02 February 2010

Catching up with good old classics: Bionic Systems

2001 - New era of Maximalism and New School - Bionic Systems

Not quite your super obvious killer website but the combination af Bionic's futuristic graphics and 3D modelling were innovative considering the date of release (this example is from 2001) Very fresh and sharp at the time. The style was followed by hordes of webdesigners in the years to come.

Bionic Systems is a studio for media crossing design.
Located in Düsseldorf, Germany, we are working for global players as well as boutique brands of wide-ranging sectors.

The studio was established in 1999 by Doris Fürst and Malte Haust, both graduated designers. Bionic Systems cooperates with a network of trusted partners to deliver full-spectrum production knowledge and a rapid workflow.

We are dedicated to inspiring high quality work with a focus on your brief. Having a long experience in designing fonts and complex graphics, Bionic Systems settle design jobs with unique and outstanding results.

We believe in diversity.
Whether cutting-edge or classic, we always aim for strong designs with an innovative twist.

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