22 February 2007


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This picture was taken with an analog device, no montage. Serendipity marries these two images. Click on it to read my spring 2006 essay on computer-interaction. Shot in Varsovie, 2006

Typepic returns as Tytytra

Still the same old jacket but at least, back online... traditionally renamed. TypepicTypographyTravels - Tytytra

Pocket Rockets

Design is a discipline in constant transformation. It mirrors the cultural, technological, social and political changes in the world by means of concepts, systems, images, objects – in fact, almost anything conceivable. The fast-changing context puts any fixed, or final definition of the profession ‘designer’ under pressure. In a knowledge-driven information society, design is stepping out of its role as a ‘support discipline’ valued for a capacity to mediate and translate, evolving towards a position where it is directly responsible for authorship, innovation, production and publishing.

The issues at stake are no longer the client-designer relationship or the form-function paradigm, but the content, knowledge and information that design itself is able to develop, visualize and present. As such, the capacity of design to carry out research becomes pivotal.

More at Design Department

21 February 2007

Monsieur Moire

I have always liked Monsieur Moiré's designs... I hesitated to do so but couldn't resist to allready post this link to a Monsieur Moiré's most recent project, AmericanOutfitters. The site isn't live yet but it's worth hanging on for. The exerpts I've reviewed so far look very promising so be sure to marks this adress for a check very soon.

The Illusion of Certainty

Last fall, at a small gallery on West 22nd Street in New York, the artist Allan McCollum exhibited his new system for producing unique two-dimensional shapes. Developed using vector files on his home computer, McCollum organized a “system” to produce over 31,000,000,000 different shapes and has, to date, set aside 214,000,000 for creative experimentation. And there is more at The designObserver

20 February 2007

Bye Helmets

Agency: 1861 United, Milan
Art Director: Giorgio Cignoni
Copywriter: Luca Beato
Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi / Roberto Battaglia
Photographer: Fulvio Bonavia

Visual Shopping

Dotted Pair, Inc. was founded in 2006. It has created a new way to browse products. It’s called BrowseGoods. They have effectively harnessed the power of AJAX.

BrowseGoods, the new shopping site, from Cambridge, MA-based start-up, Dotted Pair, has jumped into the increasingly crowded online shopping space, betting that their shopping experience is going to trump their competitors. They call their service, “visual shopping.”

Most shopping sites have thousands of products but on their sites it is hard to see more than a few dozen products at a time. We let you see hundreds of products all at once. When you want to see a product more closely you just zoom in to see a larger picture of that product and adjacent products.

Further reading by Brian Smith

Anti Advertising Agency


Research Chronology by Aaron Siegel
Research Chronology is a chronological visualization of bookmarking activity, powered by information retrieved from the del.icio.us social bookmarking web site. Users are invited to enter their del.icio.us username and password and allow the visualization to map out their research activity along a time line, connecting posts together with tag lines.”

More at Datadreamer.com
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16 February 2007


Superb typography and chartgenerating designer, BLANKA!
Blanka has been created to act as a permanent archive and virtual gallery space to display art and design, photography and print. We are constantly growing and evolving to showcase the talents of our contributors to deliver the best recent work, unearth some classics from our past and also bring you new, inspirational pieces hot off the press.

Flash’s Weaknesses

While of course it is still true that Flash movies still rely on a proprietary plugin, some advances have been made in this area. In August 2005 Macromedia announced a new detection feature called “Express Install” which allows the Flash Player to be upgraded from directly within a Flash movie. If a browser restart is required after the upgrade, the user will be automatically returned to the Flash website after the process is complete. No longer is there any need to pack your visitors off to the Macromedia/Adobe website to upgrade their Flash plugin, and hope that they bother to come back to your site afterwards. Macromedia also introduced an ‘auto update’ feature, which allows the Flash Player to ‘call home’ and check for software updates. [Full article on Pixel Acres]

Stick to Html/CSS in the meanwhile :)

15 February 2007

New Creatives

Tim (Driesen) & Joeri (Van den Broeck), het top creatief team van LG&F dat de afgelopen jaren de meeste prijzen won, heeft aangekondigd naar Mortierbrigade over te stappen. "Na vijf jaar bij LG&F waren we toe aan een nieuwe omgeving en nieuwe uitdagingen," vertelt Joeri. "In het enthousiasme van de bende van de Mortierbrigade herkennen we onszelf. Ook hun manier van werken is zoals een reclamebureau er volgens ons uit moet zien: klein, flexibel en met de focus op ideeën. We hebben er nooit een geheim van gemaakt dat we sympathie hebben voor de Mortierbrigade. We kennen Jens, Joost en Philippe goed. Met Joost hebben we zelfs nog samengewerkt bij Lowe.

Twee jaar geleden hebben Tim en Joeri nog een aanbod van TBWA Parijs afgewezen om bij LG&F te blijven. "We hebben toen bewust gekozen voor België," reageert Tim. "En daar is de keuze voor Mortierbrigade opnieuw een bewijs van. België is goed bezig, maar het kan nog veel beter. Daaraan kunnen meewerken, dat doen we nog het liefst van al.

Joeri is begonnen bij Kadratura, en daarna naar Lowe gegaan om er in team te werken met Joost Berends en Dominique. Tim deed stage bij Lowe, en samenwerken leek hen bijzonder goed af te gaan. 5 jaar geleden is Joeri bij LG&F begonnen, en kwam Tim al snel achterna om samen in team te werken. Vandaag nog steeds dus. De samenwerking bij LG&F was vruchtbaar, getuige de 4 leeuwen in Cannes, 3 gouden eurobests, verschillende zilveren en bronzen eurobests, een 20tal ccb-hoedjes, de ccb-diamond en een gouden Effie, om de belangrijkste wedstrijden te noemen.

"Het is natuurlijk verre van leuk om onze creatieve prijsbeesten te zien vertrekken," reageert Marc Fauconnier van LG&F. "We zijn hen overigens dankbaar voor alle goud dat ze hier achterlaten. Maar het is ook geen drama. We hebben gemerkt dat de creatieve cutuur van LG&F mensen doet groeien in hun job. We hebben vaak jonge gasten aangeworven die mits een goede omkadering doorgegroeid zijn naar toptalent. Paul en Christophe zien dat als hun belangrijkste opdracht."

For english, use Babelfish or move to Belgium and get a dutch course.

12 February 2007

Belgian Blog Push

+++++ Thank you Mista Marketingblog +++++


» back from being away for way too long: grapplica.be I've purchased a new hosting package, at Amenworld. Some links will be broken, and the overall isn't updated with new work but soon i'll have some time to spend.

D-Fuse: Cold Fusion

D-Fuse doesn’t limit itself to any one graphic style or artistic mode. The firm has designed and crafted record album covers, print ads, TV commercials, art installations, DVDs, and live VJ shows. They mix media — video, motion graphics, still imagery, and music.
D-Fuse website
D-Fuse Adobe Profile
D-Fuse Showreel

08 February 2007

Fastmovers are highflyers

I'm out of the office untill monday, please be patient and check back next week.

05 February 2007

When memory needs help

... most of the time i track my activities in my agenda, but from time to time my head is like this ... i guess we all have periods in our lives where information comes to chaos.


— rendered at Baekdal

Cold fusion

An autoradiograph showing tritium in a used cathode, from BARC, Bombay, India.

Eat the audience

"Our enemy really isn't capitalism, it's cynicism. That's one of the things I learned from Woody (Guthrie)... not to be cynical... that cynicism... It destroys you, it rots away from the inside. So that sense of optimism and humanity... which 20 years ago I would have called Socialism but now I'll call compassion... you know, that idea is still out there and alive and if you can plug into that and encourage that it makes it all worth while."
— Billy Bragg

02 February 2007

01 February 2007

Bacardi-Martini, launch

I've been working at Snow since August 2006, and really — although I'm not a corporate blogger, despite Strategic insights: I sometimes even blog things uncomfortable to my own company which is approved but to say the least not appreciated — Snow is with farmost the topnotch online agency in our, geographical, regions. Other agencies might be pleasing as well but we're a family. Everyone is on the same line, opinions are allowed, creatives push limits and there's breathing space for out of the box-advertising, but most important of all is WE HAVE FUN! Don't we all huh? Correct yes, but we have fun all day every day, it's ok to laugh with the Creative directors' moves, hell we even go boxing every tuesday!

Anyway to cut the long story short, also today (yes it seems a like a publishing feast at Grapplica) Bacardi-Martini went live!
Thank you C.Harou for the comission and trust (the 'client', Bacardi-Martini), E.DeGendt for excellent follow-up and brainwork (account executive, LG&F), C.DeMey for pushing everybodies limits and making things happen (internet producer, Snow), J.Detavernier for carefull guidance and feedback (strategic partner, Snow), C.Ghewy for pointing out shortcommings and directing the look and feel (creative partner, LG&F) P.Wauters for the approval and support (group creative director, LG&F) and last but not least L.Keppens for caring and caressing all parties involved ('junior' ;p account executive), oh almost forgot... thank you all others and especially Stijntje without which i'd never would have had this idea i guess.

And yes, this is a good example of what i think corporate websites should look like, off the edge, out of the box, not dull nor boring but catchy and off the hook.
Obviously on http://www.bacardi-martini.be/

De verdwaalde ooievaar, launch

Few months ago I started working on one of my first projects. Now finally it's live.
Go to http://www.deverdwaaldeooievaar.be

Wim Crouwel Exhibition

Helvetica participant and design legend Wim Crouwel is the focus of an upcoming show at the Galerie Anatome in Paris. “Wim Crouwel: architectures typographiques 1956-1976″ will run February 9th to April 28th, and there will be a presentation of the exhibition catalog designed by Experimental Jetset (who also designed the exhibition graphics, above, with photography by Johannes Schwartz) on April 26th, with both Crouwel and the Jetset in attendance.

Posted by Gary