10 February 2010

Catching up with good old classics: Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream - release website, anno 2000

An ab-so-lute classic and a bloody good one. Sick one actually sorry. For the release of the movie Requiem for a Dream, Hi-ReS! created a website as sick as the plot of the movie itself. A creation of the blessed year 2000.

Requiem for a Dream - release website, anno 2000

The website for the movie, www.requiemforadream.com puts a heavy emphasis on the art-fuckery aspect of the movies' visual flair, with fake websites based on products and shows in the movie, multimedia noise shows, and distorted stills of the movie. Kinda like jodi.org, with a more defined mission drive, characters who you learn bits and pieces about, and Shockwave Flash designed pages. It makes you feel like you should be on something when you're looking at it. One thing though, you must be running at least an 800x600 display or you run the chance of getting stuck.

When you first start up the page, you get the title and the distributor. That then fades out to an ad banner (either Month of Fury, Juice, or another ad banner), which comes up to the countdown and the rallying chants of Tappy Tibbons' (Christopher McDonald) show, which leads to "tappytibbons.com", which quickly fuzzes out when you click on a part of the site to a display of the title. Letting that pass gradually gets you to a distorted still of two of the main characters Harry Goldfarb (Jared Leto} and Marion Silver (Jennifer Connelly). From here is where the path splits.

The rest you have to find out for yourself :)
More about the movie >


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