30 September 2007

Proximity BBDO

As from tomorrow I'll be working for Proximity BBDO, formerly known as Atmosphere. They are part of the BBDO Worldwide group. I'd like to note that this blog will stay my personal online scrapbook as it has always been, there will be no connection between the strategy and vision of BBDO what-so-ever, in other words, my point of view stated on the blog is will not always be the same as the one the company strives for. Off course it would not be in place to go against their visions in public. I find that more than natural as I will be part of there organisation and team in the future. I will be working there as Online Art Director focussing mostly on online and interactive projects. I take great pride in the fact that Proximity BBDO trusts me for taking on this new challenge, that's why I'll freeze all future freelance activities from now on. Off course I'll finish current projects. I'll focus on my illustrative work after hours, and get a french and AS3 course.

Going to Copenhagen

Yes, I do love a week without blogging as well. Taking on some heavy evenings of partying in Copenhagen eased my mind for the next few weeks. Danmarks most famous buildings and architectural landmarks were a nice daytime job and beautifull sunsets were the perfect interlude a few rough nights in Copenhagens bars and pubs. I took on a whole loth of imagery while recovering from various evenings that filled my belly with Tuborg and Carlsberg Special.

Go check them flicks out at my newest Flickr-set on Copenhagen.

19 September 2007

Vormplus webtools

Vormplus webtools is a basic set of scripts, adding lots of functionallity to TextWrangler. A really popular texteditor. With these tools you can start handcoding XHTML and CSS at the speed of a rocket.
No pricetag attached

Vormplus Webtools is free... And it’s open source, released under the Apache 2.0 License. I made these tools to be more productive when coding XHTML and CSS. You’ll probably like ‘em too…
Less typo’s, better code

“Writing” XHTML tags has never been easier. Just double-click the
right tag on the scripts palette. Vormplus Webtools will insert the tag in your document. You’ll probably never forget to close a tag again.
Easy browsertesting

Send the document you are working on directly to your favorite browser. All popular Mac OS X Browsers are supported1. Safari even offers testing for multiple screensizes. Supported browsers are: Camino, Firefox, Netscape, Opera & Safari

Note the very funny url: http://vormplus.info/rmatica/

Marjan Bantjes

Marjan Bantjes was invited by Michael Beiroet from the Pentagram to help create a campaign for Saks on 5th Avenue, New York. Nice typograhic work with a touch of frost and old-hand-style. She created togheter with Terron Schaefer.

Clark Magazine #27

Out now!

18 September 2007

Stella Artois: Le Courage

Update #1: CREDITS
The Stella Artois experience was developed at Lowe Worldwide by creative director Matthew Bull, creatives (La Bouteille, L’Origine, La Publicité) Johan Tesch and Tim Scheibel, creatives Kalle dos Santos, Johan Holmström , Håkan Engler and Rickard Villard, copywriters Mats Brun and Henrik Haeger, motion/web designers Daniel Isaksson, Noel Pretorius, Linus Niklasson, Dread and Alex Kerber, programmers Alex Kerber , Robin Gavin, Dread, and agency producers Espen Bekkebraten, Jane Rattle, Tania Bruce.

Film directors were Martin Krejci (Stink), Joakim Eliasson (Film de Liberte) and Jan Kalvoda (Stillking), with photographers Henrik Stenberg, Stepan
Kucera, Martin Matiácek.

Since there last web-release Stella Artois is known for it's highly sophisticated interactive video-and-3D "game-experiences". (Remember that weird invention-wheel where you had to decipher and remember code and clicks) Now it is back with a brand new campaign, Discover the world in 1366, Le Courage. "La Bouteille" is one lovely lady's wish or one man's undying quest. Fully drawing a motion picture card for this new interactive story, LOWE WORLDWIDE proves his expertise on a supreme level.

Le Courage is the latest interactive invention, you are challenged to the quest of the world in 1366

1. First you have to Save the hops from falling off the edge of the world, balance the world (tip: use your mouse and move from left to right)

2. Then scare the dark and evil spirits away by lighting the candle again (tip: click em flying lights) - there's some very cool effects of dark shades in this section.

3. Next is saving the harvest from the wrath of the Gods, watch the clouds closely (tip: click the barrel left-side under the middle)

4. The Battle of good versus evil is to scare away the evil spirit before it can drink or steal the beer (tip: awake the guards and shout very loud :) )

5. This one found rather hard, prevent the sun from setting in the water and drowning the boat (tip: move the sun by touching the screen very hard!! not too hard off course)

If you fail all the precious beer is lost!

Make the stars fall and bring good spirits of perfection to the night the beer is finished.

The beer is brewed, a star is born.. You deserve a Stella!

This was really a cool online experience, Matt, thanks and congrats!
Btw did y'all know that you can get a Stella in allmost every pub and club in NewYork?

A blind call

A brand new campaign for the support of the "League for blind people", adresses people to program "A Blind Call" as the first number in your cellphone.
(name = A Blind Call; number = 070 22 22 60)
I used to insert my voicemailnumber there under A+ voicemail, that way every time I'd accidently call my first number I'd call my voicemail.
No more bothering Alain or Angelo in the middle of the night, or at a dawning moment returning from a party... all thanks to blind people.

More over at www.ablindcall.be
A DuvalGuillaume idea, according to Communicatiemannen

17 September 2007

Wiels: Yayoi Kusama

Candy 50 helvetica

The celebrations of 50y Helvetica seem to last, Blanka offers posters of some most renowned design-monuments at 50£

WeAreBuild is build

Michael has a new website on at www.wearebuild.com

13 September 2007

Manic foldouts

Via ComRadSmack

The Lady

She's hot. She knows it. She's got mad skills and awesome ideas but always points her concepts to a female audience. If the assignment was to design a new urinal, she'd find a way to gear it toward the girls. Pretty sexist huh? Not so fast. This chickie is ahead of many who don't understand who their user is or even why it's an important thing to comprehend. Sure, she gets a little extreme at times, but she designs for a defined user, which is an important step in the design process that can help immensely in creating effective solutions.

Check out on other types at Core77
Via MouseOver

12 September 2007


“Seen from distance the wallpaper seems simply an antique baroque motive, but coming closer you will discover that thousands of ants are crawling on the walls creating this baroque wallpaper…”
This ANT’IQUE wallpaper is a winner project of “New Walls, Please!” 2007. ANT’IQUE wallpaper has been created by young and talented team GAMplusFRATESI.

GAMplusFRATESI is a designer union, including Stine Gam from Denmark and Enrico Fratesi from Italy. The artists claim that this union of two countries helps them find their project ideas. With their design they wish to tell a story that finds inspiration from the simple everyday gestures to the deeper parts of our cultures in a fusion of technology, poetry and tradition. GAMplusFRATESI have a great success all over the world, they participate in numerous exhibitions all over the world: NewYork, Las Vegas, Berlin ,London, Milano, Copenhagen.

» on FunForever


This small outdoor retreat of aluminum punctured by 5,000 tubes derives its name from the Scottish pronunciation of the words sit out. The square, hollow tubes, also of aluminum, are capped with transparent orange acrylic. Each tube points to the exact center of the structure, so a single light source can illuminate them all. They also serve a structural purpose, supporting the whole building like a bed of nails.

Photo: Donald Milne

» via Wired
» more on BLDGBLOG

NewYork: Summer of 2007

Fiiieuwh seemed like it never ended but finally all my NewYork pictures are online. Now you can save yourself some money and take it from me, the city is mindblowingly sweet ...

10 September 2007


You love glass and steel, 'r never afraid to look up high into the sky and raving madness creeps up your spine as you dream of jumping it one day then this link will surely make your day.

09 September 2007

Need for speed

Belgian taxpayers and speeddemons finally get to see a worthy opponent on the road!
I'd say, pedal to the metal guys...

I wonder if my new car would be able to beat 'em, aaarrrghh viiijjjoeem

08 September 2007

Schmap Prague Third Edition

Schmap are worldwide online travel guides. Exploring a Schmap Guide is a uniquely interactive experience, so they say, maps and guide content are dynamically integrated, allowing intuitive, real-time access to reviews and photo slideshows for places of interest.
I've been contacted, via flickr, with the question to grant permission to include one of my photo's, and I did, so now it is included and that's just sweet.
Btw that was one heck of a coffee :) - Flickr rules!

Flat iron Building

Love is the signal that never sleeps ...
(first 50 of 400 big apple pictures online, click above love link)

07 September 2007

Design Top 50

- Completely surprised/secretly pleased to be chosen as one of Guardian Newspaper's Top 50 Designers in the UK » Check out LiNK1 . Time to start working hard now.....

- Stay in for the MTV VMA Awards » Check out LiNK2 in Las Vegas / on TV Sunday 9pm (US) Monday 8pm (UK). We've just about finished designing / directing the broadcast packaging. Nothing to see yet, just think anti-Slick-Motion-Graphics / anti-Bling for now....

Via UniversalEverything

Vitrine 2007

Vitrine 2007 is an fashion-design-project in Antwerp
ModeNatie, Nationalestraat 28 across the ModeMuseumAntwerpen.

Voting on this photo? by Sarah Van Marcke

06 September 2007

I like you

Favors kill you faster than a speeding bullet but can you ever resist a the smiling cute girly face asking, In the meentime dashing on to catch up after the jetlag

03 September 2007