ... we all know the story by now but since I just heard that the rave of this viral has actually caused some people losing their jobs I found it worth posting. And I've finally found a version that's live again. Thank you Adland.tv

The video of a Danish woman begging for help to find the father of her baby is a marketing hoax concocted by the Danish government.

The video, which had received over 800,000 hits on YouTube in five days (14 sept 2009), features a young mother with a baby in her arms appealing for the father to come forward.

The woman claims the baby was the product of a drunken one-night stand.

Here goes the story:
If you’re a man who took a vacation to Copenhagen last year (early 2008), and if you’re also a man who met a women at the Custom House bar, and if that woman also took you back to her apartment shortly after you met, then you might want to sit up and pay attention to this.

Karen, 27, says that she had a one night stand 18 months ago that resulted in pregnancy. She’s now mom to baby August, and she’s turned to YouTube to help track down his dad, a vacationing foreigner whose name and home country she can’t remember.

Since the video was revealed as a hoax, YouTube has been deluged with angry comments from viewers, saying it demeans the plight of single mothers, and cheapens the reputation of Danish women.

Catching up with good old classics: Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream - release website, anno 2000

An ab-so-lute classic and a bloody good one. Sick one actually sorry. For the release of the movie Requiem for a Dream, Hi-ReS! created a website as sick as the plot of the movie itself. A creation of the blessed year 2000.

Requiem for a Dream - release website, anno 2000

The website for the movie, www.requiemforadream.com puts a heavy emphasis on the art-fuckery aspect of the movies' visual flair, with fake websites based on products and shows in the movie, multimedia noise shows, and distorted stills of the movie. Kinda like jodi.org, with a more defined mission drive, characters who you learn bits and pieces about, and Shockwave Flash designed pages. It makes you feel like you should be on something when you're looking at it. One thing though, you must be running at least an 800x600 display or you run the chance of getting stuck.

When you first start up the page, you get the title and the distributor. That then fades out to an ad banner (either Month of Fury, Juice, or another ad banner), which comes up to the countdown and the rallying chants of Tappy Tibbons' (Christopher McDonald) show, which leads to "tappytibbons.com", which quickly fuzzes out when you click on a part of the site to a display of the title. Letting that pass gradually gets you to a distorted still of two of the main characters Harry Goldfarb (Jared Leto} and Marion Silver (Jennifer Connelly). From here is where the path splits.

The rest you have to find out for yourself :)
More about the movie >

02 February 2010

Nissan Cube List - The Art of Japanese Gastronomy

Touch, smell, taste, listen, watch and move Japan style.
Touch, smell, taste, listen, watch and move Japan style.

Last Sunday I was offered to ride along with Imke Dielen. Though I quite like Japanese gastronomy ... it felt ackward rolling the new Cube through town. Yet I must admit the new Nissan is remarkably spacious for a small citytour car. The model/shape just isn't my cup of tea but I could notice a lot of smiling faces of people driving by, especially women seem to attracted to this cute newbie. Nissan Cube

LEGO promotes Big Ideas

Ever wonder where big ideas come from? If you're a fan of LEGO bricks, eureka moments, or guys with odd mustaches, you really should see this.

Great ideas just CL!CK.

Catching up with good old classics: Bionic Systems

2001 - New era of Maximalism and New School - Bionic Systems

Not quite your super obvious killer website but the combination af Bionic's futuristic graphics and 3D modelling were innovative considering the date of release (this example is from 2001) Very fresh and sharp at the time. The style was followed by hordes of webdesigners in the years to come.

Bionic Systems is a studio for media crossing design.
Located in Düsseldorf, Germany, we are working for global players as well as boutique brands of wide-ranging sectors.

The studio was established in 1999 by Doris Fürst and Malte Haust, both graduated designers. Bionic Systems cooperates with a network of trusted partners to deliver full-spectrum production knowledge and a rapid workflow.

We are dedicated to inspiring high quality work with a focus on your brief. Having a long experience in designing fonts and complex graphics, Bionic Systems settle design jobs with unique and outstanding results.

We believe in diversity.
Whether cutting-edge or classic, we always aim for strong designs with an innovative twist.

29 January 2010

Catching up with good old classics: Vodafone Future Vision

Vodafone Future Vision - great skills from back in the days

Catching up with good old classics in webdesign. Explore what the future may look like with Vodafone's Future Vision microsite. A perfect serve of content through the combination of visual, auditive and dynamic interaction was unseen at the time. More over, lots of stuff produced today is hardly a match for this classic.

North Kingdom for Vodafone in 2004.

27 January 2010

Catching up with good old classics: Tokyo Plastic

Tokyo Plastic - webdesign from back in the days

Catching up with good old classics in webdesign. Think I might have some fun with this series. The animation-transitions were amazing back then, and still. this one is from 2003. Tokyo Plastic

The Verbatim mediamonster

Verbatim Media Monster: RFA

Online fighting game to celebrate launching a Japanese branch of an American media company, Verbatim. All the monsters are made of their removable media.

26 January 2010

There is no passion without love.

We love 2010 from Soleil Noir on Vimeo.

Best wishes from Soleil Noir, the most awarded interactive studio in France.
Currently; Paris is looking for a Senior Flash Developer

21 January 2010

Smart had one good idea and that was stupid.

Be Stupid!

The new DIESEL is Stupid!

Be Stupid: Recruitement > Are you stupid? Well, we can help you promote your stupidity.

Created by Anomaly (who recently picked up the Sony account from Fallon), the campaign certainly takes a more bombastic approach than previous Diesel campaigns, which have been more noteworthy for their style than their taglines. But while it may be eyecatching, when we're all fed a regular diet of genuine stupidity via the media and TV most days already, will the 'Be Stupid' tag just prove grating? Or is everyone in fact longing to out themselves as stupid to Diesel?

Campaign by Anomaly: "Heaven is a playground".

via CR

Did Domino's Pizza reinvent their pizza from the crust up?

What if your product wasn’t good? What if your customers tell you that your product isn’t any good? What do you do? The natural reaction is likely to get defensive and tout the aspects of the product that you think are strong and shy a way from conversations that are negative about your product. This means that social media marketing for your business is likely out of the question. However, what if you had the opposite reaction and tackled the negative head on.

Check Domino's Trades Cardboard Crust for New Leaf at Culture Buzz
Also read B2B Social Media Lessons From Domino’s “Pizza Turnaround” Campaign at B2B Social Media Lessons

20 January 2010

Haïti. No End of Trouble. Ever.

From the Essay: No End of Trouble. Ever. By MAGGIE STEBER
© photo: Maggie Steber
View more photography of Maggie at the NYC Times Lens

How can nature or God or the fates or the universe do this to a country that has borne far too much sadness? An earthquake has now devastated the capital; claiming lives, hopes and the pitifully small dreams that people have held on to, despite political violence, unimaginable poverty, disease, corruption, dictators and nature’s full force of four hurricanes in a row.

Check out Blrpnt's visualization to explore this topic a little further. Specifically, I wanted to compare Haiti to its Caribbean neighbours to see if the country is indeed as unlucky as it seems.

This visualization, then, compares Haiti to 12 other Caribbean nations. It looks at articles published in the New York Times mentioning those countries between 1981 and 2010, and measures the occurence of specific words in those articles.

The pie charts in each row show the percentage of total articles on each country which contain the words in question. For example, we can see that about 25% of articles published about Haiti mention the word 'violence' - twice the frequency of any other country on the list.

Haiti has the highest frequency of the words 'coup', 'violence', 'disease', and 'strife'. It is second or third in mentions of 'death', 'unrest' and 'famine'.

16 January 2010

Hold my hand oh mama

TMF Travel is Belgiums favourite party travel organiser for teenagers between 16 and 25. And when you’re having a clubbing holiday, it’s quite obvious that you’ll soon learn to leave your mama behind.

13 January 2010

A price so small it fits in a shopping trolley.

Alfa Romeo MiTo

As part of a sales promotion campaign, these ambient stunts in Belgium's busiest shopping centers show just how easy it is to buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo when the price is incredibly reduced. The headline reads 'Your chance to own an Alfa Romeo' and invites people to discover all the reduced prices at www.alfaromeo.be

10 January 2010

Best take of Mad Men first season

The embedded movie (above) is quite annoying if you want to watch the best few minutes of the first season of Mad Men. But I found the way Rachels English uses it to help improve your American English accent. They've put up a fully dedicated website with listen/repeat exercises, it's called the American English Pronunciation Guide.

Unfortunately the original video cannot be embedded due to a content claim by AMC. You can watch the uncut version on YouTube. In this scene Don pitches a campaign to Kodak for their new slide projector. It's a thrilling scene, certainly for those who ever had the experience of pitching a new campaign idea to win a new account.

09 January 2010

The Journey of Courageousness - starring Aleksandr Orlov (The Meerkat)

The Meerkat Saga continues. The film trailer for Aleksandr Orlov's new film, Called The Journey of Courageousness.

Why have I, Aleksandr Orlov, decide to tell tale of my ancestors in thrilling and tender sixty second film?

Let me explain. Some peoples are still not know difference between meerkats and cheap car insurance - between comparethemeerkat.com and comparethemarket.com. This is not just infuriate for me, but also incredibles insult to my noble meerkat ancestors.

The Orlov family has not always been successful family of businesskats.We have endured many hardship and adversities. And in seriousness, we did not go through all that to give you cheap deal on your car insurance!

So, I decide to make film. It is the story of my ancestors' journey from the deserts of the Kalahari to the shores of Russia. I am star as well as director and producer. And I think I am not toot my own horn to say that this is the best film ever made. I am hope you enjoy.

Agency: VCCP