24 January 2007

Get a life!

Since second life has been on national television in belgium, everybody is over-the-edge talking about it. What's wrong with y'all, Jezus, I mean get a real life! Peter from These days describes himself as an always online guy... well Peter: we're all kinda always online guys. Even the people who don't call themselfs Online strategics - consumers, including my mother, father, grandmother, sister, uncle,... I mean give me a break. How can one ever be a communication-specialist if you're always online, sigh, to never have real face-to-face contact, nor have feeling with the real world — it's called cultural awareness (and i mean out there) Pretending to know what consumers think like, even how they act is something one can only experience by really - physically - interacting with them. Not by reading daily millions of blogposts or comments. There are things like gesture / and anyway, online life is all about the outside world and nothing but the outside world — reality in so far it can be called that...

Anyway, if this post really bothers anyone.. let's have a drink and talk about it — FUCK CHATTING!
tip: listen to Grave diggers: 1-800 suicide

Add-on: Thanks for the coments Matuvu... you deserve a sticky ;)
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  1. haha landerino toch!
    Get a first life= zaaalig!

  2. hmmmm, i saw peter this weekend dancing in a fancy place near brussels. i am kinda sure he was there IRL and without any internet device...

    (or was I in second life?? naaaaaaaa, haven't logged in since last april ;) )

    I tend to drag people from my second (read blog) life into my first, and it works really well. peter became a very good friend. and today i went to the movies with an great girl, i would never have met if it weren't for the net. i guess all of this is just merging.

    (and let's not forget Humo intended to make them look like nerds after all..)

  3. I agree, and altho i'm also a very much kinda online whatever typ'o guy, I've never really been into online timewasters that will eventually teach you nothing really tangible at all.

    In Peter's case, your perception might be a little off, and I don't think it's really fair to axe the guy because of that one "kinda always online" statement, I thought that was rather funny actually.

    Plus you make it sound like blogs have nothing to do with the outside world; I think it's rather the opposite.

    But sure, we should all get out more, to the big blue room with the bright yellow light, smell the roses and allow ourselves to get inspired... so we can blog about it ;)

  4. Well, maybe you should get yourself a life instead of bashing on that of others. I don't mean to be mean, but not respecting each other's liberties and differences is something I rather associate with jeleaousy or Mao Zedong...
    Live and let live is my motto, or as Bruce Nolan liked to put it: Be the miracle!!

  5. Glad to see that somebody disagrees and has an opinion...

    I'll try to keep your advise in mind, by the way there's nothing wrong with being mean.

    To be is here being a miracle — Live and let die.