26 January 2007

Up je mulle plang

This post invites me for this special char-post:
Int westvloams vaneigens, tis e vlaomsche film lik of a je der nog noois èèn go geziene enne, kèrel, kzwèèrent je joane. tgoa lichten nie geweune zin da filmtje ti gelik e brokke betoald deur ghewy en den andere chef van min up me werk moa da zegkik der int ingelsch nie bie wi wan anders kut zin dak under me zak kriggen dus ja... mo ti wel bere en ti gemakt deur die gasten van bi mèk en stutn, wit je wel die gasten zin de max joane, echt woa... dus da was e specialtje vor ol d'ostendenaors dien ex zwinnewild vin en vor ol dee dien de moeite doen vor ook eki echt ouderwetsch vloams te gaan lezen en nu vo de groten oop were in t'ingelsch.

The King of the ToyCompany came up with some wicked designs again... The newest flemish movie promises to be ravish, raw and uncut hardcore — you've never seen before on a range of many many movies produced latest decade... ExDrummer, maybe "c'est arrivé (...) comes close to the impact this film will unveil to your senses... There's a MySpace too, and off course to almost obliged YouTube.

Out in (i guess only belgian) theatres from 31st january!

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