18 January 2007

CSS Advisor

CSS Advisor is a newish community website from Adobe. On CSS Advisor users can post their own CSS tips, or pose questions which other community members can attempt to answer. This question/solution format promises that CSS Advisor will remain more focused than the average forum, and provide a practical resource to call upon when faced with a sticky CSS issue. Within a few minutes on the site I discovered a potential solution to a long time CSS bugbear of mine - Safari’s ‘Wmode flicker’ when DHTML dropdown menus are displayed over a Flash movie.

Posts are divided by category, such as ‘Float’, ‘Margin’, ‘Safari’ and ‘Color’, and can be rated by community members to indicate how useful solutions prove to be. CSS Advisor is still in beta and remains fairly bare at this stage (90 posts), but hopefully the forum will continue to grow over the coming months as word gets around.

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