28 August 2007

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn was the perfect getaway from the hasty streets of Manhatten, Coney Island and Brighton Beach offered a perfect white-sand and pleasure boardwalk day-out... And of course the Bridge, finished in 1883 as a cherry on the pie from a long day

26 August 2007

Top of the Rock

Climbing the Top of the Rock (that's Rockefeller Center) and enjoying an amazing view, shifting gears at Times Square, wandering around in Chinatown and Little Italy, crossing Central Park, digging IPhones at Apple Store... now enjoying it again, NewYork!

16 August 2007

Dock your bed

How often do you get to use the spare bed room, and is it worth spending time and space not to mention money decorating for the occasional guest. This may give you a great option while keeping the space factor to a minimum. The Doc sofa bed has a unique mechanism that transforms the sofa into a bunk bed complete with a hideaway ladder and safety rail resulting in two different beds. Perfect for small spaces as well as dorms, the Doc is made by UK based BonBon Trading.

Via Jerry by uncluttered

Blog action day

On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.

15 August 2007

Ethan was right

Tremendous artwork!

09 August 2007

The big pineapple

"Connected by waterways surrounded by bridges and buildings that lift you skyhigh into position." Finally the long awaited 'real' vacation is near... be my guest and check out my exotic destination, I'm shivering mwuuuhaahha,... (the location pinned on this map isn't just the centre of town, it's the actual adress where ll be crashing for two weeks! two whole weeks!)

08 August 2007

Vedett mobile

I was chilling at the "Walvis" friday eve when all the sud a fancy Vedett-mobile came driving by... This funny guy jumped out and took our picture, before I could even ask what he was up to I was offered a free beer with my smug stuck on, I be damned, now how's that for service.
(Oh yeah on the left there's the mug of Lara and in the middle there's Eavesdropper)

And oh yeah Eav has a blog too ;)

Aluminium iMac

Details, details.

With iMac, details make all the difference. For example, because it’s made from a single sheet of aluminum, you won’t see any seams or screws except for a single compartment on the bottom that provides easy access to the memory slots. The built-in iSight camera and microphone are integrated so neatly you barely notice they’re there — until you need them for a video chat.


07 August 2007

Sandfantasy: to dream

An odd way off illustrating

Rutte 98

And this is how i learned to work the computer, luckely a mac works in different ways ;)

06 August 2007

Jen Stark

Some really nice paper-psychedelics ;p
Visit Jen Starks port

02 August 2007


Huang Wei is a Chinese illustrator that nicely mixes known icons (like Snowwhite here) and revives them into a whole new own fantasy image. Learn some Chinese, dig deep and you'll find lots of kewl greased images on this guys port.

01 August 2007

Google History

Google have recently released Google History which documents all of your browsing through a browser plugin. It lists all of your past searches and displays trends of your browsing. It has features for Bookmarking.

Looks like it could be pretty useful. I was about to comment on the fact that it would be more difficult to clear your history if your mum was wanting to see what you've been upto, but it's stored in your google account under the safe protection of your password - so that's pretty cool too.
Check it at http://www.google.com/history


A former collegue of mine is now working in Milano as a fashion-artdirector.
LeenHilde when you'll be back in Sept. let's have a Rugantino again :)


Blasting graphics and imagery in this guys port!

Never Effect

Picture by NeverEffect.

Togheter with I want more colors he created one of the better DourFestival identities.