26 January 2007

Mapping bills

A bit of a weird campagne we had to push here at LG&F resulted into a great success... The concept is: "we (Radio donna) spend money in the shopping mall and noted the unique code of the 10euro bills we spend. For each 10euro bill that is returned, with the exact unique code, you can win 10000euro! What an idea, ... People got inventive and started gathering as much 10euro bills as possible, entering millions of numbers into Donna's website. One can wonder where and how fast money travels... I know I wonder sometimes, "where the hell has this bill been before it got into my hands".

Anyway, there's this thing called a billtracker, it maps the way (or posible ways) money travels. Very interesting to see the results on Belgian bills. You might want to mark a bill and message others all over the world.

— via BVLG

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