22 December 2006


"You! are Time's person the year!" Me? "Yes, you." How's that? "You control the Information Age." What, information age? "... (*Time breezes a silence)" You mean that jabbering on about info info, user generated content, web with another name, customers in charge, companies switching lanes, long tail effects, opml files, 360degrees, not talking but toggling and informating informers about information is what it was our life's have become to be, this year?! "... (Time's getting really agitated by now)" Isn't it always been about the people, even from the start (ARPANET) where they wanted to connect people, yes people, from different universities, and god knows what (*sigh to much to chitter and chatter about, you can read my thesis if your a dutch speaking person) "... Welcome to your world (2 guys enter the room and throw me out, without further to do)" Welcome to my world? It's not about me, goddamn! It's not about me or YOU.

It's about us, and we, this you is only a one person/voice. 'You' could never've been the one to make the so called information age boom, WE did that. As in a collective 'us' in terms of all users create this content. So the real person of the year should be WE, not YOU.

Btw, Time points out the YOU, but they forget that they (Time) are bloggers and creators of content and information too. So they couldn't 've been fingerpointingly giving the whole world an award and excluding themselfs by calling us, you. Don't you agree. What are they, God of the information age?

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