30 December 2006


Yesterday Snow was bying... at la paix
Fin de saison, had diner with Leentje in Rugantino, pokergame till late night a grande île...


29 December 2006


A year’s worth of search speaks to our collective consciousness, and 2006 is no exception. To compile these year-end lists and graphs, we compared frequent queries this year against 2005 to see what sorts of things were top of mind. Click on all the tabs to learn something new — or confirm that you too reflect the spirit of the times. Except where noted, all of these search terms are global for Google.com. The same procedure as every year: A look back at 2006 wouldn't be complete without some lists from Google Zeitgeist.

27 December 2006


Just love it !!

Some people say that pixeldesign is "outdated", but hey (*sorry) the hell with them. This stuff is just mindblowingly sweet. Seymore at eBoy.
Their 'newCenturyCompanies'-poster (ref. web 2.0), covers all new company stars...

24 December 2006

Time goes by...

You know a good tune is like a bottle of rare wine, the older it gets the more mellow it becomes. A good old song has the wonderfull habit of returning a bringing back memories. Sometimes even when you think you forgotten about a childhood sweetheart or a schoolchom you haven't seen in years, up pops that song, and maybe for a few fleeding moments you relive the past all over again. The picture I've posted affects me just that way, and perhaps it will brush away a few cowlips for some of you...
– Hippy market, Camden Town, London.

Remember, if you were the only girl? (Oh you're not into fifties-songs, right?)
– Dean Martin


Something about this blog:
I always post /or interesting stuff (or at least things that are in my interest) /or stuff I like /or articels with statements I think other people might want to consider picking up. But there's a load of work I produce daily, now or in the past, that never gets online just because I don't ever find the time producing it into my portfolio. From now on there will be more of my own personal stuff posted. This way new /and existing clients will be able to get a scope of my present /more accurate portfolio. (Personal work will be tagged under "portfolio", which is very obviously indeed)

* Please keep your dignity and be inspired without stealing. Interpret don't imitate.
I'm open for suggestions, businesspropositions and/or debate. I've added my home mailadress in my profile section on the right so I can be reached easily. There's no reason you should be suppressing any feelings, let it go and contact me if you think things aren't rightfully done. I'm open 24/7.

** Important note: my superbly playfull environment at the Snowoffice - job is not to be sacrificed! Therefor I will always prior interactive jobs to be re-directed to the carefully skilled hands of my directors. I'm obligated to do so, in the end they've learned me a lot and I'm building parts of their future. But off course not all offered jobs, clients and budgets suit my employers activities, in that case I will be happy to grant my personal services.

Chart junk

PowerPoint Is Evil, Power Corrupts, PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely.
By Edward Tufte (has written several books on information-visualisation, worth considering his efforts!)

Imagine a widely used and expensive prescription drug that promised to make us beautiful but didn't. Instead the drug had frequent, serious side effects: It induced stupidity, turned everyone into bores, wasted time, and degraded the quality and credibility of communication. These side effects would rightly lead to a worldwide product recall. [read more]

22 December 2006

Descent Into Chaos

Descent Into Chaos
Originally uploaded by Steve Stone.

Smoking cause death, cancer, heartattacks but can in some cases be very eye appealing. Some guys make these artworks thru shooting their smoking friend, others by mathematical systems and coding... to me it's more a metaphore to the endlesness of time


"You! are Time's person the year!" Me? "Yes, you." How's that? "You control the Information Age." What, information age? "... (*Time breezes a silence)" You mean that jabbering on about info info, user generated content, web with another name, customers in charge, companies switching lanes, long tail effects, opml files, 360degrees, not talking but toggling and informating informers about information is what it was our life's have become to be, this year?! "... (Time's getting really agitated by now)" Isn't it always been about the people, even from the start (ARPANET) where they wanted to connect people, yes people, from different universities, and god knows what (*sigh to much to chitter and chatter about, you can read my thesis if your a dutch speaking person) "... Welcome to your world (2 guys enter the room and throw me out, without further to do)" Welcome to my world? It's not about me, goddamn! It's not about me or YOU.

It's about us, and we, this you is only a one person/voice. 'You' could never've been the one to make the so called information age boom, WE did that. As in a collective 'us' in terms of all users create this content. So the real person of the year should be WE, not YOU.

Btw, Time points out the YOU, but they forget that they (Time) are bloggers and creators of content and information too. So they couldn't 've been fingerpointingly giving the whole world an award and excluding themselfs by calling us, you. Don't you agree. What are they, God of the information age?

21 December 2006

New Amber at LG&F

I like it when the sun filters her contours thru the curtains, the red of the darksand-pew ads virtue to time. Mornings are the best, I love the way she gets ready. Appearing wet from the shower, then putting layers of makup on her face... highlighting her perfect features. I catch her smiling at herself in the mirror happy with her work. Then she parades before me sometimes doing a little twirl, before heading off into the outside world. I used to feel jealous when she left me for the day.

Look at her...

I decided long time ago not to ask her where she goes at nights. I used to feel so insecure about us two. But hat's ok now because i know she needs me as much as i need her. We're partners both giving what can as in the situation. Putting as much in as we get out, which has something else to say about. This is the truth about me an Michelle, this is what real life, real love is all about.

20 December 2006


groovy light and sound installation... by UnitedVisualArtists

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Get a stick from coolzOr.

1. I have legs and am able to walk and move, so I-Do do other things than sitting, designing and posting.
2. I talk besides typing, I link without tagging and i drink without getting drunk.
3. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
4. I'm the youngest asshole on the board.
5. Above all, I am human. (Owh yeah almost forgot, I'm that guy that hates cars!)

Fuck art let's play.
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

19 December 2006


*Sigh, yes it still happens... but don't blame them that's why it's still a BETA
Plug-ins that failed to load:
AltiVecCore.plugin/”Embed Watermark NO VERSION
Digimarc/DigiSignMachO.plugin/”PPCCore NO VERSION
Extensions/PPCCore.plugin/”Read Watermark NO VERSION
Digimarc/DigiReadMachO.plugin/”Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

But on the other hand the toolspalette and other palettes are superbly-integrated and easy to use, a refined design is at order (transaprancy, finesse, ... ;) ) And it uses collapse-able toolbars and boxes (like in CS2s InDesign, and that's really really awesome) Owh yeah, and these toolboxes also, STICK TOGHETER, no no more resizing every palette seperatly, yeui

Originally uploaded by сdнarriѕoη.

Some others have been taking screenshots as well.. guess a lot of users have been awaiting finger-itching for this new cs3. Tlking 'bout branding and especially HYPE :)

I allready notified Adobe on a Javascript error in the Bridge (when going up and down different folder use apple+arrowkeys) and some plug-in errors, but i guess that's because of better new features.

18 December 2006

Web 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.0 or whatever

People are people wherever they are, no?

Top 10 reasons why it should be called “web 7.0″ or something similar
Incredibly, people are thinking this is the first big, huge, jump from what we had - but guess what? It’s not the first time.

Top ten things that changed long before anybody even knew of “Web 2.0″:

We went from ARPANET to the Internet.
We went from bulletin boards and a protocol called “gopher” to webpages and http.
We started using Hypertext Markup Language.
We started using XML & CSS instead of plain HTML.
Development of TCP/IP.
DNS instead of plain IP addresses.
Unicode instead of plain DOS text.
Instant Messaging.
Wireless access.

Via 2.Touch

The Top Ten differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 by ZDNet's David Berlind -- I'm not a big believer in Web 2.0. Your opinion may differ, but the word "Web" is a fancy catch-all phrase for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP, the protocol used for transferring information between a Web server and your Web browser) and the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, the markup language that tells your browser how [...]

Photoshop Beta Cs3

Yes, that's right.. I have it up and running-------------------- Jihaaaa*/

Adobe released the beta of Photoshop CS3. This beta which can be downloaded from Adobe Labs is free for all licensed users of either the Photoshop CS2 (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard or Premium (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Production Studio Standard and Premium (full, upgrade, and education), Adobe Video Bundle (full, upgrade, and education) or Adobe Web Bundle (full, upgrade, and education).

If you’re not a licensed user of any of these products, then you’re only allowed to try out the product for 2 days.

Some of the new features/improvements:

- Auto align layers
- Auto blend for stitched images
- Smart filters (non-destructive filters (including Shadows and Highlight) which you can combine with a mask)
- Quick selection tool
- Device Central 1.0
- Adjustable Cloning and Healing with preview overlay
- Zoomify (Google maps style zoom interface for web based images)
- Improved Curves
- Enhanced Channel Mixer (filter presets)
- Refine Edge (to modify the edge of any selection)
- Refined interface (see examples below)
- Enhanced Brightness/Contrast
- New advanced Black and White conversion tool
- Improved print window
- 2 new blend modes: Lighter Color, Darker Color
- Enhanced Photo Merge function
- Enhanced Merge to 23-Bit HDR
- New Bridge version
- Improved vanishing point with multiple, adjustable angle perspective planes
- Camera Raw 4.0

Poster design exhibition at Eneo Magazine launch event

Originally uploaded by kultnation.

Ene-O Magazine Issue 8 was released today in a event that included among other things a poster design exhibition from several designers and illustrators.

The magazine features an interview to Kultnation Dot Com and the magazine cover was design by Kultnation too.

17 December 2006

Happy birthday

A rather unusual post this one, I've noted there are different types of bloggers. There are people that log their daily activities, like in a diary... but for everybody to know. There are bloggers that inform or speak from a teaching perspective. They know and learn and pass on that info (oftenly technology related, sometimes design) And there are bloggers that use this way of communicating there own creations, in terms of selfpromotion. Well what I want to conceive is a perfect blend of best of all worlds. And sometimes i post a lot from the informational point of view, rather then to show own works (but I'd rather not display work in progress too much of course).

Anyway, this post it is my birthday and what have I done. I had a delicious steak at the Skievelat. With the kindest guy in the world, Stijn. Then we talked a bit in the office, discussing design. And how we scoop on the future. He really speaks from the heart and that's something I take at heart. Then I had a drink with few of my friends (Nath, Wim, Elfs and Lexn) at Zebrabar. A supersweet minimal set was shaping the good feel. A last call at the Beurscafé. A closing post (*this one) and of for a short sleep. In a few hours spending some quality time with me beloved granny, mother and father. Heehhe, they rarely see me last few months so gotta mention them.

So far for the diary stuff. (the posted picture suits my mood)

When mathematics become sweet

FYRE !!!

13 December 2006

Noted top 20

Yes yes yes, after three months of blogging I start to get the hang of the whole fuzz :) Jeui, never though that I'd enjoy the fact that people actually read my own web-jingles. I've entered the top 20 of daily visitors-chart on Webstats4u, categorized web design.

"Real" (hardcore) bloggers have these live online stats bars in the side-wrapper, but I'm to busy shifting different projects (and problems) so ll sweet y'all with that stuff later ;)

Now hiring

Our office is expanding and hiring. So good news for anyone who fits into the profile :) There have been several announces, here's the one I like most. At CPLUV or where else would a self-respecting online advertising agency find decent re-enforcements.

/*------------------------------------ Original:

Someone like Pedro
We’re looking for a multimedia developer. Someone like Pedro* (our multimedia developer) would be ideal. He puts the designs online that our designers have designed, based on the concepts that our conceptualists have conceived. Yes, Pedro understands.Just like the designer, he brings the idea to another level by adding animation and by suggesting the right technical approach. He works in team with everybody involved in the project. They call him a nerd. But Pedro calls them ‘advertising boy’. He wins.

In the at least 2 years you’ve been working, you learned the following things:
» HTML, Javascript, XML, PHP en MySQL
» Flash Actionscript and Flash animations
» optional ASP.net
» knowledge of servers in function of deployment
» optional DVD-authoring
» Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Fireworks
» Dreamweaver

(*) Pedro is not Pedro’s real name.

Interested? Mail Snow


12 December 2006

Snow !!

While I'm still strugling, with these new systems Google offers to tweak and stylize blogs, Snow has updated it's portfolio!! We've launched the a new portfolio-website, so from now no more buzz the fuzz on other locations. Designed by myself, jeeeeuiii, and yes I must praise "the funny little man" for his carefull shepardness and "Pedro" for his extensive calmness in working on this project and doing a proper development.

But maybe consider taking a look at MTFR's blog.


56265877@N00 loved by
Iconfactory.com are new masters on the board, in fact they are already on top of things for a longer period of time, for designing manuals and especially icons. Customizing your working environment has gained enormous importance among designers, and many others. Iconfactory offers a wide range of freely available icons, sometimes they also offer desktops and whole stylized environments.

This img is a grasp out of their latest release, a manual for the new Wii. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, is not to be swallowed or eaten :)

Break dance not hearts

Jane Doe's way of getting my own back at the B*stard who I have devoted most of my adult life to, only to find out he is a piece of lying cheating scum! If you live somewhere around Birmingham you may know me as Jane Doe. I am the lady who has been emailing Caroline at Brmb to ask for advice about my husband. If you haven't, be warned girls, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
Read more at JanesRevenge

By the way you can befriend me on MySpace from now on, major updates are to be expected in the near future. The adress is right here. Enjoy

11 December 2006

Blooming numbers

Chart on number-favorites

Blooming Numbers is Yuri Lee's thesis project in the MFA Computer Graphics Design program at Rochester Institute of Technology. The goal of the project was to demonstrate the relationships between cultural contexts and the preference of numbers, in an interactive and dynamic way. As Yuri explains: "People from different cultural backgrounds have distinct opinions about numbers. My basic idea was to explore effective visualization based on this interesting observation".
Each flower represents a number. The size of the flower is generated according to the numbers of people who choose the number placed in the center of the flower. The center color represents the proportion of favorite numbers and least favorite numbers.

Radially placed around the flower's core, each petal portraits a person. The main orange color represents a favorite number and the black color represents a least favorite number. When you click on a petal it automatically links it to two other petals from the same person while showing additional information about the selected user.

Super-lovely project by Yurie Lee
Fly to case

07 December 2006

Please use the web well

I know, I know, all these features and stuff on the web.. to much to keep up with. I have the same problem you know, even with my ADD-ability to overcome the information-overflow I suffer this 21st century technology-disease. An age of communication-revolutions whilst talking less and less with eachtother. Talking and saying all valueable and meaningfull things thru mediums we don't even seem to grasp...

But enough of jabbering on and on... I've added this superb "add to my Google homepage" feature. This way you can read my latest blogs without having to return to the blog. Google integrated this nicely into their homepages, positioning themselfs firmly again onto my opening page of every browser.

For people that don't have a gmail account yet, I advise you to do so. ( You must be invited by a member but, I'll be happy to grant you that invite if necessary :) ) With the gmail-account working as an overall Google-account one can use google's homepage as a personalised fast and easy rss-reader.

But of course these things everyone of you allready knows long long long time huh. Keep up or drop out

Ten video sharing services compared

The number of video-sharing sites has shot through the roof recently, as dozens of companies try to become the Flickr of the online video world. To this end, many video services have started offering new features like editing and remixability in an attempt to snatch a piece of the ever-expanding online video pie. But for the average user--who just wants to post a video on the 'net and share it with some friends--there are already too many options out there. All one really wants to know is, which site is going to work, with the least amount of hassle?

I took 10 of these sites out for a test drive, and picked some winners. If you want to post, watch, share, or edit video online, this post's for you.

To test each service, I uploaded my demo reel (a 15MB Sorenson 3-encoded Quicktime file) to each site and compared video quality, site interface, community features, and functionality. Where applicable I also tried to embed the resulting video in a Wordpress page. Many of these sites are still in beta, and their functionality could change in the coming months, but if you're looking to post and share video today, this is the current state of things.

* The I in this text is Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo

Read more by clicking the fastlink :)

Windy times

For all fevers there's a cure, but I still haven't one that cures mine. But hey it's wintertime so.. whatever. Busy busy busy finishing some larger corporate projects and heavely engaging a pitch (can't tell you which one though) Be little patient..

"De Sint" was greatfull on tuesday, I won an i-Pod at the latest Shapeshifters-event, jeuyie i guess. Jon Wozencroft, who smokes golden Bensons like I used to, held a very rare lecture. Talking more in philosophical terms on about the greater positioning of design and it's burst in the 90s (still bursting on btw) Anyway he's the founder of TOUCH, a recordlabel company. He's also a teacher at the Royal College of Arts in London. He wondered why many graphic designers ask themselfs "what is graphic design" while it is unneaded to create again this box of a medium that has finally been a bit liberated. But on the contrare he also points out that this so loud and shouted form of creation has narrowed itself to be caught in a tight realm of no-movement because it is oftenly led by the limitations of software and technology.

Why is it that, mostly, young graphic designer are given the fealing that they're not designing 'the right way' when they're not on or at the computer. Handcraft is still the most pure and human way of designing... Toss your mind a bit on that while surfing on wild.

» THIS is a good spot to oftenly check updates on the work produced by SNOW.

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