10 January 2007

Taste Senses

Viviane Jacobs is ceo of a headhunting agency, she talked with Snow to create her website. Headhunting is oftenly a very delicate activity.. employees don't want their boss to know that they are sick and tired of their job. So as an ad-on to the the 'hiding' concept that was carefully crafted for the website (which will soon be online at www.senses.be) a design for vcards was established. It's all about erasing the evidence... sweet sweet businesscards :)

Wendy, a lovely AD at Dubois Meets Fugger pointed out to me that this concept had been used before. Pitty, but well i still like it. Our AD, Johan Roelandt was a bit dissapointed about it but he'done a great job on the typesetting. Don't you think so, just too bad that the only thing most AD's think about is winning awards. Sorry guys, advertising is about sales and making great concepts that benefit the clients (or better commisoner giver) needs. Winning awards and getting famous is a supplementary — pleasing — side'effect but it may never be the issue!!! You're serving an industry remember... advertising not art.

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