20 October 2006

Inline design

The thing I hate about Advertising and Agencies is styleguides and clients :) You could say I have a big problem then huh,... but like I allready said, "I can't complain". It's just, sometimes as a designer you'd like to turn the existing things upsidedown, I get pissed a soon as the monkey-works-for-them feeling strikes me.

Anyway, here's a small blogdesign for a medic-company as apart of a PR campaign for a product helping alcoholics out.
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Microsoft launches Explorer 7

Microsoft finally presented Expolorer7, yesterday. They've been talking about this for years, now it's finally there and real :) Let's first make something very very clear: the tagline used to be > if you're surfing the web, anyway what-so-ever or whatever purposes you have... don't use Explorer, it's a developers nightmare!! Firefox is the deal, exporer has it's own rules and regulations for all kinds of stuff, and that's really horrible. But anyway I use macintosh so I'm not bothered.

It is the first explorer update since.. years, about time Microsoft accomplished something in this 21st century. It is because of Microsofts lack of innovation and standarisation that browsers such as firefox get foot a ground this internet-landscape. Microsoft lost a lot of credibility due to older Explorer versions, although still most of the world uses Microsofts browser.

Explorer 7 intigrates most functions taht are allready adapted by browsers like Firefox, extra security and the tabbrowsingsystem. Unsecure site will also be indicated with a colorsystem, or something like that.. Explorer 7 also holds RSS integrated feeds en improved build-in search navigators (improved, yeah right)..also printing service from browsers should be up to date according to Microsoft.

If you're interested and surfing a pc you can, download Explorer 7 here.

* ps, I won lastnights pokertournament (buy-in was 3€, 11 players that makes a winner payoff for 20€, 2nd 10€ and 3th 3€) My top hand was a FullHouse of 8s over 5s, but the triple 2s hooked me for the win about the when still 6 players were running up the table, labdance!!

18 October 2006

..to be nice

I'd like to share with you this happy screenshot :)

Currently thinking, and reading

I talk to my grandma most weekends. She's an amazing woman. She lived through the horrors of the Holocaust, and yet, every time I call her and ask how she's doing, her answer is, "I can't complain."

So, me? I can't complain.
But still with the winter comming up, time and tell, it raises my sadness year and year again strangely for another year again i can feel november striking with his darned blue rod.. Let's hope it sparkles still some flakes in december. But for now, i'll have you all think with me, for advertising is a bit like life and life is what you make it huh...
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Currently reading?
Land And Environmental Art by Kastner J.
How To Be A Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul by Shaughnessy A.

And last but certainly not least for this post, Nathalik is continuing process and research, involving design and human behaviour mainly, in a postgraduate course called Transmedia.
Congratulations, you're gonna make it girl! I'm sure of that.

02 October 2006

In the News

Snow is barely having a first birthday and the official news about expansion has arrived. For those who can read dutch, you can check out the announce here. Don't expect too much posts for this weeks service 'cuz 'm sick as hell from a heavy weekend party at nuit blanche, also, my collegue is getting a suntan in thailand comming 10 days so 'll be busy busy busy... have fun!

Only time can tell how the clock 'll tick..