19 December 2006


*Sigh, yes it still happens... but don't blame them that's why it's still a BETA
Plug-ins that failed to load:
AltiVecCore.plugin/”Embed Watermark NO VERSION
Digimarc/DigiSignMachO.plugin/”PPCCore NO VERSION
Extensions/PPCCore.plugin/”Read Watermark NO VERSION
Digimarc/DigiReadMachO.plugin/”Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

But on the other hand the toolspalette and other palettes are superbly-integrated and easy to use, a refined design is at order (transaprancy, finesse, ... ;) ) And it uses collapse-able toolbars and boxes (like in CS2s InDesign, and that's really really awesome) Owh yeah, and these toolboxes also, STICK TOGHETER, no no more resizing every palette seperatly, yeui

Originally uploaded by сdнarriѕoη.

Some others have been taking screenshots as well.. guess a lot of users have been awaiting finger-itching for this new cs3. Tlking 'bout branding and especially HYPE :)

I allready notified Adobe on a Javascript error in the Bridge (when going up and down different folder use apple+arrowkeys) and some plug-in errors, but i guess that's because of better new features.

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