17 December 2006

Happy birthday

A rather unusual post this one, I've noted there are different types of bloggers. There are people that log their daily activities, like in a diary... but for everybody to know. There are bloggers that inform or speak from a teaching perspective. They know and learn and pass on that info (oftenly technology related, sometimes design) And there are bloggers that use this way of communicating there own creations, in terms of selfpromotion. Well what I want to conceive is a perfect blend of best of all worlds. And sometimes i post a lot from the informational point of view, rather then to show own works (but I'd rather not display work in progress too much of course).

Anyway, this post it is my birthday and what have I done. I had a delicious steak at the Skievelat. With the kindest guy in the world, Stijn. Then we talked a bit in the office, discussing design. And how we scoop on the future. He really speaks from the heart and that's something I take at heart. Then I had a drink with few of my friends (Nath, Wim, Elfs and Lexn) at Zebrabar. A supersweet minimal set was shaping the good feel. A last call at the Beurscafé. A closing post (*this one) and of for a short sleep. In a few hours spending some quality time with me beloved granny, mother and father. Heehhe, they rarely see me last few months so gotta mention them.

So far for the diary stuff. (the posted picture suits my mood)

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