11 December 2006

Blooming numbers

Chart on number-favorites

Blooming Numbers is Yuri Lee's thesis project in the MFA Computer Graphics Design program at Rochester Institute of Technology. The goal of the project was to demonstrate the relationships between cultural contexts and the preference of numbers, in an interactive and dynamic way. As Yuri explains: "People from different cultural backgrounds have distinct opinions about numbers. My basic idea was to explore effective visualization based on this interesting observation".
Each flower represents a number. The size of the flower is generated according to the numbers of people who choose the number placed in the center of the flower. The center color represents the proportion of favorite numbers and least favorite numbers.

Radially placed around the flower's core, each petal portraits a person. The main orange color represents a favorite number and the black color represents a least favorite number. When you click on a petal it automatically links it to two other petals from the same person while showing additional information about the selected user.

Super-lovely project by Yurie Lee
Fly to case

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