29 January 2007

Delaby 009

The problem with freedom is that in a physical sense one is always bound to the strict setup of a defined space, even in a digital realm where - in some point of view - limits are unbound: still there are restrictions which limit freedom, and yes - even the almighty sky is limited ... a moving network

Helvetica leads

FontShop Germany launched a site that lists the 100 best fonts of all time.
Go visit the chartpage, here

Time isn't money

...it's precious

28 January 2007

Outlandish, launch

Design: Grapplica & Shapish

Lovely interview, couldn't resist on posting this, as for a statement to piss off anybody i'd say: fuck copywriters.. hehe but that would be to evil. Anyway - your Daily inside in my MSN Network(-)activities.

Interview with a vamp-ire:

Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:26:55)
ben net jullie outlandish aant outchecken!
mmm zegt: (18:26:55)
da's een cosy mozzy en comphonic remix van sluggish lovers (montevideo)
mmm zegt: (18:26:59)
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:27:07)
mmm zegt: (18:27:18)
mmm zegt: (18:27:20)
mmm zegt: (18:27:29)
zitten wel nog wat bugs in btw :s
mmm zegt: (18:28:01)
allez ik it op je antwoord te wachten he
mmm zegt: (18:28:06)
mmm zegt: (18:28:09)
mmm zegt: (18:28:14)
SPUI moest dat zijn
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:28:24)
ik vind de site zéér elegant, navigatie heb je direct door maar is toch apart, ik ben gek op de bol met alle kleine codes/ beeldjes die dan wegvliegen en dan als het menu komt dat de helft daarvan weggaat=zaaaalig, mooi verfijnd,...
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:28:29)
and I can go on and on
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:28:35)
I like it! for real!!
mmm zegt: (18:28:36)
mmm zegt: (18:28:42)
je zei 'eerlijk' ?
mmm zegt: (18:28:51)
ik dacht dat er harde commentaar gng komen
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:28:57)
en wees gerust, anders zou ik het wel zeggen dat het rotslecht is
mmm zegt: (18:29:01)
alla ik vind hem eigenlijk retelelijk...
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:29:03)
ja da was de bedoeling e
mmm zegt: (18:29:10)
allez :)
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:29:13)
neen jong denkt wa ge wilt, ik vind hem apart
mmm zegt: (18:29:13)
dankjewel he!
mmm zegt: (18:29:15)
mmm zegt: (18:29:29)
dat vind ik een compliment :)
mmm zegt: (18:29:35)
zijn naar het schijnt al >1300 bezoekers op geweest
mmm zegt: (18:29:52)
en T had wel veel complimenten gekregen
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:29:58)
missh hier en daar een tekst layout dingske ni helemaal ok, maar das mijn typografische mierenneukerij natuurlijk
mmm zegt: (18:30:04)
mmm zegt: (18:30:11)
alle onderlijne tekst
mmm zegt: (18:30:12)
is lelijk
mmm zegt: (18:30:19)
moet oplossing voor gevonden worden
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:30:22)
echt lelijk idd
mmm zegt: (18:30:32)
maar da's met css 'underline' voor elke link
mmm zegt: (18:30:41)
en dat ziet er zo uit...
mmm zegt: (18:30:45)
erg he
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:30:50)
ja maar dacht al wel zoiets
mmm zegt: (18:30:51)
ik ga zokeen naar alternatief
mmm zegt: (18:30:56)
maar er is echtw el nog werk aan
mmm zegt: (18:31:08)
ook kleuren zijn nog bijlange niet ok
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:31:28)
moet je doen, maar is zalige site vind ik, zeker ook da je de ruimte laat voor de foto's wat toch belangrijkste is en je kan ze echt groot zien, belangrijk
mmm zegt: (18:31:30)
ben nu nieuwe 'theme' module aan het maken die de kleuren beter controleert (minder random)
mmm zegt: (18:31:45)
ja dat was wel een hoofpunt voor die site
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:31:57)
goed werk jongens
mmm zegt: (18:31:59)
he zeg is er volgende week niets leuk te doen?
mmm zegt: (18:32:06)
moeten nog eens afspreken
mmm zegt: (18:32:14)
anders gaan we nog eens eten met *** en ***** en ******?
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:32:19)
ik ga zaterdag met ***** mee naar een groots bal :d
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:32:22)
hahaha zalig
mmm zegt: (18:32:25)
oei oie
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:32:28)
zo'n bedrijfsfeestje
mmm zegt: (18:32:33)
oh neeee
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:32:43)
een bende zatte business mannen hun geld afluizen da ga ik doen ja!!
mmm zegt: (18:32:48)
met allemaal dertigers die gaan staan geilen op elke griet die <30 is
mmm zegt: (18:32:53)
ha ha ha
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:32:55)
gaat geweldige avond worden :d
mmm zegt: (18:33:08)
mja maar dat bedoelde ik toch niet met 'iets te doen'
mmm zegt: (18:33:15)
laten we gewoon nog ns iets gaan eten
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:33:18)
en ik heb in LA een kei mooi sexy kleedje geocht en perfecte occasion
mmm zegt: (18:33:20)
dat was wel gezellig vorige keer
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:33:21)
mmm zegt: (18:33:29)
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:33:33)
ja da kunnen we wel doen e
mmm zegt: (18:33:33)
I love kleedjes
mmm zegt: (18:33:35)
neem een foto
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:33:36)
vrijdag ofzo?
mmm zegt: (18:33:42)
da's goed
mmm zegt: (18:33:52)
ik stuur mailtje
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:33:53)
zal ineens naar ****** ook doorsturen
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:33:56)
mmm zegt: (18:34:03)
mmm zegt: (18:34:18)
ik ga wat verder werken he
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:34:21)
me too
mmm zegt: (18:34:23)
kus x
Le vent nous portera zegt: (18:34:28)
friday byee xx

Copywriting: Carla Outlandish.

26 January 2007

Mapping bills

A bit of a weird campagne we had to push here at LG&F resulted into a great success... The concept is: "we (Radio donna) spend money in the shopping mall and noted the unique code of the 10euro bills we spend. For each 10euro bill that is returned, with the exact unique code, you can win 10000euro! What an idea, ... People got inventive and started gathering as much 10euro bills as possible, entering millions of numbers into Donna's website. One can wonder where and how fast money travels... I know I wonder sometimes, "where the hell has this bill been before it got into my hands".

Anyway, there's this thing called a billtracker, it maps the way (or posible ways) money travels. Very interesting to see the results on Belgian bills. You might want to mark a bill and message others all over the world.

— via BVLG

What I'm reading

— idea via Skrenta

Delaby 008

Saw, Boom, Irma, 3

Q: How many pages did it end up with? A: 2.136

Tonight was again Shapeshifters night, an opener by Geneviève Gauckler was nice.. but off course the real reason I was there was because of the great arrival of worlds greatest type-woman, Irma Boom. Not only is she been granted the Gutenberg Prize and blahblah, above all she's a wonderfull straight-to-the point energetic dutch typographer with lots of juice inside and a clear state of mind. Just love her... she was drinking Leffe's afterwards but here's what you should note...

- She made a book about best books - it flips both ways
- She loves big-print-runs, and hates handmade books although she does them regularly for models and mockups » pocket-mini size cute little things
- Irma's never on chronological order, so so is this list
- She wanted to get in at TotalDesign by Wim Crouwel, but they didn't allow her at that time
- To Irma content is prior
- It's all about books, and to be honest it is my favorite medium too (yes, write his down!)
- She puts staples in the spines whenever she's of the hook ;p
- Ange Leccia is worth while and so is Hicks
- She sometimes outputs text in order of it's importance
- She, always, overrules all editorial-overpower
- She puts text inside dustcovers and folds like a duck
- She once ruined a printer (and that's big industrial machinery, not home and desktop kitchenett-printers) printing out on coffee-filters...
- She' been working for 18 years, books only
- She caught my full attention for over two hours, that's really something (knowing i suffer severe ad(h)d)
- She says to take advantage of your problems and not try to solve them
- She works mostly on very time-consuming stuff
- She made the European-Flag_barcode before Koolhaas did it
- She has more power than Phaidon-editors, cfr. False Flat
- She made a great book on colors for promoting the quality of dutch printers - which none of them (at first) liked
- She likes Frits, sometimes

- I've never seen somebody mix type, color and imagery so well
- She thinks of clients as commissioners, and works with them not for them (this could be a very good lesson for all my advertising colleges and enemies !!)
- She teaches at Yale University

- I love her ! She loves 3 ! — guess we have a chance to get along someday

Irma Boom makes books that are nearly sculptural objects before they are repositories of information, ...
— by Daniel Nadel

Up je mulle plang

This post invites me for this special char-post:
Int westvloams vaneigens, tis e vlaomsche film lik of a je der nog noois èèn go geziene enne, kèrel, kzwèèrent je joane. tgoa lichten nie geweune zin da filmtje ti gelik e brokke betoald deur ghewy en den andere chef van min up me werk moa da zegkik der int ingelsch nie bie wi wan anders kut zin dak under me zak kriggen dus ja... mo ti wel bere en ti gemakt deur die gasten van bi mèk en stutn, wit je wel die gasten zin de max joane, echt woa... dus da was e specialtje vor ol d'ostendenaors dien ex zwinnewild vin en vor ol dee dien de moeite doen vor ook eki echt ouderwetsch vloams te gaan lezen en nu vo de groten oop were in t'ingelsch.

The King of the ToyCompany came up with some wicked designs again... The newest flemish movie promises to be ravish, raw and uncut hardcore — you've never seen before on a range of many many movies produced latest decade... ExDrummer, maybe "c'est arrivé (...) comes close to the impact this film will unveil to your senses... There's a MySpace too, and off course to almost obliged YouTube.

Out in (i guess only belgian) theatres from 31st january!

25 January 2007

Pushing your blog

Quality Content
The best way to get links to your blog is to write quality content that people will want to read. This is still the cheapest and probably safest approach toward to build inbound links in a natural organic way because others want to link to quality content.

Keyword Rich Content
Consider: “How will I want people to find this post in Search Engines?” What will readers type into Google to find the information on the topic you’re writing? Use your answers to identify a few keywords (go for 3-5) for the article you hope to get highly-indexed. Then pepper those keywords throughout your post, as well as in titles, heading tags, image alt tags, and meta tags.

Try for One Topic per Post
The more tightly you focus the theme of a post, the better for Search Engine ranking. If you find you are writing a long post that covers a number of loosely-related or different topics, contemplate breaking it up into smaller, more-concentrated pieces. Note that research shows that longer articles can have a pretty steep drop off rate in readers after the text gets below the ‘fold’ or to the end of the first screen of article.

Write Optimal Length Posts
Now that you don’t want to write posts that are too long; don’t make them too short either. Search Engines just might pass them over. A good rule of thumb: 250 words per post will give it some length, meatiness, and keyword density.

Bigger is Better
It’s true that bigger sites tend to rank better than smaller sites because Search Engines see your site as more comprehensive. Also, the more pages you have, the better your odds of being found in Search Engines. However don’t just to put up random junk content be or be spammy and duplicate your content everywhere either. Work at building a large site over time.

Update Regularly
The more you update your blog, the more often Search Engines will send their crawlers to your site to index it. This will mean your new articles could appear in the index within days or even hours rather than weeks. This is a natural benefit of blogging – make the most of it!

You can find more blog-knowledge on http://www.contentrobot.com/Blog

24 January 2007

Don't be greedy

Read the online newsletter » here

Sing with me

I laid on a dune, I looked at the sky,
When the children were babies and played on the beach.
You came up behind me, I saw you go by,
You were always so close and still within reach.

Bellily, Bellily,
Whatever made you want to change your mind?
Bellily, Bellily,
So easy to look at, so hard to define.

I can still see them playin' with their pails in the sand,
They run to the water their buckets to fill.
I can still see the shells fallin' out of their hands
As they follow each other back up the hill.

Bellily, Bellily,
Sweet virgin angel, sweet love of my life,
Bellily, Bellily,
Radiant jewel, mystical wife.

Sleepin' in the woods by a fire in the night,
Drinkin' white rum in a Portugal bar,
Them playin' leapfrog and hearin' about Snow White,
You in the marketplace in Savanna-la-Mar.

Bellily, Bellily,
It's all so clear, I could never forget,
Bellily, Bellily,
Lovin' you is the one thing I'll never regret.

I can still hear the sounds of those Methodist bells,
I'd taken the cure and had just gotten through,
Stayin' up for days in the Chelsea Hotel,
Writin' "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" for you.

Bellily, Bellily,
Wherever we travel we're never apart.
Bellily, oh Bellily,
Beautiful lady, so dear to my heart.

How did I meet you? I don't know.
A messenger sent me in a tropical storm.
You were there in the winter, moonlight on the snow
And on Lily Pond Lane when the weather was warm.

Bellily, oh Bellily,
Scorpio Sphinx in a calico dress,
Bellily, Bellily,
You must forgive me my unworthiness.

Now the beach is deserted except for some kelp
And a piece of an old ship that lies on the shore.
You always responded when I needed your help,
You gimme a map and a key to your door.

Bellily, oh Bellily,
Glamorous nymph with an arrow and bow,
Bellily, oh Bellily,
Don't ever leave me, don't ever go.

Get a life!

Since second life has been on national television in belgium, everybody is over-the-edge talking about it. What's wrong with y'all, Jezus, I mean get a real life! Peter from These days describes himself as an always online guy... well Peter: we're all kinda always online guys. Even the people who don't call themselfs Online strategics - consumers, including my mother, father, grandmother, sister, uncle,... I mean give me a break. How can one ever be a communication-specialist if you're always online, sigh, to never have real face-to-face contact, nor have feeling with the real world — it's called cultural awareness (and i mean out there) Pretending to know what consumers think like, even how they act is something one can only experience by really - physically - interacting with them. Not by reading daily millions of blogposts or comments. There are things like gesture / and anyway, online life is all about the outside world and nothing but the outside world — reality in so far it can be called that...

Anyway, if this post really bothers anyone.. let's have a drink and talk about it — FUCK CHATTING!
tip: listen to Grave diggers: 1-800 suicide

Add-on: Thanks for the coments Matuvu... you deserve a sticky ;)
Cool post on The Vooruit

22 January 2007


Echelon has posted some nice experiments using 3d tools for visualizing a social network. It's early days, so worth keeping an eye on to see where this work goes. I've taken the liberty of embedding a screenshot of their work here ... there are some principles governing the right and wrong way to present networks in visualizations ... it is vital that the visualization allows viewers to give insight of how they are situated into this so called blogosphere (that is if you are a blogger, researcher or designer interested in mapping). Things change when three dimensions are used, especially when the user can change their point of view dynamically. Perhaps, beyond the basic view, there is a need for some HUD-like additional information at least indicating the orientation of the viewer (compass information - a tool like those used in Google Earth and Microsoft's Virtual Earth - might be appropriate).

21 January 2007

Memory lane

The yellow star marks where I lived for 4 years while being a student. I loved the 'barrio' but anyway i love living downtown much more... (*nostalgic mood)

Delaby Bond 007

20 January 2007

Delaby 006

T-Star Mono Round

I bought my first typeface, to guide Outlandish' housing-style. T-Star Mono Round comes in three weights and was originally created by Mika Mischler.
Mika Mischler started working on the T-Star Mono Round font in 2001 to create a running text font. In 2002, he adapted the font to a single-spaced font for the index of dgv’s bestseller Los Logos and called it T-Star Mono Round. The corners were rounded to give it more character in big sizes but legible in small for the index. The basic form of the T-Star Mono Round is simple, open and it features several extra characters including those for the web, clients and credits and works especially well in small font sizes.
Purchased via Die-Gestalten, Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv) is an independent, creatively led design and media company based in Berlin.

Visual rhymes

Once upon a time in Barcelona... july 2005

19 January 2007


Here's the deal on Google-s-SEO ranking (SearchEngineOptimalisation):
The more links the better and the higher the Pagerank of sites linking to you the better. For example, you may only need 1 link from PR 8 page to get PR 7 page and you may need 5 links from a PR7 page to get a PR 7 page, but you will need maybe a 1000 links from PR 5 page to get a PR7 page.

The lower the PR of the site linking to you the lower the PR will be passed on to you.

For example submitexpress has over 45,000 links, so many of them are probably in the PR0 to PR 3 range, but the mass amount of links here is helping us to get to PageRank 7. Longevity definitly plays a roll in natural rankings, as the longer a site has been out there, the more links it will have naturally over time. I've — grapplica — been have been around since the dawn of 2006.

When you look for link partners, you should not even bother with anyone less than a PR 3 page. You can hope that maybe in the future their PR will increase, but why bother, just look for sites with PR 4 or more to start with it. But you can just start with linking everyone you like, hope they'll track your link in Technorati or another tracker and assume they'll be as kind to backlink your pages.

Interactive videowall .v2

New demo multi-touch driven computer screen: well the future looks promising to interaction designers who are, up untill now designing interface that ar emostly very restricted by monitor bounderies. Anyway the user will be able to extend his mental explorations and will be offered a chance to experience virtual environment by almost being absorbed by it, IMHO.

But off course there are many paths to walk, check out Jeff Han-s talk-about on multiple sensing. This is version 2, here-s the first.

Bansky is king

Recently, some bad guys have stolen parts of walls or doors with Bansky’s stencils. Bastards sell Banksy’s stuff in galleries or on Ebay without permission. So, he decided to give for free a selection of 12 HD pics. You can download them in the shop section of his website.

Everything in the shop is free. All the images can be downloaded to print or use as a desktop.
Serving suggestion:
Prints look best when done on gloss paper using the company printer ink when everyone else is at lunch.

via Kanardo

18 January 2007

NEW - purchase

CSS Advisor

CSS Advisor is a newish community website from Adobe. On CSS Advisor users can post their own CSS tips, or pose questions which other community members can attempt to answer. This question/solution format promises that CSS Advisor will remain more focused than the average forum, and provide a practical resource to call upon when faced with a sticky CSS issue. Within a few minutes on the site I discovered a potential solution to a long time CSS bugbear of mine - Safari’s ‘Wmode flicker’ when DHTML dropdown menus are displayed over a Flash movie.

Posts are divided by category, such as ‘Float’, ‘Margin’, ‘Safari’ and ‘Color’, and can be rated by community members to indicate how useful solutions prove to be. CSS Advisor is still in beta and remains fairly bare at this stage (90 posts), but hopefully the forum will continue to grow over the coming months as word gets around.


...last few weeks my desk was a mess, but i haven't slept for several days and so i've finally found the time to get rid of this information-pile.

17 January 2007

Outlandish BETA

Outlandish is a new photography creation house for young Belgian talent. Outlandish works with 8 to 14 of the most talented artists who just recently finished their education in photography. We offer them workspace and means, network and production support for their photographic creations. The main goal of Outlandish is the continuity of the creative process of these young artists. Also professionalism in artistic and/or commercial work is an important reason of existence. Annually Outlandish creates and co-produces exhibitions for the house-photographers, promotes their work and communicates with the fashion, editorial, commercial and other industries who are interested for the work of these young creatives.

They will soon have their website online at http://www.outlandish-photo.be
Untill then you can check their photos on Flickr

A travel a day

16 January 2007


Pictures above and below might be look-a-likes but in fact they have really no connection at all. I just post them togheter because of there visual resemblance/uniformity. Anyway the picture posted above should have been posted a long time ago... as an obliged ode to Adobe-s superior qualities. (by the way i still regularly use the CS3 Photoshop Beta but admitted it crashes a lot and is not legible for use on professional jobs. it seems to have problem when working a lot with text — but ok text isn't supposed to be extended in Photoshop off course :D )

Project Description:
The goal of loom2 is to use the salient features of social interaction to build a "legible" interactive visual representation of Usenet. Although constructed for researchers to share news and information, Usenet quickly developed into a social environment with varied styles of interactions. Unfortunately, the browsers developed to view the shared messages fail to effectively convey the rich social features of a newsgroup, let alone all of Usenet.
The authors started by exploring the Usenet environment, constructing a series of relevant questions. From the questions, they explored how the information can be derived from the textual data available online. Simultaneously, they started designing segments of a visualization, under the assumption that the desired characteristics were ascertainable. To build the designs, they drew on a wide variety of theoretical and practical concepts from a range of fields, including graphic and interactive design, architecture, sociology, and computer animation.

They have organized all their design sketches chronologically and documented their thought processes and issues they faced through the course of the research. The visualisations are mostly static but some are quite stricking. The ones developed in Phase 05 (shown here) portraing a Macro view of the landscape of a newsgroup are definitely my favorites. Here, they tried to map newgroups by the total number of posts they have against time, and at the same time showing the relationships among them.

Author(s): Judith Donath, Danah Boyd, Hyun-Yeul Lee, Dan Ramage
Institution: MIT - Media Lab
Year: 2002
URL: Link here or go have a visit to MIT

Wings of change

it's not about Google - it's about your website.

100 years ago, in 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved their monumental goal of flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
Most people don't know that there were quite a few other people trying to build an airplane at the same time. One was Alexander Graham Bell; another was the President of the Smithsonian Institution.
All of these men were much better funded than a certain little-known pair of bicycle shop mechanics from Ohio with a wind tunnel in their garage.
But there's a key difference that led to the Wright Brothers' success.
The other guys focused on making a more powerful engine.
Orville and Wilbur Wright focused on the plane.
Specifically, the Wright Brothers built their airplane as a glider without an engine - then mounted the engine later, almost as an afterthought.
They flew it in the breeze first, then added power later. That was the key to their success. They discovered that when you're building an airplane, the wings are more important than the engine.

What does this have to do with Internet Marketing?
Read further
Or got to Perry Marshall, he's an *expert*on Google Adwords

15 January 2007

Interactive videowall

Dis-connected Macha guided the way to this interesting topic on textRain:
Text Rain is an interactive installation in which participants use the familiar instrument of their bodies, to do what seems magical—to lift and play with falling letters that do not really exist. In the Text Rain installation participants stand or move in front of a large projection screen. On the screen they see a mirrored video projection of themselves in black and white, combined with a color animation of falling letters. Like rain or snow, the letters appears to land on participants' heads and arms. The letters respond to the participants' motions and can be caught, lifted, and then let fall again. The falling text will 'land' on anything darker than a certain threshold, and 'fall' whenever that obstacle is removed. If a participant accumulates enough letters along their outstretched arms, or along the silhouette of any dark object, they can sometimes catch an entire word, or even a phrase. The falling letters are not random, but form lines of a poem about bodies and language. 'Reading' the phrases in the Text Rain installation becomes a physical as well as a cerebral endeavor.
Direct link » here


Those were the days, those were the days... hand-typesetting and crafting the contours of form and illustration by hand and hand only... Scotty beam me back to 1926. More BelgianVintageAdv-s

Delaby 4 is post 100

Yes the number 100 post, i guess i receive my first star now huh, or maybe i'm just getting old and growing nostalgia for the forum era. Anyway here's my 15 minutes of freedom.

12 January 2007

Beat me join me

...for all those who want to get togheter. Tomorrow 22h at Botanique,...

2006 - 2007 NEW business

Looks like the only thing I do here at snow is having fun and blogging huh, well that's not really the case. Last few months I've been working my ass off :) but with pleasure.

In august i started with the design of LG&F Amsterdam, parallel the Bacardi-Martini website was initiated and will be live in a few days/weeks. It's tweaked for finishing as we speak. That was my largest project for now, so m very excited about this...

The at the dawn of september came my first bannerdesign, to be honest I HATE BANNERS but there's a underestimated creative challenge in each one of them (well at least if you're given a bit of space to play around, which is most oftenly not the case) Toyota, who recently left LG&F was commisoner giver on this assignment.

I also did the restyling of the Klara e-mail. At a certain point at that time i was almost the housing-designer of Klara with the production of several banners and internal blogs. But due to a lack of budget and open communication both parties were oftenly rushed and trapped into frustration. Our personal relation is on a hold for the moment but their marriage with our AD's Tom and Iwein is still standing strong with the latest KlaraInHetPaleis tv-commercials and billboards.

In line with the existing site, i designed a blog for Campral. Alcoholic-related articles are posted there.

Additional to that Brussels Airlines needed a whole lot of banners which as junior was contributed to me for carefull handling. This subject handles sales and nothing but sales, yet it learned me a lot — not an a creative level but — how to act 'pragmatic' » very important to get along the advertising-world. Besides that there were a load of banners for Radio Donna, Essent, AxaBank, Oxfam,

There was a an off track project for a new advertising agency called Troie but i wish to lay down all comments on this subject, with no further to do.

My activities concerned a few pitches for clients as 'AgentschapEconomie' (governmental agency to give new economic impulses) - still running /+/ Toyota but online activities moved along with the above advertising /+/ RTFB /+/ Ecolo - still running

I designed our Agencies current html-website. That was fun, the shortest and most clear briefing ever stated: "grab me by the balls and think minmal visualizing a desert of snow"

What really pleased me was the redesign for Hebbes.be. It is in production now and will be finished within a month or so, untill then please go have a look at the current website. You'll (i know i was) feel very agitated using the site, this is something they were very aware of at Hebbes and so they called our agency to tweak the usability and obviously do a total make-over of the design... [so check hebbes soon, to see belgiums newest knockout classified-site ;) ]

At the moment I'm rolling my eyes over an internal Proximusproject. And our friends in Holland have just released their newest (small) online-teasing-application for the new season of VanSpeijk. I had a very good time designing this project.

So far for the annual report.

Listening is believing

A friend of mine works as a freelance designer at Saatchi Brussels and he just finished his first large project there. It's live at MetJeOrenZieJeMeer, it is a 100% auditive website. (Unfortunatly if you're a native belgian, most voices will be recognisable from radio or tv, and it's in all dutch)

It's turtles all the way down

RabTOAydImI — world sheet of closed string
The dreaming period can be divided into four stages, the first stage is the longest, and it's the best. During that stage the dream is beautifull, the second stage is not quiet so long. And it's a little uncertain, it has an element of instability in it, a certain touch of insecurity. In the third stage, which is not again so long, the forces of light and the forces of darkness of good and of evil are equally balanced, and things are beginning to look rather dangerous. And in the fourth stage, which is the shortest of them all. The negative, dark and evil side triumphs, holding the host up, and then there's a waking period before the whole thing starts again.

Find out who you are

11 January 2007


Gotham Rounded

Gotham Rounded is inspired by the lettering of engineers: marks on precision instruments, lettering on blueprints, and the alphabets of stencils and templates. Drawn, stamped, engraved and routed, Gotham Rounded sensitively captures these forms, offering an eminently usable family of eight styles (including italics!) that goes from friendly to high-tech to cheeky with ease. Now in OpenType!

10 January 2007

Taste Senses

Viviane Jacobs is ceo of a headhunting agency, she talked with Snow to create her website. Headhunting is oftenly a very delicate activity.. employees don't want their boss to know that they are sick and tired of their job. So as an ad-on to the the 'hiding' concept that was carefully crafted for the website (which will soon be online at www.senses.be) a design for vcards was established. It's all about erasing the evidence... sweet sweet businesscards :)

Wendy, a lovely AD at Dubois Meets Fugger pointed out to me that this concept had been used before. Pitty, but well i still like it. Our AD, Johan Roelandt was a bit dissapointed about it but he'done a great job on the typesetting. Don't you think so, just too bad that the only thing most AD's think about is winning awards. Sorry guys, advertising is about sales and making great concepts that benefit the clients (or better commisoner giver) needs. Winning awards and getting famous is a supplementary — pleasing — side'effect but it may never be the issue!!! You're serving an industry remember... advertising not art.

09 January 2007

08 January 2007


A lost and found unfinished typo-piece

Wordpressers look

There're lots of things i want to write/ blog/ post about today.. but it's too much so ll get on top of that tomorrow. For now just some usefullness for wordpress bloggers. The stuff underneath I found on Peter Forrets blog. very very nice share of information diggin'. Awesome read aznd peep it down.. till further:

WP Installer
what: install plugins/themes without using FTP
why: makes installing and maintaining plugins really easy, even behind a firewall. This is the first plugin I always install.
where: mattread

what: delete comment and trackback spam - not perfect but indispensable - pre-installed on Dreamhost accounts
why: save you time and annoyance by filtering out the real comments
site: akismet

WP Cache
what: keep cached copies of your pages - pre-installed on Dreamhost accounts
why: speeds up your site
site: mnm.uib.es

Brian’s Latest Comments
what: displays your recent comments in a nicer format
why: gives a better view of the popular articles
site: meidell

K2 Theme
what: more than just a theme, includes a WYSIWYG sidebar and customisable header image
why: if you can live with its looks, the most powerful theme available
site: getk2

what: manage your Google Adsense code insertion
why: easily decide what ad goes where without modifying your theme
site: mightyhitter

what: run PHP code inside your blog posts
why: create pages that actually do stuff
site: nosq

Popularity contest
what: keep track of # views, comments … of all your posts
why: makes it easy to show your popular posts
site: alexking

Ultimate Tag Warrior
what: add tags/keywords to your posts (Technorati compatible), show related posts based on those
why: last tagging plugin you’ll ever need
site: neato

Google Sitemap generator
what: creates a Google Sitemap XML file automatically
why: because you need it, and you won’t do it manually anyway
site: arnebrachhold

Thank you Peter!! Go see his blog for the extra's!

05 January 2007


Geeks is what we will all be within a year or ten... so keep having fun. I really like those guys at e-boy, they do great stuff, wink at the information-age once in a while (in fact all most all the time) but spirit remains... I discovered them at TypoBerlin and off course I will be attending this seminar again this year.


As I finished Talpa in a rush today, I'm finally satisfied on a crash-job I did. Crash-jobs have no input, hardly time for feedback and merely time for development. But when you pull more out then expected... the world becomes a tiny bit smaller again. Sigh, a nice strole through the city eased my mind and the new delaby is here for being posted...

As you struggle to conquer all information before and after this post, go and google, yes google :) this » Johan Grimonprez & Charlotte Léouzon: Manipulators - i'm not a horse

03 January 2007

The world is yours

I've sold my heart to this project, formerly called azimuth but in order of the new year renamed to delaby. This is what i do to set my mind free. It is the inner map of my thoughts.. indeed very scattered but straight and to the point. Complex but yet easy to unravel with a bit of patience. I have no 'good intensions-list' for myself for the newyear except then for this one mission of setting my mind free once a day every day, by drawing one of these.

The world is all of us to take but none of us to leave.

Females inside

what's in my bag / flickrversary
Originally uploaded by superlocal.

Buy this girl something that isn't black for the new year ;) Lovely photo set, go peep it.
Or digg

Cellular automata

On the frontier of complexity science since he was a boy, Stephen Wolfram is a champion of cellular automata, 256 "programs" governed by simple nonmathematical rules. He points out that even the most complex equations fail to accurately model biological systems, but the simplest cellular automata can produce results straight out of nature: tree branches, stream eddies, and leopard spots, for instance.

A scientific prodigy who earned a doctorate from Caltech at age 20, Wolfram became a Nobel-caliber researcher in the emerging field of complexity shortly thereafter only to abscond from academe and establish his own software company. In secrecy, for over ten years, he experimented with computer graphics called cellular automata, which produce shaded images on grid patterns according to programmatic rules (973 images are reproduced here). Wolfram went on to discover that the same vastly complex images could be produced by even very simple sets of rules and argues here that dynamic and complex systems throughout nature are triggered by simple programs.

Read more about it here

02 January 2007


Grapplica portfolio-sites are temporarely offline (quarantained) because of very bad crappy support at Cheapass-holes, hosting by realroot. I advise everybody to host at Combell. Untill further notice, happy starting of the new year. And as you can see also my processor has a hard time starting the new year :s