08 January 2007

Wordpressers look

There're lots of things i want to write/ blog/ post about today.. but it's too much so ll get on top of that tomorrow. For now just some usefullness for wordpress bloggers. The stuff underneath I found on Peter Forrets blog. very very nice share of information diggin'. Awesome read aznd peep it down.. till further:

WP Installer
what: install plugins/themes without using FTP
why: makes installing and maintaining plugins really easy, even behind a firewall. This is the first plugin I always install.
where: mattread

what: delete comment and trackback spam - not perfect but indispensable - pre-installed on Dreamhost accounts
why: save you time and annoyance by filtering out the real comments
site: akismet

WP Cache
what: keep cached copies of your pages - pre-installed on Dreamhost accounts
why: speeds up your site
site: mnm.uib.es

Brian’s Latest Comments
what: displays your recent comments in a nicer format
why: gives a better view of the popular articles
site: meidell

K2 Theme
what: more than just a theme, includes a WYSIWYG sidebar and customisable header image
why: if you can live with its looks, the most powerful theme available
site: getk2

what: manage your Google Adsense code insertion
why: easily decide what ad goes where without modifying your theme
site: mightyhitter

what: run PHP code inside your blog posts
why: create pages that actually do stuff
site: nosq

Popularity contest
what: keep track of # views, comments … of all your posts
why: makes it easy to show your popular posts
site: alexking

Ultimate Tag Warrior
what: add tags/keywords to your posts (Technorati compatible), show related posts based on those
why: last tagging plugin you’ll ever need
site: neato

Google Sitemap generator
what: creates a Google Sitemap XML file automatically
why: because you need it, and you won’t do it manually anyway
site: arnebrachhold

Thank you Peter!! Go see his blog for the extra's!

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