21 December 2006

New Amber at LG&F

I like it when the sun filters her contours thru the curtains, the red of the darksand-pew ads virtue to time. Mornings are the best, I love the way she gets ready. Appearing wet from the shower, then putting layers of makup on her face... highlighting her perfect features. I catch her smiling at herself in the mirror happy with her work. Then she parades before me sometimes doing a little twirl, before heading off into the outside world. I used to feel jealous when she left me for the day.

Look at her...

I decided long time ago not to ask her where she goes at nights. I used to feel so insecure about us two. But hat's ok now because i know she needs me as much as i need her. We're partners both giving what can as in the situation. Putting as much in as we get out, which has something else to say about. This is the truth about me an Michelle, this is what real life, real love is all about.

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