24 December 2006


Something about this blog:
I always post /or interesting stuff (or at least things that are in my interest) /or stuff I like /or articels with statements I think other people might want to consider picking up. But there's a load of work I produce daily, now or in the past, that never gets online just because I don't ever find the time producing it into my portfolio. From now on there will be more of my own personal stuff posted. This way new /and existing clients will be able to get a scope of my present /more accurate portfolio. (Personal work will be tagged under "portfolio", which is very obviously indeed)

* Please keep your dignity and be inspired without stealing. Interpret don't imitate.
I'm open for suggestions, businesspropositions and/or debate. I've added my home mailadress in my profile section on the right so I can be reached easily. There's no reason you should be suppressing any feelings, let it go and contact me if you think things aren't rightfully done. I'm open 24/7.

** Important note: my superbly playfull environment at the Snowoffice - job is not to be sacrificed! Therefor I will always prior interactive jobs to be re-directed to the carefully skilled hands of my directors. I'm obligated to do so, in the end they've learned me a lot and I'm building parts of their future. But off course not all offered jobs, clients and budgets suit my employers activities, in that case I will be happy to grant my personal services.

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