07 December 2006

Please use the web well

I know, I know, all these features and stuff on the web.. to much to keep up with. I have the same problem you know, even with my ADD-ability to overcome the information-overflow I suffer this 21st century technology-disease. An age of communication-revolutions whilst talking less and less with eachtother. Talking and saying all valueable and meaningfull things thru mediums we don't even seem to grasp...

But enough of jabbering on and on... I've added this superb "add to my Google homepage" feature. This way you can read my latest blogs without having to return to the blog. Google integrated this nicely into their homepages, positioning themselfs firmly again onto my opening page of every browser.

For people that don't have a gmail account yet, I advise you to do so. ( You must be invited by a member but, I'll be happy to grant you that invite if necessary :) ) With the gmail-account working as an overall Google-account one can use google's homepage as a personalised fast and easy rss-reader.

But of course these things everyone of you allready knows long long long time huh. Keep up or drop out

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