01 February 2007

Bacardi-Martini, launch

I've been working at Snow since August 2006, and really — although I'm not a corporate blogger, despite Strategic insights: I sometimes even blog things uncomfortable to my own company which is approved but to say the least not appreciated — Snow is with farmost the topnotch online agency in our, geographical, regions. Other agencies might be pleasing as well but we're a family. Everyone is on the same line, opinions are allowed, creatives push limits and there's breathing space for out of the box-advertising, but most important of all is WE HAVE FUN! Don't we all huh? Correct yes, but we have fun all day every day, it's ok to laugh with the Creative directors' moves, hell we even go boxing every tuesday!

Anyway to cut the long story short, also today (yes it seems a like a publishing feast at Grapplica) Bacardi-Martini went live!
Thank you C.Harou for the comission and trust (the 'client', Bacardi-Martini), E.DeGendt for excellent follow-up and brainwork (account executive, LG&F), C.DeMey for pushing everybodies limits and making things happen (internet producer, Snow), J.Detavernier for carefull guidance and feedback (strategic partner, Snow), C.Ghewy for pointing out shortcommings and directing the look and feel (creative partner, LG&F) P.Wauters for the approval and support (group creative director, LG&F) and last but not least L.Keppens for caring and caressing all parties involved ('junior' ;p account executive), oh almost forgot... thank you all others and especially Stijntje without which i'd never would have had this idea i guess.

And yes, this is a good example of what i think corporate websites should look like, off the edge, out of the box, not dull nor boring but catchy and off the hook.
Obviously on http://www.bacardi-martini.be/

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